August is Long Over

I can't even really remember August, all the days and months kind of blend and I know milestones for the boys are reached somewhere in there!  Like little Dash took his first steps.  <3

I will do a boys recap with the September collages which I'll post next, but they are both getting so big and they are sooooo much fun.  

As I post this, Dash is walking around the kitchen table with a crinkle books in each hand, and Bentz is setting up like 30 dinosaurs on the window sill, all facing the same way, while describing to his "pretend friends" all about the dinosaurs and how to pronounce their names.  

Hey there hey!

Wah what has happened to my blog??!  Nothing!  LITERALLY.

So much to talk about, so little time is my problem.  Like, Chicago Marathon was three days ago and it was totally epic. 

Things I need to talk about on the ole bloggerty:
-Bentz turned 4, mister Dash turned 1

-Milestones that go along with those (Dash started walking a couple months ago and it's the CUTEST)

-Bentz started school

-Ben and I went to Chicago sans kids and we ran the Chicago Marathon and had the most epic time ever in the face of the land

-My dad and Laura closed on their house 15 minutes from ours!

-I am an ambassador for a couple new brands:  Pineapple Clothing and Stiletto Running!!

-Fall finally arrived in Phoenix, it's b e a u t i f u l out.

-Bentz got stung by a freaking stupid scorpion.

-I weaned little Dash AND got him out of our bed all by like two days before Ben and I left for Chicago.  That's big news.

-We were sick for a whole month and I pulled a muscle in my rib by coughing and I got to run the Chicago Marathon with that rib pain which was the opposite of glorious, but the RACE was epic none-the-less.

-We went to Top Golf with the fam

-Along with everything else.  Good news is I still do a collage everyday so I at least am caught up on something.  Work has kept me busy and running takes my spare moments.  Life is good.  Busy, but good.

Up next?  Collagey lages.

Trouble in Paradise - Week 14, 15, 16, 17

Well I opened this blog post almost two weeks ago and I even wrote some stuff down a week ago, but for some reason it wasn't saved.  Wah.  It was interesting stuff too, and now I'm going to re-write it in a much more rushed and boring way.

But before that, I am excited to join Utah Valley Marathon as an ambassador for next year's race, June 1st!!  It's a fast course down Provo Canyon, a Boston qualifier, and the weather will be perfect!  If you use code CHRISTY15 you will save 15% off the 10k, half, or full distance!!  Come run with me!!
Good things go to those who Instagram.  I should have started my account awhile ago, it has been a lot of fun!  You can find me at @boston4bc

First Dentist Visit

Bentz went to the dentist and his dentist's office was so cute inside!  It felt like we were headed on to Space Mountain at Disneyland.  

Weeks 12 & 13: Too Much Treadmill

Another couple of weeks come and GONE.  Chicago will be here before we know it.

We had a couple of hot weeks and I found myself on the treadmill most of the time.  Not all my pictures show treadmill, but many of the runs were.  Then I'd drag my #Instagramhusband outside to take a picture!  (He's actually very willing.)

Newport Beachiness

The best part of vacation is relaxing.  (Or the idea of relaxing. lol!)  I LOVE the ocean!  I love to watch, listen, and think about how amazing and eerily massive it is.  

I don't particularly like to get in it.  I have always been terrified of jellyfish and finally got in years ago telling myself my fear was unfounded and stupid, and ended up with a jellyfish on my arm not even five minutes later, BUT the ocean is still magical to me.  

But beachside.

The Ocean Breeze 5k!

I touched briefly on this race in one of my weekly training recaps, but we ran a 5k race in Long Beach, the Ocean Breeze 5k!

In costume.
We drew names, went to the local thrift store, bought outlandish outfits for said person, and that was what we all had to wear.  

We went parasailing!

Summmmmmer!!  Is over if you are a student in Arizona.  But it's not over if you plain LIVE in Arizona, because hey, hey, 100 degrees (which is a lie, it's only 97 and about to s t o r m yet again!).

But back to summer, we went parasailing in Newport Beach!  Emily PhotoShopped some of these fun pictures below.