Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Buhrs!

Little guy's second Christmas but first one with stranger danger.  Ah man we love him!!

Here is his first Christmas:

Days of December

Another bulleted update, in no particular order:

  • Last week Ben and I took some time off to hang out again.  It's the best feeling when Sunday night rolls around and you don't get that Sunday night gloom.  Wahoo!  We hit up Top Golf with Dallin and Emily, his lovely lady.  The weather was so nice!!  (It has since gotten pretty cold.)

  • I have to get 120% serious about my 2015 goals that are almost but not quite done.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  This year one thing I've learned about myself is that project procrastination is often because I'm too cheap to spend the money.  I am SO CHEAP.  Just ask Ben.  Like the kind of SO CHEAP that isn't a good thing.

  • My most favorite thing about Christmas is HOME ALONE.  I put it on every day and that is no lie!!  Bentz loves it too, except he's not a huge fan of Buzz or when Marv gets electrocuted in the NYC house in #2.  Haha 


I think since B3 loves Home Alone that we'll have to watch it year round.  (What do you say Ben??)

  • You thought you might get a whole post without any running talk nonsense, but no.    Training is going great and I am pretty excited because this weekend I have a 12 miler with seven of those miles in the 8:xx range.  Considering my long runs were in the 10:xx range a few months back (but it was also a freaking sauna out), that's awesome.  We've increased my zone paces since the marathon and I hope I don't plateau for awhile and can see a lot of progress this spring too, with my first goal race in 10-1/2 weeks.

^^^Saturday morning runs are one of the best parts of the week.  Can you spot the hot air balloons?
FYI - tomorrow (12/16) Rock 'n' Roll goes on sale, the "lowest prices of the year," for one day only!

  • If you aren't listening to Pentatonix's Christmas album, you still have time!!  I think I saw it was #2 behind Adele on Itunes.  They are amazing.

  • We're going through another round of teething... molars. Three of them that I can feel just breaking through, so B3 is back in our bed so we can all get some rest.  He sure doesn't eat well when he's teething either.  Poor little champ.  I did surprise him with his new Crocs and that put some pep in his step.  

That's not all but that's all for now.

Have a nice night!

Shoe Love [is True Love]

B3 is obsessed with shoes.  Gee I don't know where he got that from, but he carries his shoes everywhere, chews on them constantly (choose your battles), and when we put them on him he just comes to life stomping and staring at them on his feet.  Not to mention the increasing intensity of babbling when his shoes go on those little feet.

OHHH MAAS, AHH YEEN  <-- his famous babble words

Every night I line up his favorite toys of the moment, on the coffee table, so when he wakes up he can get excited about them all over again (and DOES he).  Every night his tennis shoes make it to the edge of the table, and every morning they are the first thing he goes for.  Then they go in his mouth.  :D


Hot Chocolate 15k - Phoenix / Scottsdale

A Friday night blog entry.  I still got a post in this week!  I am winning at life.  

Except that it's Friday night.  :P

Last weekend I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k which was a really fun race!  Since the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot would have made us late to our out of town lunch, I signed up for this one instead.  I paid $75 <two weeks out from race day, which surprisingly was still <$10 a mile, and the race had a bunch of perks too!:

  • free pictures
  • really nice jackets
  • marshmallows, chocolate, and other kinds of treats were given out on the course
  • a chocolate finisher's mug at the finish with a lot of chocolate treats, hot chocolate, and fondue
  • well organized  
  • corral separations requiring proof of times 
  • flat course
  • beautiful December weather (if not a little warm for the 8:15 start though)
  • not too big, not too small, maybe 5-6000 people between the 5k and 15k
  • 5k and 15k start 75 minutes apart so there's not much overlap (there was a little for the slower 5k walkers)

If you skipped all that, basically you should run the Hot Chocolate run.

^^The expo was held at the ballpark where spring training takes place.  Perfect time of year to have the expo outdoors.

The recommended time to get to the actual race was by 7am for the 8:15 15k start, but since Ben wasn't running, the worst case scenario would have been he would drop me, so we rolled up after 7:30 and there was zero traffic.  HA  #sleepinginforthewin


Now freaking HOT. hahaha runner problems

I had no plans to race this one, my goal was to run the middle three miles at an 8:45 and use the race as a tempo run with the rest of the miles in the 9s.  When I don't "race," I don't religiously obsess over my watch and I run by feel (which often results in better times, honestly.)  When I got to the middle miles, I was already running my tempo pace by feel so I decided to just stick with it.  My legs aren't used to these paces for more than 3-ish miles at a time, so I could feel them fatiguing by the end (probably thanks to miles 6-7 as Charlie pointed out), but I loved it all and can't wait to see my progress this year with the 1/2 marathon!!

Speaking of!!  Too bad this wasn't a half, it would have been a PR even if I fell apart at the end!  I am not as fast as pre-pregnancy (yet!!), but my mental strength is stronger now.  It's crazy how it can make such a big difference.

8:41  <---stopped at the aid station and destroyed my negative splits that I didn't know I had going on
2:26 (8:06)
Total:  9.3 miles in 1:21:04 @ 8:42 (official)

The medals were sweet too... ...

This was my first 15k and I loved the distance.  I wish it was a more common race distance because being just under that 10 mile mark makes it feel "short," but not too short like the 10k.  I know it's all relative since a 5k was long for me a year ago, but you catch my drift.

I spy...

Afterwards B3 just wanted my chocolate goods.  As much as I LOVE chocolate, it's hard to gobble it up post race, but we did nibble on it.  But man the hot chocolate was delish.  And double man, I sure love my little family!  It's not as fun to race alone, but it's sure fun having them there to cheer me on.

5 weeks until our next race, a Rock 'n' Roll 1/2. Let's hope we can keep it together over the holidays (as I'm eating a cookie).

Have a fabulous weekend!

Recovery & Running: Up Next?

The race is long gone (not from my mind!!) but I still want to finish up my final training, week #18, + my recovery and what's next.  People don't really talk as much about recovery for some reason, including mwah.  It's like RACE!!!...silence... 

Rewinding to race week (week a whole month ago):

  • 30:00 no paced 3% downhill = 2.85 miles @ 10:31
  • 4x800s @ a little slower pace = 3.25 miles around 8:00 pace
  • 20:00 shake out = 1.81 miles = 11:02 
  • MARATHON = 26.24 miles = 9:36  = 4:11 

Total training cycle miles:  408.57

I took a week off after the race.  Charlie said it could be close to three weeks before I was fully recovered, about one recovery day per each mile raced (recovery day, not rest day #difference).  A week later my calves were still tight but I felt pretty good by two.  Having a coach has been awesome because I have learned a lot and it helps me stay accountable!!

I've had friends ask how I find motivation these days.  I've thought about it and I think it boils down to not being able to run through most of my pregnancy, which has in turn given me an extra boost of motivation while I am not pregnant, because I realize it will be a vicious cycle of high/low fitness over the upcoming years as we try to grow our family.  Also, HAVING A TREADMILL.  Putting it IN THE LIVING ROOM.  haha  Definitely not Pinterest worthy but it works!!

We also bought a Rogue set for the garage last year, so that allows us to workout together after B3 goes to sleep.


Goal race:  1/2 marathon PR at the Phoenix Marathon in February (family are you in?  it sells out so we need to register soon)

Between now and then a Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend (my first ever 15k!), maybe a Jingle Bell run? then the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 in January.  I think Ben may even do the Rock 'n' Roll Remix Challenge = 5k + 1/2 marathon = 3 blings.

So fun, this running obsession.  You should join in!!!

Before & After: Parenthood

Sometimes I spend a lot of time reflecting.

 Before parenthood: 

  1. Anything before 9am is early!
  2. I will work tirelessly to lose the baby weight as fast as humanly possible.  Priority #2!
  3. 9pm?  Let's go out!  Time to par-tay.
  4. I don't like this getting old program.
  5. Eh, I didn't sleep very well last night.
  6. Oh my gosh my dog is the cutest thing on the planet.
  7. My dog is expensive, though.
  8. My kids will NEVER watch Barney.  Barney is stupid.
  9. I was sleep deprived in college.
  10. I will always make time for a shower and a little me time.
  11. I have to wake up in 5 hours.  Ugh.
  12. I'm sick, I'll be in bed watching Netflix until further notice.
  13. We'll get our babies on sleep schedules as quickly as possible.
  14. I can handle an all nighter.
  15. I know a lot.
  16. I'm happy!

A year ago!


  1. 9am?  Time for a mid morning snack!
  2. Oh.  That baby weight.  Priority #32.
  3. 9pm -- you mean midnight.
  4. I aged five years in one month.
  5. I slept amazingly last night.  Only got up four times.  #record
  6. Oh my gosh my kid is WAY cuter than my dog!?
  7. $40 for a box of diapers!?  Eff.
  8. He likes Barney...we'll go with it..
  9. I wish I could sleep all weekend long like I did in college!
  10. Shower?  My greasy hair looks freshly washed.
  11. I have to wake up in 1 hour and 15 minutes to pump.
  12. I'm sick so what. 
  13. My baby has acid reflux and only sleeps when held.
  14. I have pulled all nighters for three weeks.
  15. I know nothing.
  16. I've really never been happier.  

He's a little more grown this year, but I love our cute little Santa.  Worth it all and more!!!  Can't wait to do the whole newborn exhaustion all over again some day.  Crazy talk?

Nifty November

I usually put up Christmas decorations November 1st, or the first weekend after Halloween.  Ben pretends he doesn't want them up yet, but deep down he secretly dreams of turning the corner each drearily dark work morning and seeing CHRISTMAS in the family room.  I know he now enters with a giant smile plastered on his face.

This time the decorations all waited until after the Cali trip/race, but it went up and I love it!  The tree is kind of redneck since I found out early on, after baby facial scratches, that the ornaments couldn't cover the bottom 1/3.  And we still don't have enough garland, but I don't really care.

Our stockings are hung by a Gino Savarino piece with care.

(Sorry Dallin BYOS)

The original pink shoe tree sits by my desk if you can even see it midst the child fun.

The mall has their decorations up (great minds think alike).  This past weekend we decided to check off another thing on my list (31 while 31) and get morning breakfast/bagels at a cafe.  (This whole 31 while 31 list thing is the bomb.  Ben is also going to do one next year.)

We chose a place called Elevate Coffee.  Eh, we probably won't be back, but the weather was beautiful if slightly chilly, and B3 was in heaven roaming the sidewalks as he pleased.  I wish posting a video was as simple as a picture because he just babbles in his high voice while he walks.  Adorable!

Our coach (Charlie) ran Ironman this past weekend and we decided to head down and cheer him on at the finish.  The weather was so cold and it was a downpour for most of the day.  We heard a lot of athletes were dropping out due to hypothermia which I'm sure was a huge disappointment after all that training, I can't even imagine!

It was awesome to watch them finish!  They start between 6:30-7am and have until midnight to cross the finish line!  Insanely amazing.

Over the weekend Ben also upgraded our medal rack since our last one was so full.  Look how humongous the Revel medals are in comparison.  Even the huge Disney medals are smaller.  Must run more Revel.

A couple more pics from California and I am done for now...

Poor B3 is miserably sick for the first time (probably a souvenir from Disneyland) so I'm hoping he starts to feel a little better this weekend.   The doctor thinks it could be croup, and it's breaking our hearts!!

Have a fabulous Thursday -- don't freeze!!