On the road again. Day 20 = 2/3

This morning we loaded the Uhaul (Penske actually) and began our journey to Phoenix. While the guys were loading up, I ran downstairs and did a quick run in case our hotel tonight didn't have a gym.  Nobody noticed me missing for a few minutes (that is a lie), but I got it done and the streak continues.

We are bringing down some furniture that my wonderful parents have donated to us for our home. My mom got married and thus had double items, and my dad has cleaned his house up and he gave us some great things. I think he may be thinking about downsizing. :]

We are also bringing Rykar!!  We're in St. Geezy and Rykar has enjoyed his first road trip and hotel stay so far.  He is sound asleep at the foot of my bed... under the covers of course.

Today's mileage: 1
Average pace: 10:00

June total mileage: 46.2


  1. You are amazing. I'm so impressed you haven't missed any days this month! I love those mountains.... Drive safe!

  2. Love the pictures!!! Gorgeous!!!