Friday the 13th - Partner WOD

Happy Friday!  The fitness + blogging streak is still going strong, but any chance at creativity is long gone.  So I did one of these while Ben caught up on movie trailers...

Book:  The Testament by John Grisham

Music:  Nothing right now.  I've been on a Mercy Me kick this week.  I do love me some Christian rock.

Guilty pleasure:  Mountain Dew (typically Monster you know)

Nail color:  None.  Usually pink shellac when I'm not lazy.  Pink's on my toes at least.

Drink:  Water

Food:  Ben made me an Einstein Asiago Cheese bagel sandwich with hot turkey, avocado, cheese and a fried egg.  YUM.  Now he's cutting a cold watermelon...

Favorite show:  The Office...  Oompa loompa doopity dawesome.

Wish list:  Treadmill - I think I have it re-narrowed down to the Nordictrack Incline Trainer and the Proform Pro 9000 that Costco carries (thanks Christine for the tip).

Need:  Probably some longer shirts soon.

Bane of my existence:  9am church

Celebrity crush:  David Beckham, Aaron Paul, Hugh Jackman (reminds me of Ben), Joseph Gordan-Levitt...allow me...

Indulgence:  Dark chocolate covered dried fruit

Blessing:  This cute baby boy in my tummy.  I love him!

Slang:  Freak

Outfit:  I love maternity jeans.  They are the best invention ever.

Excitement:  Meeting this little munchkin.  Also Father's Day weekend!

Mood:  Exhausted.  Also excited to sleep in tomorrow.

Link:  I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at maternity (getting different maternity store ideas).  I need a dress for a wedding in over a month and I can't find one that I like that doesn't cost a million dollars.

And for the workout in my streak:
You Go We Go (Time)
Partner wod, so Ben and I were a team!
Christy:  15:38
Ben:  15:38

5 rounds of:
10 wall balls (I did 10#)
15 box jumps


5 rounds of:
10 GHD situps
15 kettle bell swings (I used 26#)

*I did box step ups [low impact]
*I did knee ups instead of the situps

How it worked out was I did wall balls while Ben did box jumps.  When we were both finished, we switched, etc.  Essentially if you are faster than your partner then you get a couple of seconds of a break.  I, however, partnered with fasty mcfasterson so I did not get much rest!!

  • Today's time: 15:38
  • Total June air squats: 950
  • Total June wod time: 2:09:20
  • CrossFit: 6

Rykar got a shot today :( so we both were just chillin' afterwards in the normal couch recovery position.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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