On the 17th day of streaking...

It has been another fully packed day, so this is another phone post. 

I'm up in Utah working in the office for a couple of days, and bringing the pup back with! I forget how green this place gets in summer. It is pretty.

Today it was 95 degrees which was nice, so I decided to run at 5:00pm...hills. Ha. Maybe too warm for hills. :P But it was nice [and hard].

Today's mileage: 2-1/2
Average pace: 9:05

Total June Mileage: 42.2

And my text is randomly bolding... but oh well I'm spent. 2 hours of sleep wasn't enough last night. Gnight.

(Hopefully 2 pics uploaded.)


  1. Looks like someone may have discovered the shoe room lol!

  2. Thank goodness for dogs being cute, otherwise they would not survive all the trouble they get into! :)