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So if you haven't heard, I quit my job last Wednesday (though I still have a work from home job, so I still am working... just part time).  The situation with Sonoran got even more bizarre, so I sent in my official resignation on Thursday, before heading out on a nice run in my new favorite running location!!

Since I have been working late, all my running has been on the treadmill (ahah- which brings me to another story!).  I am back in running heaven. . .outdoors!!

The awesome part is there are dirt trails that run parallel to the sidewalk all around this loop, plenty of traffic, but not so busy nor fast mph.  There is a larger loop (5 or 6 miles, I can't remember), and a short loop (3 miles).  I use a lot of ( ) I just realized.
*Story referred to above.  Over a week ago I was headed to the complex gym because it was dark out.  I took the indoor stairs two at a time and right as I about stepped on the top step, my laser eyes spotted a SCORPION just chillin' there on the top step like it was waiting specifically for me, tail curled up and all.  I did that last-minute-extend-your-step, thing, and nearly put my calf within stinging radius since my other leg was two steps lower.  I had a mental meltdown since it was January, winter, and I haven't seen a scorpion in our complex at ALL.  EVER.

(This is actually not at the complex.  lol  My dad's house and his sweet setup. . .there is a giant speaker in front and right of me, currently blasting Kelly Clarkson.)
So I warned everyone in the gym, nobody volunteered to kill it (all four manly men and all) and a couple people freaked, and then I turned and it was GONE.  I couldn't find it anywhere!!  I looked over the ledge thinking it was on a vertical surface and nope.  So that was creepy and everybody left the back way, myself included.  And then I didn't sleep at all that night because I had flashbacks of the scorpion house.

Anyways, next weekend is the Spartan Sprint!  Anybody running it?  I am not really looking forward to it, and I'm grateful it is not 9 miles like last year.  We are doing it for free, because last year they messed up on our Spartan Video, otherwise I'd probably pass until next year.  6 days to get in shape. . .
This weekend was wonderful and full of reading. . .
. . .and hanging out together.  That's kind of typical, but it was extra enjoyable for some reason (I think I was less stressed about work).  Joe, Ben's little bro, came and stayed with us and we hit up one of the local casinos for some sushi and dueling pianos.  I have been counting on my cell phone for capturing moments, but it is such a POJunk that it goes from full battery to dead after one picture, the one below.  We ended up moving outdoors to eat which was fun.  I love the outdoors so much.
This picture is for my mom because she bought me the outfit.  Thanks ma.  :)
This video below is another one of my brother's videos.  He arranged an amazing version of my favorite primary song, We'll Bring the World His Truth.  I already posted this on FB, but it needs to be on here too.  :)

Same with this one:

Have a fun week.  I wonder who will win this Superbowl. . .definitely not ending how it started.


  1. Yay! Another Arizonian! I am so jealous you are a runner! My husband is doing the Phoenix marathon! It makes me hurt just thinking about it;)

  2. That's that first I've seen your brother sing and play! He's phenomenal!!!

    You are rockin it on the treadmill! Way to go. I have been loving mine LOTS lately with this stupid cold weather and horrible inversions going on in the lovely state of Utah.

    Your scorpion stories just seriously freak me out!!

    I just noticed I use a lot of these!!! funny ;)

  3. That is way creepy about the scorpion - I would be freaked too. Those men sure were manly not killing it and all ;D
    Love those running shoes - so bright! & Of course I love the outfit your mom bought you!

  4. So sorry about the scorpion, I'm soo glad we don't have any in VA! That is scary!!


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