12/30 = 40%

I woke up with a sore back from yesterday's deadlifts, and it just got more sore throughout the day, so I cut my workout a little short w/2 miles: 9:02 & @ 8:45, and a 1/2 mile slow cool down where I just kept pushing down in speed until I hit walking.
Last weekend we hit up RA Sushi, one of our favs.  The nights are starting to get toasty, and it was over 100 when we ate.  Compared to the days they are nice, so we ate out on the patio!
I learned the peace sign for pictures, from my brother and Tan.  (I'm planning on getting out my charger for my computer with PS, so I will stop being lazy with terrible images soon...)
Today's mileage:  2-1/2
Average pace:  8:54

Total June mileage:  30-1/2
12 days down, 18 to go!

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