You had me at ..."Friend Request"

(The title was really the subject of one of Ben's emails!!  haha! awwh)

I think it's known I added my husband on Facebook.  I seem to remind everyone when that time comes around to reminisce again because that was such an exciting [and mysteriously freaky] time in life.  We'll be 85 and I'll be like, "remember 60 whatever years ago, today..."  This time it's been three years ago today that I found that hottie in some Facebook album, and randomly added him.  Score.

Then I denied it.  lol

"Oh please, I think you should just admit that you won a bet and as a prize you were able to be my new friend!  This whole 'I added you but don't remember' line is kinda cheesy!  I've heard that the direct 'hi, my name is _____, so nice to meet you' works just fine but this not so subtle 'accident' is kinda fun too!  Haha!  Jk!  Ok ...You have more shoes than many small countries, you have a ridiculously rad music video and like to lie about being an online predator.  What else should I know, before I develop a crush?"

I wrote a [sappy slash boring] song and he wrote me a poem.  The day I met him in person, 2/20/2009, he was sitting at the airport, hoodie zipped all the way up, baseball hat pulled down, totally scouting me out on the escalator before I could spot him.  Truth!!  And you thought I was shallow for adding him purely off his looks.  lol
I like you a lot Ben.  Thanks for giving this online predator a chance.  :)

I think I've posted this poem before, but I think it deserves a spot in two blogbooks?  My husband always makes me laugh.

"Uh oh"
written by Ben (on 2/3/09)

"Something is wrong,
Like a man in a thong.
I don't know what it is,
Wtf, what the shiz?
My mind can't focus,
On all my hocus pocus.
The mountain of work is calling,
But still I find I'm falling.
Where is my head at?
Plz come back, I need u stat!
Why can't I think?
Get me a drink,
I need some h2 oh,
I'm moving way too slow.
Oh wait, put down that tissue,
I know what's my issue.
The reason for my blank stare,
Its sitting right there.
I want so bad to take a look,
At my effing facebook.
To see if there's some emails,
From sexy sweet miss Hales!!

"1.27.2009" has a very creative name, indeed.  The song has some tweaking/dynamic changes that one day I will work on, but it is the one I wrote at the time so it has some silly sentimental value.  If I feel both ambitious and patient, I will one day orchestrate it.
Tomorrow is the 10k race and we have recruited some friends and it will be a lot of fun.  I have never run in tights and Ben has never run in women's shorts.  And I highly doubt Ryan has run in pink shorts before.  Doesn't a Retro Run sound like fun??  You should join us!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. LOVE your song!!! I can't get enough if somebody plays piano, makes me feel happy :)

    I met my boyfriend through NEVER thought I would find love online, always thought online dating is only for very desperate people. I lost a bet and HAD to be on for 3 months. On my very last day, we met, that was 3.5 years ago and he is the best thing that ever happened to me :)


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