Juneathon Day 2

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 2 of 30
Distance: 3 miles- negative splits!
Time: 29:42
Route: Treadmill
Total Juneathon miles:  6

The gym was a little cooler this morning, but I still got one of those overheated headaches.  I think I need a fan, and to not run on an empty stomach.  Drenched picture for you:
Ben already went to Crossfit, but he joined me at the gym anywho.
Time for some pool time.  Day 2 down, 28 to go.  Wtf am I doing this?


  1. Because
    You love it! I ran a mile today and
    Almost died

  2. Because it's fun! :) You will be so proud at the end of the month :)

  3. It didn't bother my stomach but I did get really sick during the Chicago Ragnar. I had stopped taking it a couple days before I got sick. I think they are totally unrelated since a team member got sick too.

  4. You're doing great so far... I don't know why I even thought about joining the group.. I have not even blogged about ANYTHING since LAST week.. =/.. I will attempt to stay active everyday though..


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