Quick House Update - Hooray!!

I don't want to jinx ourselves, but we're actually set to close on this thing!  Our original closing date was Good Friday next week, but we think it'll be postponed to the beginning of April.  We are anxious to get going, but we had to give 60 days notice where we live, so the longer we can hold out the better so we don't have to pay a mortgage + rent.

We had two appraisals done on the house, and they were within 3k of each other which is great, and they both came in around what we were expecting.  We still had to wait a few stressful weeks to hear back that Fannie Mae would come down to appraisal price, all after we spent money on our inspections and appraisals that had to be done during the 10 day inspection period.  That was such a happy phone call to receive!

I'm kind of a humongous dork and pretend I'm on "Property Brothers" sometimes (my favorite show :P ).  Ben and I like black, white, gray and modern.  Imagine solid wall colors, not wall-paper texture.
(The yellow walls cast yellow shadows everywhere. . .)
We'll probably go with tan so we don't have to replace the flooring throughout the house.  If we stay long term, perhaps we'll change it completely in the future.  Overall, it's just going to be fun.  Just like Photoshop.

Inspection Friday 3/1:
Good news is the sellers are required to fill the pool before we can close.  First to clean it...

Meanwhile I'm up in Utah working in my office up here for the week.  I sure am enjoying seeing my family and friends, but I sure miss mister Ben.  This is deja vu to the days we did long distance!  I know one being who is so excited I'm home:
Anyways, have a happy Wednesday!


  1. That is super exciting news on the house!!! Glad the inspections went well, what a huge relief! LOVE love the puppy picture :) Can't you hand carry your puppy with you?

    1. Thanks! He's pretty small, but also kind of tall so I don't think he'd fit under the seat comfortably. I could sedate him, but I don't want to stress him out. :/

  2. Good news about the house! I love the look of the kitchen in black!

  3. I like the black and gray really nice! That is awesome news though!!

  4. Now you just need to fill it with children!!!! :)

    1. lol Perhaps one day. But not quite yet! :)


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