We didn't get the home we put an offer in on last week.  We knew our chances were slim, but still ...boo.  Just that chance that we might made us excited.  What if...

But here she blows...
I love two stories and Ben loves ramblers, so I was happy he loved this one from the start!  My guess is we'll end up in a rambler, but I'm not giving up hope on my beloved two story!

Maybe we'll just keep putting in offers on bank owned homes (the far and few).  Our Realtor is going to love us.  The rush we're in is parallel to interest rates climbing.  We've got time.  Maybe.  :]

I will drown my sorrows in my 3lb gummy worm that I bought in celebration (an excuse) of a new job that I start Monday.  Bitter-awesome.
Long run fuel for eternity.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Sorry you did not get your house :( I know that is hard when you have you heart set on one but the right one will come along. Good luck on the new job!

  2. That looks like it was a great house- there's always more houses though! good luck on your new job!

  3. Replies
    1. Ya...hopefully sometime in the next six months. We really love where we live, but we want to lock ourselves into a great interest rate. So we're buying in the same area!

  4. Don't worry! The house will fall into place when it's right! We were seriously so frustrated for a couple months when we were looking. Mostly because any of the bank owned/foreclosed homes are basically only sold to people with cash offers here. More than half of closing in vegas are cash. It's crazy! That's why we finally just decided to build. We get what we want and pay a small price more without all the stress and worry. If we weren't having a baby, I wouldn't have wanted to lock it in so fast but now I'm glad we did! You will find it :)

    1. That's what we think too, so we're going to (try to) be patient during this process. It's kind of the same way here. Hardly any bank owned homes make it to the MLS and then the cash buyers always get them anyways. We even offered well over list price, but I guess it doesn't matter. We can't find a lot in the area we like that won't require their own specific builder, so we're just kind of stuck on the matter. It's frustrating...but thank goodness we have time. I'm glad you guys found a solution out there! Have you seen any scorpions yet?? haha

    2. Wahhh no scorpions yet!!! Does Vegas have a lot? I sure hope not! I have seen some lovely cockroaches though...yuck!

      Vegas is the same way when it comes to building. The builders totally have a monolopoly on all the good land. Especially in Summerlin where everything is part of their master planned community. I love that you can buy a lot and pick a builder in Utah, but it's almost impossible here. The master planned communities can be nice though so we don't mind. The HOA's aren't ridiculous and we actually get a pool and some really nice parks/neighborhoods out of them. We are going with Richmond American because they had the best floor plans and offered granite, tile, stainless steel, and a deluxe master as standard so we didn't have to upgrade too much. No if they could just build it in 2 weeks I would be happy :) haha

    3. Good luck with it all, I'm excited to see pics of your new place. Summerlin is cute, and I never ever saw a scorpion in Vegas, tho we were right downtown all of the time. You should get a black light and go search your lot. :]

  5. And zach likes ramblers too :) But no basements here in Vegas so you get way less sq ftg for the price if you build a single story!

  6. I'm so sorry you didn't get the house you wnated. House hunting is hard!!!!! But I bet you'll end up findingg the perfect one!!!
    As far as the cooking I am totally self Taught. I just found recipes I wanted to make and dove in. It was hard and frustrating at first.

  7. Oh no, too bad about the house! I think it was meant to be and the perfect house is still out there. Hang in there!! LOVE LOVE the gummi worm!! Where did you buy it? Would be awesome for my nice and nephew :)

  8. oh gosh that worm!? that's huge! I wonder how long it will take you to eat it! what an unusual but fun way to celebrate haha.

    and good luck with the house hunting, bummer about the offer falling through, hope you find something soon!


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