The last Friday in June = today.

Today was a nice vaca day spent shopping with my awesome mom!  Sadly I still cannot find a pink dress for my sister's wedding next month, which is total crap if you were wondering.

However I managed to fit in 100 squats at midnight in 2:37 to get something fitness-y in!  It's pretty crazy that July starts in a few short days.

Today's time: 2:37
Total June air squats: 1750
Total June WOD time: 3:53:02
CrossFit: 13


  1. Hey we got pink dresses at our work. You should go online and check it out. ;)

    1. I actually went there and couldn't find one. Maybe I will try the online idea.

    2. Try looking on you can find dresses by color and style and then they link to the stores you can find them at.


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