Sauna to chilly: Weeks 3 & 4

It is officially summer around here!!  I'd say when we are over 100 to 105 is when I'm like, "yup, no more denial, it is now warm."  Whatya do.  You just keep runnin'!
I had hill repeats on the treadmill during week 3.  I had 2:00 at 4% every mile and I left the pace alone the whole time.  The treadmill is harder for me and I thought it'd be extra rough since I hadn't been on it for a few weeks, but it ended up being pretty comfortable!  I think it's because of the heat training.
I ran to the store and met my family one evening.  We had to pick up a few groceries and snacks for our vacation and it was the only time I could really fit the run in, but it worked perfectly.

Marathon V7.0 Training Week 2/20

I just finished up week two and I had a bit of a cranky knee, but it seemed to have loosened up over the week.  I've been diligently stretching it 2x a day and I think that has helped, so that makes me happy.  

May was low on miles but even so, I'm on track to hit 1000 for the year.  It's not really a goal for this year considering being eight months postpartum, but it would be a great achievement!
I still need to post all the awesome pictures from my photoshoot with @emhalesphoto.  I go from wanting to post them ALL AT ONCE!! to also wanting to let them trickle out.  :P
Between doing my strides outside in the heat, and the cranky knee, I only did four of them during my "speed workout" of the week.  The goal was 7:30-8 pace.

I did my long run on Friday night since I had a hike Saturday morning planned.  It was hot, but really, if I run easy it's not bad!
It was also National Donut Day, so we took a trip to Dunkin' Donuts.  Funny story, our neighborhood Facebook page tends to mock the local Dunkin' Donuts saying they always run out of ...donuts.  :P  We headed down around 8:30 that morning and, well, they weren't out of donuts, but they had one glazed donut left...which is what we went for.  And it was smashed so I don't want to know where it was hiding.  lol  So boo, but the chocolate ones were good enough.
I had three donuts so hoorah for running 6 miles.  ;)
Saturday morning I got together with some running friends, for a hike.  I have followed a couple of them for a long time on Instagram/blogs, but only met Corine (far right) one time, so it was a great time meeting them and then going to get breakfast with hilarious convo.  lol
I finished the week at 20 miles.
And we're kissing the 90s goodbye, onto the real heat training.  I think this week my speed work will have to be on the treadmill.

May Mayhem

May was a great month where we got to see a bunch of family, had some great weather (which is now heating up), enjoyed a Mother's Day staycation and race, I cut my hair a little shorter (and I'm still trying to learn how to do it but I like it), and we hung out and watched the boys get older which seems to happen way freaking fast.

Here are my collage a day pictures...

Chicago Marathon! Week 1/20

Four weeks after Mt. Charleston, it's now time to start thinking about ChIcAgO!  It is 19 weeks away!

First off, a little about my Charleston recovery.  It was slow!  But I can't really have thought it to be fast considering many factors, but I think I'm pretty recovered from it by now.  The next step is to get my legs to adjust to some speed work so I can hit some good goals for Chicago, more on that later.

Week 1:  Rest
Week 2:  4 runs (including the Mother's Day 5k) = 10.65 miles
Week 3:  3 easy runs + 2 XT = 13.85 miles

Then I started week 1/20 for Chicago this past week and got to do a little speed work for the first time!

 1:00 strides goal pace 7:30-8
 Fun photo shoot with @emhalesphotos (more to come!)
Then cut this run down a little because of a tight knee after the strides workout.
Saturday I ended up taking the little man out on my longer run with me.  He woke up shortly after I tried to put him down to solo sleep, and it was 5:45, so to be a nice wifey I didn't make the whole house wake up too, especially since we had stayed up late watching Jumanji with some friends in town.  Little guy just cut one of his front teeth, and the other is now cutting, with the ones to the sides also looking like they are about to cut through.  It seems like it's taking forever!  So he's even more of a mama's boy right now; I'm sure he's miserable.  Somewhere I read the pain of teething varies, but someone likened it unto the extreme of labor pains, so if that's true then that really sucks!

As I type this, baby boy is asleep in the Ergo on my chest.  <3
The weather was GORGEOUS.  It was overcast, like 68 degrees, and it's ALMOST JUNE.  Sweet!  Then I came home and stretched at the playground with the boys!
So a week recap:

Have a fantastic week!  Today we're at a high of 89 (our average is 95 right now), but I see some 100s on the week forecast.  So it begins!

Mother's Day Staycation & 5k Race

We did this Mother's Day family staycation at a nice resort here in town, and it included a 5k race, post race breakfast, and $50 credit to use (hello poolside food and drinks!!).  It was basically the best Mother's Day weekend ever.  Every way to a runner mom's heart.  <3
It was nice already being there the morning of the race, we just had to mosey across the grounds at the ripe hour of 6:15 instead of clear across town.  Makes a difference when you have two little ones!

It's gonna be May! ...or mostly April...actually ALL April :P

Emily came over with her camera and shot some great pictures of our little guys!  I'm going to have to have her take some more pictures for our walls.

Our neighborhood kid's pool opened and so Ben took Bentz out to test it out.  It's not heated so the water is still kinda chilly so they ended up at the regular pool that is heated, but I am pretty excited about the kid's pool for the summer.  This will be our first summer without a pool in our yard, and I'm hoping it works out pretty well because I don't really want to want to put one in.  They are so fun, but they are also something that subconsciously you worry about with little ones, no matter if it is fenced, etc.  I never realized that I worried at all about ours until we moved into a house without one.

Revel Mount Charleston Marathon!

Spoiler alert, I missed my time goals.  :P

But it was still fun!

With the exception of miles 22-26... those were



But first, Pre-Race
We headed out to Vegas the day beforehand (4 hours) and went straight to the Expo at UNLV.

April Activities

In April we enjoyed the first Easter where Bentz actually knew what was going on, Bentz started music school, we watched the Boston Marathon and my sister run it in basically a hurricane, then I ran my first postpartum in polar opposite conditions, we all endured two more rounds of sickness for three solid weeks (including over my race), my mom came to visit which was awesome, and we enjoyed both chilly and warm weather here in Phoenix!