16.7% through with June.

I love my dog to death, but seriously he is the worst eater.  He makes a mess everyday!  It is just ridiculous.  Good thing he's so adorable.  I love his bat ears.
Today I was sore and just really tired, so I pulled another pool evening and was having a hard time staying awake on my floaty.  Just one of those days where I didn't want to do anything after work and the thought of putting on my tankini-turned-bikini was almost too much.
To keep some fitness streak alive, I did another 150 air squats for time instead, and finished in 4:19 which is 24 seconds faster than before.  Squats are tough!
  • Today's time: 4:19
  • Total June air squats: 350
  • Total June time spent: 39:57
  • CrossFit: 2

Any Rent or broadway fans?  This is one of my favorites: 


  1. Oh my! He is a messy pup! He's just preparing you for when baby stars attempting to eat on his own. Our kitchen looks similar excerpt we have Cheerios everywhere from Coop. :-)

  2. My dog eats the same way! First he throws the food outside the bowl and then he chases it ;-) thank godness they are cute!


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