Raisins are not dessert.

I started a diet a couple of weeks ago to kick off the holiday season and also to help retrieve my abs sooner than later.  I realize that I recently had a baby, but as long as my milk supply doesn't falter then I might as well.  Being patient is not my forte.

I like to look at the day's food plan and find something dessert like that excites me to look forward to for the day.  I'm a Hales, and us Hales's have an insatiable sweet tooth.  Back in college one of my boyfriends even made an analogy, like my dad "eating a stack of cookies," which my dad sometimes did all at once.  Regardless the meal plan yesterday had raisins.  RAISINS.  How disappointing.  Raisins are not dessert.  RAISINS ARE NEVER DESSERT.

^^That is dessert.

Ben brought home a Santa cookie for me to consume when I throw the dieting out the window for the holiday break, but whatever, we both ate it after dinner.  lol  Then I took a 3 hour nap!  The day was full of many Christmas miracles.

But to my credit, it's been kind of a rough week functioning let alone making meals.  B did almost a three hour stretch in his crib last night, which is a record by almost two hours since we stopped the swaddling last month.  It's hard to stay motivated when you're behind 300 hours of sleep (no lie, I did the math ha).  My diet accounts for no Mountain Dew which is where this enters the program:
Minty, caffeinated gum that I bought on Amazon.  Genius.  I only chew one a day but it goes a long way for me since my caffeine consumption has always been fairly low.

It's a good thing baby boy is so incredibly adorable.  GOSH I LOVE HIM.

He is a great night time sleeper, just not in his crib.  I wish there was a magic trick to teach him that his lonely, hard crib mattress is his favorite.  :)

On a completely separate note, today marks 5 years since Ben proposed to me so I have to do a shout out.  I LOVE YOU BEN!!!  You can read about it here if you care to.  I still haven't made the old blog private.

Have a nice weekend.  Only 6 days until Christmas!!!  This is the best week of the entire year.  Soak it up!!

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  1. Wow! Actually tomorrow marks 3 yrs since our engagement! I guess this is that time of year!

    I started working out again, very slightly but I am also on the ab train (the c section is going to slow things though). Once I get more sleep, I'm sure the eating will fall into place, right?!


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