JD14 - A Hot Date Night!

Today was a pretty good day [and hopefully yours was equally as happy seeing as it's the wonderful day of Friday].  Friday means lunch date, and Ben, Joey (co worker) and I stopped by Nordstrom Rack to peruse for a short moment, and found some Kinvara 3s for $59.97.

Ben's been wearing the Mirages and wanted to go back to the Kinvaras which he used to run in, so it was practically a sign.  I'm kind of eating my words on going with neutral shoes, but just look at them.  Nice job Saucony.  You suckered me in based on being my favorite colors.  So now I have a neutral pair to work into the rotation.
Up close and personal...
Now I'm trying to convince Ben that these are my 1/2 way point reward for Juneathon.  lol  He said I can have one shoe now ...and the other at the end of the month.
I didn't try them out today.  I'm going to wait until tomorrow or Sunday's shorty.  Tonight Ben and I went on a date night 10k around the area we live!  We covered ourselves in various flashy red and white light bands and ran with a headlamp in the brisk 103 night temperatures.  For some reason it was a tough run for me and I was feeling the heat by the 1/2 mark.  But it's done and day 14 = success, while Ben likes his new kicks!  (Ben did Fran before this run because he's a [hottie] beast!!)

Look what we found when running over the canal...
He died.

Today's mileage:  6.2
Average Pace:  9:51

Total June mileage: 37.7

Tomorrow is the 1/2 mark for June.

Tomorrow is also the official start for monsoon season around here.  Bring on the clouds and storms (just nothing too drastic).


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