My Brother in a Chinese Top Idol Competition

My younger brother, the Chinese speaking one, impulsively tried out for Chinese Top Idol and made it all the way through to semi-finals and was even sick for the last round! I haven't had a chance to write about it here, but you can read more below on my sister's blog:

My brother the accidental race winning Chinese pop star:

Help my brother win the random chinese top idol competition:

I just copied below straight from my sister's blog:

Apparently online voting counts for 50% of judging in the singing competition moving forward, so to help my random-Chinese-speaking-white-guy-brother move forward, follow any (and as many) of the instructions below before 4pm on August 7th:

Vote by Website

1. Go to
2. Click on "VOTE" (upper right)
3. Register your email address
4. Confirm your email registration by clicking the link emailed to you.
5. Vote for Jimmy Hales!

You can vote 5 times per day, per valid email address, so feel free to do it a few times!

    Vote on Facebook

    1. "Like" the "ETTV Top Idol" Facebook page
    2. "Like" Jimmy Hales's contestant photos/videos (each like counts as 5 votes)
    3. Share Jimmy Hales's contestant photo/videos (each share counts as 10 votes)

    Like/share votes are only valid through ETTV's Top Idol Facebook page, so make sure you like/share it from there!

      Vote on Instagram

      1. Follow "ETTVAmerica" Instagram page
      2. Find and "like" Jimmy Hales's contestant photos/videos (each like counts as 5 votes)

      You can always unfollow their Instagram after the competition is done.

        Vote via App

        We've figured out how to vote on the app, and it's actually pretty easy and fun (you literally shake your phone).  This method allows for UNLIMITED voting, so if you get a chance, shake away!

        1. Search your Apple or Android app market for "ETTV America," and install the free app:

        2. Tap the "X" in the upper right corner to exit out of the ad:

        3. Select the drop-down menu in the upper left corner:

        4. Choose the long Chinese phrase with the exclamation mark (toward the bottom -- no idea what it says):

        5.  Select Jimmy Hales's contestant photo:

        6. Click "Vote" in the upper right hand corner

        7. Shake your phone until it counts a vote (yes, literally shake your phone around), and keep doing it until your biceps are as big as basketballs -- vote as many times as you want!

        Tip:  Take your phone on a walk or run with you, 'cuz every natural arm swing counts as a shake!  

        Click here for more voting instructions, or to contact ETTV if something goes awry.

        Thanks for voting!


        If you choose to vote, thank you so much!  This has been fun to watch and I'm sure it's been even more fun for my brother to participate in!!

        Here is one of my favorites of my brother's videos:

        Good luck this weekend, James!!
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        Birthday Celebrations

        For Ben's birthday I made my famous multi-colored cupcakes.  I always debate on a DQ ice cream cake or multi-colored home mades, and this year the cupcakes won.  

        Actually now that I think about it, last year I ventured out and made the smores rice crispy treats instead, which were dangerously delicious.

        Six colors this year:  bright blue, dark blue, red, yellow, purple and green.  I omitted the pink because I was trying to make it manlier, but the purple/red kind of pink-ized it anyway.

        Below were 2012's version:

        Below is the cake version (2011 [hi Abercrombie]):

        Another 2011 version:

        B3 wasn't too interested in opening gifts; I'll assume that will change sooner than later.  He does like to rattle the paper, however.  It's pretty fun having a kid and sharing every moment and adventure with him.

        And a plug for our giant shrimp birthday dinner, the biggest shrimp that Costco has to offer.

        And a birthday week lunch date to the new Kneaders:

        Plus birthday swim time with the little guy and his ever tooth growing grin.  #whatachamp

        I hope it was a happy birthday, baby!!

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        Happy Birthday Ben!

        Happy, happy birthday to my sweet husband!!  We love you so much!!  Thank you for being the best daddy and husband there ever could be.  We are so grateful for all that you do for us.

          We all hope you have a fabulous day like you deserve.  See you soon so we can party!!  :]
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        Marathon Training Weeks 2 & 3 - Heart Rate Training

        The other night I had a dream that I ran a 3:31 marathon and during that marathon I had even stopped and eaten for 45 minutes with my family.  I was pretty excited because I knew I could do better in the next marathon if I didn't take a lunch break.  lol!

        ^^As seen on my run.  4x hot air balloons if you can see them.

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        Some Friday Favorites

        Zulily jacked up some of my orders (grr) which meant full refunds including my shipping! + extra store credit (YAY) and I got to keep the wrong stuff anyways.

        I ordered the silver and received mister flowers.  Not as cute, but definitely wearable.

        B3's new play station by my desk.  He loves playing by me.  I love that he... stays by me.  lol

        My cousin moved here last month.  His brother came down to visit and we all got together for a swimming, BBQ party during the unexpected yet plentiful sunshine of hurricane Dolores.  (Where are our monsoons??  I'm so disappointed in them so far.)

        Ben is incline walking and can start running in the next week or two.  His surgery was successful, thank goodness!

        B3 has teeth now.

        I've been on another shoe kick lately (to very little surprise).  The bottom two were a good chunk courtesy of Zulily jacking up other orders.

        Thinking B3 is asleep only to look up to see he was very much not.

        Story of my life:

        The CrossFit Games are this week!  I am obsessed with watching the Olympics so I love to watch the games each July.

        I'm only three weeks into official training, but it's been going really well and I have been looking forward to each workout!!  Nine weeks until I get to race my next race, a 1/2!

        Fridays are definitely some of the very best.  Throw summer in there and they're even better.  

        Happy Friday!!
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        Ten Months!

        Mister B3 has hit yet another month of life and I'm thinking he has reached the point where he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore.  Man, that went fast!

        Little guy is little, but getting tall!  He still wears size 2 diapers and 6-12 month clothes.  He apparently popped out another tooth (#7) at the end of the month, but I never noticed until it was well out.  :(  He's been eating his hand this week so I think maybe #8 will arrive soon which will be four on top and four on bottom.

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        The China Experience

        Alright, one more post about our trip.  It almost feels like it was a dream.

        This post took me forever to write.  Not only because it's five novels long, but because I can hardly find enough time in my day to work since my child is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Or should I say, my child is in the pantry shaking the oatmeal and playing with the box of Monsters.

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        Revel Marathon Training - Week 1

        This past week was week one of my marathon training!  It was also the first week where I bumped up to running 4x a week since having B3 (although I may alternate 3x).  My overall mileage isn't suddenly increasing, I'm running more shorter distances plus the long run.  In a couple of weeks I'll add track /speed work back in as my legs continue to agree!

        So, marathon training.  It scares me so much.  The maintenance increases to stay uninjured, but there are still no guarantees.  It's putting a lot on the line!  Your whole heart, gallons of sweat, hours of time, mental strength, and chances are you're also devoting a major part of your daily thoughts to this one race!!

        It usually goes well in my daydreams.  Or maybe I hit the wall at mile 25.5.  ha

        The start of training is really exciting and I do love it.  This will be a really long cycle as I'm working on my base still, but I plan to do periodic updates like I did with the Great Wall training.  Maybe every couple of weeks or so.

        Some monsoony-views from this week.

        I spent more time rolling/stretching than running!  After last Saturday's race in the warmer temperatures, my legs were a bit tight.  I've also been keeping up some squatting + push ups.

        I am going to invest in a new foam roller with ridges/bumps on it.  What I would really like to buy is this awesome R8 Massage Roller.  If you've never heard of it you should check it out.  I've seen it on running blogs and it has great reviews, I just wish it wasn't $120!

        On to week #2!  

        Have a great Monday!
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