Buhr Favorites

Some current favorites in the BUHR household (because I am a list queen):

  • Edamame.  Not just regular, but with sea salt and fresh limes squeezed over it.  If you have not yet tried it, it's a must.  And you can buy them cheaper at Sam's Club.  We eat them like candy.

  • Criminal Minds or Flashpoint, two different yet similar shows.  Sometimes a tiny unrealistic, but not so much that it ruins it for you (like in the show Trauma).

    • Monster Energy drinks, but not just regular Monsters.  The new ones that come in 12 oz cans.  Now you don't feel as guilty.

    • These shoes.  Mostly in image form because they haven't yet become a part of the household, but the color is to die for.

    • This chair.  It has been in hiding for the last year, but Ben surprised me and re-configured our family/living/dining/den/kitchen room, moving this guy in.  It's a thrift store dream chair recliner that I fell in love with clear back when Ben lived in the much missed Manhatten Condos.

      • This adorable attempt at nonchalantly pinning (taping) the table cloth up to move it out of the way.  "What is that pink duct tape doing?"  "Oh, I guess you can see it."  =)  (Love you honey.)

      • Being over half way in paying off all bills related to the spelunking accident (which happened six months ago TOMORROW).  Oh we are so happy.

        • Our beautiful weather.  FINALLY.

        • The idea of moving to hot Arizona (no, not an announcement...).

        • Super hot Ben.  ha

        • Last but definitely not least, our moms.  We love you and hope you have a Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!!  (Ben's mom, my mom.  Below that is Ben's step-mom.)

        That's all.  TGIT, happy first nice weekend, and happy Cindo De Mayo!  =)


          1. Man, Christy...I'm lovin' that sexy multi-colored chair. Can I have it? It would be an excellent focal piece in my new house. ;)

            I've never tried a Monster. Maybe it's time I tried one.

          2. Oh, and those shoes are the cutest shoes I have ever seen. Really. You should ask Ben to buy them for you for Mother's Day...because after all, you'll be a mother.......someday........... :) :)

          3. First of all...here I am commenting. Yay!! K, way cute pics. I absolutely love those shoes. So cute and such a pretty color. And you and your Monster - lol. I need those to start my mornings...time to buy some!! :)

          4. I know, the shoes are SO cute huh!

            Brooke- For the Mother's Day shoe comment, I called you smart while Ben called you CRAFTY. ;)


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