Race Day - New Year's Resolution Run

Happy New Year!!  2011 was a great great year, and 2012 is going to be even better as we set some good resolutions/goals!!  Ben and I got home on NYE evening, so we spent the night alone with sparkling cider in our champagne glasses, watching Breaking Bad and eating Chinese take out.  It was lovely!
The Resolution Run was Saturday morning in Gilbert!  We had taken a week off of running and working out so we could travel and visit family (and eat), so we were feeling a liiiittle leary about this one.  Ben came in with another PR of 20:43 anyways!  Nice job!!

My average pace was 8:14, which put me at 25:33.  I wanted to keep my miles between 8:05-8:10, and I got a side ache at about 3/4 miles from the finish which hurt my third mile time.  I tried sprinting after my side ache diminished, but I didn't quite make up the lost time.

But it was fun and the route had some steep inclines which made it a little challenging!  When I hit the 1 mile mark my Garmin registered 1.07, so it ended up being .08 long, but this time Ben and I both had Garmins.  I think .08 is quite a bit to be off, but this was the first time for this race so the route was new.  It was a fun time!!
Standing on the sides of the finish line watching people cross!  Races are fun times.
Turns out my husband will always kick my trash.  But oh well!!  It's not a competition.  Oh wait yes it iiiiiis.
After the race, Ben and I went over to Road Runner Sports to gear up and get fitted for some new shoes!!  I overpronate, so I decided on the Asics GT-2170.  They aren't the most beautiful, but they aren't horrible either.  They're a lot more shoe than I'm used to, but I have hopes they will ease some of the ankle pain I have had.  I'm pretty stoked for my first run in them!!

Ben ended up with the Saucony Kinvara 2 since he has more of a normal pronation.  I was originally going to look into the Kinvara for myself.  It has great reviews.
I feel like they make my feet look biiiig.  But they are a comfy run (well the laps I took around the store at least), and they have more room in the toe box so hopefully no running toe.  :/
The first race of the year is in four weeks!  It's a 10k.


  1. I like the shoes!! They look fast :) Good luck with your 10k!

  2. I am impressed that you still ran after your vacation! And that does sound like Ben to get a PR anyways!

  3. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see your 10K goes!!!

  4. I love buying new shoes and love the colors in your shoes.

  5. Christy! You're so nice! And I wish I could run like you, no wonder you have a darling body! ;) and yes it's Hailey Corry!! How do you know her?

  6. I think those shoes are darling! The color of the laces is so "Christy!"

  7. Question about tour socks that go up to tour shins? So you just prefer those for comfort or so they do something for you? I'm really persnickety about my socks. Just curious/) and the new asicslook awesome!!!

  8. They're compression socks! They are supposed to help with oxygen delivery to the muscles, and muscle fatigue/recovery. They also help in the winter weather. :)

  9. Hey CHristy, quick question. WHat brand are your running shorts?? THey are adorable and I am getting so sick of my spandex. THanks darlin"


  10. These ones are Under Armour. I have some other pink ones I wore to the Jingle Bell Run that are Nike. You can often find them on sale!


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