Official Haircut

Ever cut your hair like you've been planning to forever, and like it, but then the next morning can't do it at all and end up in a panic??

I have been slowly going shorter and shorter to this cut I've wanted.  I guess I wasn't daring enough last December when I chopped the long locks (which I don't really miss).  But I'll admit that I am a little concerned right now.  I have never had hair so short, and thus I have no skill in doing short hair.

     Below is the picture I brought in.

    Below is the haircut I got!  I'd say it's right on the money.  We like it!!  My front pieces are still growing longer from my last haircut which will make it an even more dramatic A-line like I've been wanting.  I also added the purple back in, and went blonder (but that was after these pictures).

    Problem.  I struggle to do it.  I wore a hat to work the next day because I was frustrated that the back pieces wouldn't lay flat and go all the right way like they do in the pictures above, and I'm weird about my hair flipping all weird.  It just bugs me.  Thank you fine hair.
    Perhaps these guys will help?  1/3", 1/2", 3/4"
    Or maybe I'll look into a 1/2" flat iron.  But I love this cut so I hope I can figure it out.  :S  Either way, blow drying it doesn't take 25 minutes, so that's nice.


    1. I highly recommend a brush like this Its a boar bristle round brush I use one and the girl who does my hair has like three of them. I bought my mom one last year and I found it at Peerless Beauty Supply I'm not sure if its the same brand but it works great (I had been looking for a while.)

      Good luck with your hair. It's really cute. Short hair is great :)

    2. Way cute!!! I have the same problem when my hair is short. My back part sways really funky ways and that's why I decided to try growing it long. The only thing that helped was to blow dry it in layers with a roll brush! That worked for me everytime!! I love it short on you! Fits your face perfectly!

    3. you are mighty brave.. I was looking at my long hair today.. thinking.. It doesnt matter how long it takes to dry I am not sure I know how to do short hair!

      but I do love the short hair on you! freaking Good looking!

    4. That is such a cute cut on you. Good luck trying to figure it out. I just cut mine after absolutely hating the cut just before but endured it for a month. I too am still figuring it out!

    5. I love your hair! I am thinking about chopping all mine off. Mine is getting sooo long and its getting had to do everyday.

    6. Cute hair! I'm currently trying to grow mine out so I can get it back to this cut! I have the same problem with mine. If I don't blow dry the back right it just won't work. The boar bristle brushes are really nice, you don't want to go to small on the round brush or it doesn't work out either. At least that's my experience with my fine, flippy hair. I'd try about 1/2" round brush to start. That worked best for me! Good Luck! I hope you figure it out. It is super cute!!

    7. I think you look amazing with that short hair!! I am such a fan of short hair...obviously. ;) I think that your hair will get more used to the length it's at soon enough, and then you won't have such a hard time getting it to do what you want it to! When my hair was that length about a year ago, I used a massive round brush on it and it did a great job keeping my hair curled under rather than flipped out. Sounds strange to used a big ol' brush on the short hair underneath, but it really works.

      PS: I love the purple!! Perfect for you!

    8. I love this! I think if anyone is going to have short hair you have to do it drastic! So cute! I'm sure it looks great

    9. Love the cut... I've had a similar cut once... use a small boar bristle round brush (You can get one at sally's beauty supply) and a small straightener... it'll take you a few days to get you to it but trust me, in a few weeks you'll be able to do it in no time! you look BEAUTIFUL!

    10. Thanks everyone!! I used some of your tips and it worked out tonight to be cute. I think I'm figuring it out. :)


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