Arizona's New Temples

The church is building two new temples pretty close to us.  It was about time we discover their exact locations.  I have never seen one in this state before, so it was pretty neat.  It seems like a smaller temple, maybe like Thatcher.  Very cool.
Arizona has a lot of these little mountain-ish areas, and this temple sits right in between a bunch of them.  It is very pretty and unfortunately for you, I am not very good at showing that in my pictures.
This one is further along, bigger and just amazing!!  There is a park on the other side that is very green, so driving up to it is gorgeous.  Can't wait to see it finished!  We only saw it for a second on our way to hear Elder Bednar speak.  =]
This is my good looking husband.  :]
Meet Tashi (sp?) a tiny little puppy that belongs to my MIL whom came to visit.  She weighs a whole two pounds and doesn't make a peep.  She makes me excited that Rykar, my puppy, will be coming to live with us in the spring.

Forgive my lazy multiple styles of photos throughout.
I'm on week #2 of training and it's going pretty well.  I'm doing some heart rate training this time around so a lot of my runs are slower than usual (and on the treadmill, except for track), but my body appreciates it.
And in a perfect world I do know that this is the perfect yard:  fake green grass that is always green and never dies, a tiny pool and a beautiful giant mountain full of trails directly behind it, but with zero scorpions and a scorpion proof house just in case.  It would look similar to this:
It would create a lot of opportunity for family visits... we'd hope.  :]  We're working on it but it probably won't be anything like this.  lol  But it is a beautiful area and we want to raise our family here we think.
Randomly, remember this ride we rode in June?  It goes 301 feet high and is pretty scary.
It got stuck at the very top for almost four hours last week after the brakes froze.  People were left hanging up there even after the park closed down for the night.  (Haha!)  Sounds terrible!!  You can read an article here.

Have a nice last week of September!  Today might be one of our last 100+ days.  I have learned the fall feeling is relative.  It's officially fall around here.


  1. I love the pictures of the temples! How far apart from each other are they? Yay to you for being in training. Which marathon are you going to do? How many marathons have you done?

    That is so cool that you have trails right behind your house. Doesn't look like a lot of shade though but at least you can run on dirt if you want to.

  2. i haven't seen a temple in that stage before either- looks pretty cool! the second one seriously looks fake... like it is just photoshopped into a desert or something, so beautiful!

    and being stuck on a roller coaster like that for 4 hours- terrifying! i can't imagine, those poor people!

  3. The temples look very pretty! That's neat that you get to see them being built.
    What an adorable itty bitty puppy :D
    That is so crazy about being stuck on that roller coaster.. I would not be a very happy person haha!

  4. I heard about the roller coaster and I know I would have freaked out! :) Good luck with the house search!

  5. Way cool to see the temples. You will have to post completion pics. :) That is crazy about the roller coaster...who would've known.
    That is so exciting to be house hunting. We really do need to make a trip there sometime.

  6. Dumb a temple the same thing as the church? I've seen churches and they all seem to have the same design/architecture. Your pictures look completely different from the churches so I'm guessing they are different.

  7. Yay for mArathon training . And yay for temples and amusement parks. I love roller coasters. My hubby? Not ao much! Lol:) thank you for all your sweet comments lately. I missed you:)

  8. Oh gosh, getting stuck up there would be horrible! I hate heights! That ride looks way fun though! and good luck with your training! Oh and really cool pictures of the temples, I have never seen pictures like that, Temples are popping up all around me, but I guess I just don't pay attention until they are finished!


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