Juneathon - COMPLETE

June is over!  I made it through the challenge of running + blogging + logging everyday.  Tonight will be my last daily post before I go back to normal posting.  

I have to say that I really enjoyed Juneathon!  It changed my mentality from ever being 'maybe I won't run today' to 'when will I run today?' even if it was a one miler.  I found the heat as a challenge instead of an excuse and my fitness level has improved throughout the few weeks.

For July+ my goal is increase my level of fitness and mileage for the Dumbo Dare in two months.  After burning out and taking it easy from racing the last year, we're ready to get back to it this fall.
Today's mileage:  1
Average pace:  9:03

Total June mileage:  71.3
Rykar finds the strangest of poses to be comfortable.

Have a nice week.

Please keep in your prayers the families and friends of those firefighters who lost their lives fighting the Yarrnell fire here in Arizona.  If you haven't heard about it, you can read about it here.  So heartbreaking; I can't even imagine.

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