Week 11 & Week 12 (of 27): Upping my mileage + Ben's Rock 'n' Roll AZ

Believe it or not, we're almost half way through 27 weeks, and I am finally starting to feel like my normal running self so that is perrrfect timing.  Most of my runs are still on the treadmill since the days are so short, but my long runs are outside...my favorite.

On the treadmill in a clash of beautiful colors...

The other week my coach sent me a message asking if I was ready to bump my mileage up since we've been working on a base for a little while.  I am excited to get my long runs into the double digits, it's been a whole year since I have run one.

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A B3 Dream Come True -- Christmas Day!

For Christmas we got this family portrait from my brother in-law and sister to replace our old one that didn't include our latest addition!

Christmas this year we hosted and it was a lot of fun and snow-less.  :)  We had my dad and Laura come down early, then did a little parental switch-aroo on Christmas Eve.  Best of both worlds and pretty amazing that we worked it all out to have everyone in Phoenix, coming from three states.

Christmas morning B3 was SO excited and dying to go out and see if Santa came, but we had to wait for everyone else to be up so he had to be patient.  :)

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Christmas Eve Eve - PANGAEA Land of the Dinosaurs

We went do Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs when my dad was here for Christmas.  Bentz is OBSESSED with dinosaurs and has like 50 little figurines, dinosaur specific Legos, dinosaurs he's made out of Legos, dinosaur stuffed animals, grow-bigger-in-water dinosaurs, squishy dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs in little eggs, multiple dinosaur pajamas, dinosaur shirts, trex slippers, a dozen dinosaur books, dinosaur stickers, remote control dinosaurs, dinosaurs with wheels, dinosaurs you paint, dinosaur coloring books, and the list goes ON.  Thank you if you read all that.  haha

He's seen Jurrassic World and I think he knew how big they are, but we were curious to see his reaction to these animatronic dinosaurs at Pangaea.  It just opened up in December at the Odyssey Aquarium and we thought it was pretty fun.  I think he knew every single dinosaur in there.  Sometimes he asks me "what's this one??" and I say something like, "Brachiosaurus," and he's like, "no brachiosaurus mom, Apaaaatosaurus."

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Week 10 of 27 - Getting my groove back.

Happy New Year!!  We celebrated it live with NYC at 10 because staying up until midnight I think is impossible these days.  :D  I currently am re-watching the aftermath concerts and such (on YouTube TV) since I missed these parts.

So week 10.  It started off on Christmas, so I busted out my Christmas tights for one more jaunt around the neighborhood.  One lady drove by me and practically hung out her window, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" which was fun.  haha

I've been mostly running in my Kinvaras but acquired some new Triumphs for Christmas which will be my next marathon shoe.  Jared Ward wears the Triumphs for long runs so I feel pretty cool that my last four marathons were in them...

This hot air balloon was all over the place, I swear it was trailing me.  When I got back home I had thought it landed but turned around and there it was again.

This week was a good one and I did all my runs outdoors in the perfect weather!!  I had some pick-ups + hills + easy + easy long, and for the first time felt more like my old usual running self.  I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to finally feel like that, to even have my running cadence kind of where it typically used to be too.  My pace has slowly dropped into the high 9s from the 11s and my abs are getting stronger too and less noticeable.  It is amazing that I was hugely prego 3-1/2 months ago, and that my body can go from that mess, to now feeling a little more normal-er-ish-like ;) with my fitness.

I switched my watch face from Christmas to an official countdown.  <4 months to go.  Just a fun daily reminder since I no longer have Christmas to look forward to.  Sad face for that part.

Hope you have a wonderful first week of the new year!  2018 mileage starts today so I will get my run in here shortly to start it off right.
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Week 8 & 9 - Run Run Rudolph + End Of Year Stats

A couple more weeks have come and gone and I fit in as much Christmas themed attire as I could, like my snowman socks.  :D

Week 8 I was sooooo sleep deprived which was less than stellar.  Baby boy has started to pop a tooth (WAY TOO EARLY) so I was thrown back into survival mode.  Week 8 followed a recovery week 7 and I thought it was cool that my watch even picked up on my scaled back workouts and told me my training status was recovery.  It is the Garmin 935 and I have loved how much data it gives me!!  If I am running a lot on no sleep, it'll tell me that I'm unproductive with my training.

I cross train 2x a week.  Sometimes baby boy joins, which sometimes he likes and other times not so much.  :P

I ran the Run Run Rudolph 4 miler with my brother and didn't have any goals or anything, ran just under 10:00 miles, finishing at 39:50 (ish).

James got 1st in his age group too!  I can't remember his time and frankly I am too lazy to look them up, but we had fun.  Afterwards they had fruit and hot chocolate, etc., and it was tasty.

Week 9 was much better and it was my first time running 4x:  easy, hill repeats, easy, long (45:00).  I am still quite sleep deprived but it was overall a better week, especially considering it was the last week before Christmas fun.  I'm sure that helped.

I have been watching CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST on YouTube TV and it is freaking funny, I am thoroughly entertained on the treadmill.  I can also look down at my cute family playing Legos below which I love.

My long run was so nice and I set a distance record for postpartum with 4.4 miles!  My sister just got in town and also got up early to run her 9 miles in the 35 degree temperatures.  We passed one lady who was like, "tank top weather eh?"  lol

Going to have to change up my watch face now, sadly!

So the year is about over for running and so far I'm up to 171 miles, 2- 5ks, 1- 4 miler, and 1- 10 monther, my most prized and cutest reward of the year!

Love these cute boys!!  One looks like Ben, one looks like mwah.

I also got my 2018 calendar for motivation.  I had one for 2016 but it was somehow misplaced and forgotten about, so this year I framed it and it's going by my treadmill.

I also signed up for the 1000 mile "gold challenge" but it's a very loose goal since I'm not even sure what I'm going to be capable of postpartum and with a baby + toddler.  Some days are really hard, but it's nice to have some goals, loose as they may be.

This week was Christmas (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!) and I was curious what my coach would do, but he didn't bat an eye, I ran Christmas day!  In my red and green tights of course.  :)

Happy last week of the year!!
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First Salon Visit

Bentz had his first salon hair cut the other day and it was the cutest kids place!  He usually has Emilneenee cut his hair (my sister in-law), but it's a busy time of year so Ben went ahead and took him to a salon.  

He chose the batman chair.  :)

He got to watch his favorite tv show, DinoTrux.  They also gave him a balloon on a stick afterwards.

Tadah!!  Such a handsome guy!!  Love this little boy!!
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Week 6 & 7 - Chicago We're IN!

Both Ben and I got into Chicago!!  Hoorah!!  I was anxiously awaiting the news all day and saw a lot of Marathon Manaics getting in hours before we had heard, but eventually we both go our emails yesterday.  So we have Revel Mt. Charleston and Chicago marathons to look forward to for 2018!

So I swear the weeks are just flying by!  I have been planning weekly recap posts but it hasn't happened yet (to your dismay ;).  Maybe as I get closer to the marathon and training is a little more exciting and the mileage is longer, I'll be more consistent.  We're still 4-1/2 months out.

Speaking of mileage, it's really unfortunate that my mileage is not up yet and I will tell you the devastating reason why.  My family is all in a steps challenge for December (ending on Christmas).  It's tough to win when you take all your steps at home.  :P  At least I have some miles to help, but when my family is full of runners (and a pickleball player) then those few miles don't help a whole lot.  #itskillingme  #poorloser

SO!  Week six I ran 11.55 miles and week seven was a step back and I ran 7.6 miles (I am running for time right now, not distance).  It's hard to not look at my weekly or monthly mileage and compare it to where I want to be or have been, but it'll get there, I just have to be patient.  :)

After my Saturday morning run, we have started back up the breakfast tradition which is fun!!

Followed by our grocery shopping.

A few more weeks of base building, then it'll be time to increase my long run a little bit.  And this weekend is the Run Run Rudolph, and next weekend I run 4x.  Yay!
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Decking the Halls

We saw Santa this weekend and I was sure Bentz was going to have at least one more year of fearing him, but he wasn't afraid, he went right up to him and asked for a "scrapadactyl" in his cute little voice.  (Aka a pterodactyl but learned from the TV show DinoTrux, so we call them scrapadactyls around here.)  And hoorah for a legit good looking Santa.

We live next to a mall that does fun car shows and events so we wandered down there and walked around, saw Santa, ate Chipotle, and had hot chocolate because it was freezing!  We have been at least 10 degrees above our average temperature for at least a month, but this evening we dipped into the 50s which is winter around here and made it really feel like Christmas.

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