27.5 Weeks - Passed my glucose test!!

My age: 32

How far along: 27 weeks 6 days today, tomorrow is the 3rd trimester!

How big is baby:  Close to 15" and about the size of a head of lettuce.  2-1/4# or so.

What have you been up to:   We're getting excited about a new house and new baby and all the changes that will happen this summer, and it's been nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Work has been a little slower again and the temperatures have SKYROCKETED so we've got some cabin fever, but at the same time I have had a hard time finding the energy to fight the heat and go somewhere, so I've been reading more and working with Bentz on some things he's been learning.  It's pretty amazing how they soak up everything they see/hear.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Could be better, I am still so leery this pregnancy and I wish I wasn't.

Maternity clothes:  95%

Stretch marks:  None yet.

Belly Button:  It is really stretching.  Borderline record stretch, probably going to be an outie this time.

Sleep:  Pretty good.

Best Moment of the Week:  Celebrating Father's Day was fun, and we saw Cars 3 this weekend with my fam, which Bentz seemed to like!

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More Friday Favorites

My blog has been ALL over the place lately, but tis life right now.  A list of Friday Favorites, or should I say Friday ramblings, now that the day is almost over...

 1   Hot air balloons.  They don't really come out as often in the summer, so they're a treat this time of year.

 2   Barring anything disastrous happening in the next month, we have agreed with both our buyers and sellers on things to be fixed per the inspections, so we should be moving in next month to our new home!

 3   Which brings me to #3, being able to redecorate the new place.  This is going to be a longer term home than the last one, so we are going to put money into changing the color palette to a more modern gray feel.  We have been taking notes at model homes and matching paint swatches, so as soon as we close we'll have the place re-painted before moving in.

 4  After wearing ours all the time, baby boy got his own sunglasses.

 5  I teeter between trying to eat clean and realizing that I really should just give in to cravings right now and eat clean this fall (that brownie thing is still going on).  In my eat clean moments, omelet avocados:  fill holes with egg mixture (eggs, onions, pepper, etc.), bake 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Obviously my presentation could use some work.

 6   Since Ann Rule passed away in the last couple of years, one of my 32 while 32s was to find a new true crime author, and I have:  Caitlin Rother.  I am only on a second book of hers, but I enjoy the way she presents the story and I burned through Dead Reckoning.  I hope she starts rapidly knocking out books.


I've mentioned we use the app YNAB to track every penny we spend (it's the BEST budgeting app ever and you need it in your life!), so whenever we spend money, we immediately log the amount and select a specific category for it to come out of (household, restaurants, groceries, Bentz, etc.).  The great thing about this is it makes you think twice about making dumb little purchases at the gas station, etc., because you know you get to literally see it pull money out of that category for the month, and it really makes saving money easier!

Brings me to a YNABby story.  Father's Day is coming up which I purposefully waited until last night to hit up a store and grab something for Ben, and I figured I would just not log it in YNAB for a couple of days cuz Ben probably wouldn't notice until he re-balanced the app w/the bank account this weekend.

Like, not even 15 hours later...
Ben:  Do you know anything about a charge $x.xx from *store*?
Me:  Um.  Yes.  It was me.  I didn't log it on purpose...
Ben:  Oh.  Oh hahaha sorry.  :P

What do married people do for holidays and such??  Besides say, "hey don't look at the bank account for a couple of days."  I had a different yet similar story last year.  I am just bad at surprises.

 8   To my delight, I found selfies on my phone from my two year old.  Kids are SMART.

The other week he asked me to make him a cracker with berry eyes, and it made my day with how much it made his.

Sure love this boy.


Have a happy Father's Day weekend!

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Living in the NOW

Lately I've had a really hard time living in the NOW.  It's been all about:

...when we'll get into our new house.
...when we can get the nursery ready for baby boy.
...when this baby will be in our arms.
...when I can get running again.
...when I can get my body back.
...when my family will come to visit.
...when the monsoons will come.
...when the holidays will be here.
...when the weather will be perfect again.
...when I can drink Monster and Crystal Light.
...when the weather is better for play dates.

It's silly, really.  One thing I have learned since having a baby is that life goes by in the blink of an eye, and we really should treasure every. single. moment.

For us,...
-All the one on one time with sweet little Bentz we get every single day!

-Feeling baby boy kicking me all the time, especially at night when I get up to go to the bathroom (man, they really are born on opposite schedules aren't they?).

-All the family drives we take to get out of the apartment on the weekends, which usually end up with delicious treats and fun conversations.

-Going to bed as a family!  (We literally all sleep in our guest bed that we moved into the apartment).

-Getting gobs of sleep every night.

-Living in a beautiful area and having access to a pool for these 121 degree days (yes, 121 now...that's crazy).

-Having mostly open schedules and time to hang out in the evenings.  I know this will one day reverse.

-Enjoy dressing my bump even though I feel so massive this pregnancy.  I am lucky to have this chance.

-Make many memories that Bentz will hopefully soon start to remember for a lifetime.

Between the stresses and things life throws at you, it really can be pretty dang grand.  Mostly due to the people in it.

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But it's a dry heat.

There seems to be a time in June where we go from unseasonably nice (high of 90 yesterday!) to insane, and fast.

Usually I get a little excited for the hype of the #s, but we hit 105ish already this June and it made me swell!  I can only imagine what 118 is going to do to my pregnant body.  Have mercy on my compression sock sweaty self.

Bring on night swimming and cold treats.

And monsoon season which the news said starts Thursday.
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Under Contract X 2

It's been such a roller coaster of a week+.  We're under contract on our house that was for sale and also on a new one to buy!!  I still can't believe it and I am just waiting for something to go terribly wrong after the past week of hoorahs and FMLs.

Last Tuesday we had buyers fall through and had to cancel our offer on the house we wanted to buy (it was a contingent offer) and we were so bummed.

Thursday we got another offer on our house and sent off our 2nd offer to buy the same house we've been eyeballing.

Friday we found out our new buyer's financing fell through.  They were still scrambling to find somebody who could get them a loan because they really wanted our house, but in the meantime our Realtor put our house back on the market, and pulled our offer on the house we want, aaaagain.

Saturday morning our Realtor held an open house and a family went through who really liked it, and... offer #3!!  Under contract again thus we drew up offer #3 on the same house we want, and sent it off!

Snip snap snip snap.
Everything in my whole life reminds me of The Office.

I still watch it daily while making dinner.

Our house we're selling was inspected yesterday and for the most part it went okay, just a list of a million nit picky items that we're waiting to hear back from the buyers about, so we're not out of the woods yet, and Monday we have our inspection on the new place.

But NOW it is time for a road trip down memory lane of our first home!!

We moved into it in May, four years ago, and it was very yellow and extra wallpapery.  We changed that all and it took awhile, but it was so fun to do together.

^The curtains were really nice and custom, but the previous owners had dogs and they had been peed on a lot.  They must have had male dogs.  :P
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25.5 Weeks - I love Unisom.

My age: 32

How far along: 25 weeks 5 days

How big is baby:  2 pounds-ish.  BabyCenter says the size of a scallion, which is kind of a weird comparison?  The Bump says as big as kale.  Parents Magazine says zucchini, which is probably the best comparison I've found.  I read that if baby were born now, there is a high chance of surviving with extreme care.  It's so nice to get to get to a point to hear things like that!

What have you been up to:  Just truckin' along doing the same stuff, different day.  Summer just arrived last week and we are already looking forward to monsoon season as this week we're under an excessive heat warning.  Work is going well for us and Bentz is really starting to explode with his vocabulary which is the cutest!

Exercise/Activity Level:  Not as great as I had planned now that I am cleared to do some working out.  I was gung ho about being able to, but have had a lot more Braxton Hicks and been so much more paranoid this time around!  But it is so nice to not be stressed about hitting speed bumps in the car, or be able to chase after my kid.

Maternity clothes:  I wear some stuff under the bump, but 95% of my shirts are maternity.

Stretch marks:  None yet, knock on wood.  And just a hint of the linea nigra, which I know I had a very dark one early on last time.

Belly Button: Stretching

Sleep:  Having a tough time falling asleep because of my ribs, and I do still wake up because of my hips, but if I flip sides then Unisom has helped me be tired enough to fall back asleep.  Have I mentioned that I love Unisom??

Best Moment of the Week:  Probably feeling baby boy kicking so much these days!  It has been so fun for me.  It was fun the first time I was pregnant, but this time I actually know what having a baby will entail, and the love and adoration that we will have for him (and already do) that we had never experienced before having Bentz, and it makes me feel more connected in a way.  I remember nothing feeling completely real until I heard Bentz cry the first time.  It was such a shock that there really WAS a baby inside of me, that WE created, who is ours forever.  A moment ingrained in my memory forever.

Worst Moment of the Week:  The house stuff.  It has been a roller coaster and I have stressed a lot more about it than I ever would have expected me to, and I'm getting close to the point of wanting to throw in the towel.  I will update soon.

Food cravings:  I don't think I have been craving anything too much lately.

Food aversions:  Not a whole lot here.

Symptoms:  I feel a whole lot bigger than two weeks ago in how I function and move.  Symptoms are showing up that I never had until the last month of my first pregnancy!  My ribs have been on fire, and I can't believe I have three months (and one day) to go, it's been soooo different the second time around!  My vision has also gone a bit blurry which I forgot happened to me last time, and I have already noticed some swelling after a lot of walking when it's super hot out (like um 106 degrees the other day when we went shopping at the outdoor mall :D ).  Pregnancy is so crazy, but so is the concept of growing a little baby in your stomach.  It's the neatest, craziest, most surreal experience.

^^Icing my ribs (not my belly)

Movement:  So much, I love it.  You can physically see his kicks.

Gender:  BOY!! B2.  All boys will be Bs, and girls Cs.

What I’m looking forward to:  Same ole stuff.  Getting into a new house and out of our temporary one bedroom apartment where I work from home while entertaining my toddler.  And having a nursery to start working on!

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all continues to go well with his growth.

What I miss:  I'm getting to the point where my pre-prego body I can hardly remember, and I am starting to really miss it.  I hardly recognize myself!  Funny enough, I don't look at the scale while at the doctor's office, so I have no idea what I even weigh this time.  I think it's a smart move because it cuts out some stress.

Next appointment: 27 weeks, my glucose test

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Home Bittersweet Home

We got an offer on our house on Friday afternoon!  We negotiated back and forth Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and all we had to do was accept the final counteroffer by 9pm Monday night.  We immediately ran out and looked at a beautiful house we were going to buy (contingent on the sale of ours), and decided that we wanted to run official #s on the purchase of that new home, with the #s from the offer we received on our house.  If that makes sense.

^^Checking out the new 'hood!

But Monday was a holiday, our lender was out.

Our Realtor told the buyer's Realtor that we would respond the following morning instead of 9pm that night, which shouldn't be that big of a deal.

The next morning, instead of us just signing and going under contract, we had to send the buyers another counter offer addendum that kept everything the exact same, but extended the time to Tuesday.

And after sitting on it ALL DAY, they didn't sign, they bailed!!  Ugh.

Maybe it's a blessing we don't have to go through the inspection period with them as our buyers because they sounded kinda horrible (read:  not understanding of a 12 hour extension), but it still was a nice way to overshadow the long weekend with frustration after momentarily seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and even lining up a new house that we got excited about.

^^Apparently 8:30am isn't a hoppin' time for swimming.  :P

At least I have my awesome crew with me, regardless where we end up.  And some fun family times this weekend, none-the-less.  I do cherish every bit of my family so much!
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Friday Favorites

I am on a blogging roll this week.  Work has been slower and we usually venture out in the afternoons, but I have been a zombie lately and I just can't get my booter out of the house, plus B3 keeps waking up earlier and earlier, like, we're now up to 5:30 which is just too early, my friendy friend.

These are my random Friday favs, in no particular order.  I didn't link all the text, but many of the images are clickable.

 1   This Eyeko Fat liquid felt tip eyeliner!  Seriously the easiest application out of all that I've tried, it stays on my oily eyelids pretty well but comes off with remover so I can wear it with my extensions.

 2   These quotes I saw on Instagram.

 3   This I haven't tried yet, but I've been doing a lot of research the past few months about good hydration vests to wear for non-trail runners, aka road runners!  I drink a lot of water while running and if I'm going to be training for a BQ then I need to try to cut out stopping for water in between sets when it's hot, because it's hot in AZ more than it's not.

This is the Salomon S-Lab and what my husband's buddy from work uses (he runs a 2:48 marathon!) and when I researched it with the thousands of Marathon Maniacs, it also was the top pick.

It has two flasks & a bladder so you aren't limited to one or the other and you can put electrolytes in a flask instead of mucking up the bladder.  I'll let you know what I find out with it when I can run again in October, hopefully it doesn't chafe like my Camelbak, and hopefully my expectations aren't too high!

 4  This I also don't have but have been eyeballing.  I wear a belt for racing and I need a heavy enough one to store my 6 GU for the marathon, without it twisting funkily or riding up from the weight!  This is the Nathan Hipster Running Belt and supposedly fits like the elastic of your shorts fit, doesn't ride, and can even hold a big phone.  The only downfall I've heard is it can be a little hot to wear in the heat, which I guess makes sense.

 5  My brother and Emily got a dog!  Mayla!  They got her for their first wedding anniversary, which happens to be in the month of May.  She is a Blue Merle Mini Aussie.

 6   Purple hair.  Longer hair works for the newborn baby stage (I can put it UP), but I am considering chopping it and going purple maybe next year.  I think Ben prefers it shorter cuz he always points out shorter hair pics, and the purple I just need in my life.  Remember when striped hair was all the rage?  I miss that.  Hair is so boring these days!

 7   Brownies.  I talked about making them this week, and I did, and they are notably delicious.

 8   Our little guy, B3, who always makes my lists.  He is the sweetest guy and we love love love him!  Even when he wakes up early and dumps out the laundry everywhere, he's the greatest!  I can't believe we ever questioned having kids.  LOVE HIM.

 9     Google just came out with a photo album option that I'm excited about.  I use Google for everything these days:  email, photo backup, everything backup/extra storage, web browsing, web searching, sharing, phone photo edits, and now we can do albums!  They are 10$, or 20$ if you want hard cover, and I will show you mine when I get it.

 10   Cute shoes.  Always eyeing a couple dozen.  I am trying to mom-ify a little bit which means more wedges and chunky heels, but there are always millions to choose from!  Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden are the comfiest ever; if you're debating trying heels, go for Jessica Simpson, hands down.

Jessica Simpson heeled sandals
nordstrom.com/ Amazon.com

Womens Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker

Have a nice, safe Memorial weekend!

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