Two Months!

Bentley hit two months!!  Here we go...

He weighed in at 11 pounds which puts him in the 35th percentile!!  That's big news because he gained close to 3-1/2 pounds in one month, and went up 29%!!  The first time Dr. N met Bentley a month ago (since we switched pediatricians) he wondered if Bentley was a preemie, so he was very pleased!!

Bentley measured in at 22" which puts him in the 17th percentile.  Once tall and skinny, he's now shorter and a tubs.

Last week we started putting him in 0-3 month onesies and diapers.  He's kind of been in between newborn and 0-3 month sizes for the most part.

He has started to smile a lot, especially first thing in the morning.  He's also discovered his tongue!  (Some of the pics are kind of blurry.  It's hard work multi-tasking.  haha)

We finally ventured out to the outdoor mall and then to Organ Stop for dinner, but for the most part Bentley hasn't had too many adventures out in public.  I'm still pretty anxious about it.  We both stayed low-key for much of the first two months and then the first time I went back to the gym I came down with a sore throat/headache, etc a couple of days later.  Stress.

He experienced his first holiday, Halloween!  He mostly slept through it, but he still dressed up like a total champ!  Two weeks later that costume won't fit him!

He focuses in on so many things (especially loves the fan above), and he recognizes mommy and daddy and our voices.

He's still a bit too small for the Bumbo.  lol

He had his two month shots this week and that was terribly sad!  I'm feeling a little better about taking him out more this next month.

Between acid reflux (which we just started meds for) and gas pains, he only does shorter stints of sleeping at night.  We did move him to his crib last week so even if I'm up every 2-3 hours, I get some better sleep.  Babies are so loud when they sleep!!

He still likes to sneak a hand or two out and occasionally I still find him with an entire appendage broken free of the swaddle.

He is a pretty well mannered baby boy these days and if he fusses it's usually for the obvious reasons, but it still is so sad and breaks my heart!!

He finally has a pair of shoes that stay on his feet!  They are huge, but they don't come off at least.  They used to be my brothers' shoes and I may have even worn them myself.

We love this precious little boy.

K I'll stop now.  haha

Have a nice week!


  1. Awwww, look at those chunky little rolls on this legs - love it!!! So excited to hear he is growing well. I heard they grow in phases (one phase is weight and then another phase where they only grow in height). So maybe he will surprise you with a growth spurt in height by the next visit. I'm preparing Zoe's 8 month post right now LOVE they are exactly 6 months apart :)

  2. He is so tiny but she still adorable! I love how the puppy is sleeping by him. Kinda like his protector. I love how he has his fist up. So cute!! And we carry that binky thing at my work if you ever need more. ;)