10 Days...

until my 29th birthday.  This year 20,000 people are throwing a huge party for me!!  I feel so loved!!  :]

It will not look like this...

But more like...

I will look like this.

I won't look like this...hope...fully.

10k:  Slow and carry my camera!  The course is almost all throughout Disneyland park which I'm really excited about.  [I wish Johnny Depp would come.]  

Maybe I can convince some other Dumbo Dare-ers to run slow with me and pose along the course, and perhaps contribute to another video.  Jolie?  Jimmames?

1/2:  Sub 2:00.  I have no strategy or idea what pace I want to start at... 9:15?  This week I came down with a stomach thing which has been a little stressful.  Guess we'll see how I feel race day (at 3:15am...when my sister has to BE there -- crazy).
Pretty excited to see my fam, and to run with them!!

And to beat them.

Except I missed out on the family speed gene.

Either way, have a fantastic day and weekend!!


  1. I think my plan is very close to yours. I kinda want to enjoy the race since I paid so much money for it this time.

  2. What a fun way to spend your birthday!

  3. What a fun way to spend your birthday!


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