The half way mark. #juneathon

Our scorpion experiment was a total dud.  We thawed him out and he never moved so he was presumed dead.  He still was glowing under the black light though, so I'm not completely convinced...
We went hunting in both our front and back yard tonight and we didn't find a single scorpion.  Really I talk about them a lot, but they aren't a part of our lives unless we look for them.  [Basically...come visit and you won't see a scorpion unless you want to see one.]

Today was a pretty nice day (it's the weekend!).  Earlier Ben said he was going to jump in the pool.  I said I'd join him shortly and when I went outside I found him snorkeling and thought it was so funny.  He always makes me laugh.  Gosh I'm so happy he is my husband.
Just look at him...
Today wasn't rest day but since yesterday's run ended up being tougher, I did just a mile to start breaking in the new kicks.  It's hard to drive down to the gym for one mile, so I did it in the heat of the day before getting ready for our date.  [I think our neighbors think I'm crazy.]

I really like how light the shoes are!  To be continued...
Today's mileage:  1
Average pace:  8:43

Total June Mileage:  38.7

Have a nice Sunday!

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