Blogger Men Tell All - GUEST POST: BEN (lol)

7 years of blogging and never before has Ben taken over.  That's a shame because he's way more interesting than I am!  This is the perfect opportunity to link-up and introduce my funnier half.  Without further adieu, 5 questions for this month's Blogger Men Tell All...

1-Do you like to cook? If yes, what’s your favorite thing to make?
A: Yes, I do.   Sometimes the results are tasty, sometimes inedible.  I almost burnt the house down cooking bacon on the grill. 

Favorite to cook?  I can’t pick a favorite to eat, so how to decide on the things I like to cook best is nigh unto impossible, but I do enjoy a good mix ‘n match!  Throw a lot of good stuff together and see what you have.  Something that I can add a little twist on that is just that extra bit of goodness.  Like steak super nachos or double loaded mashed potatoes.  Fun to cook, funner to eat.  Not so much when you go to burn off after they adhere straight to the love handles.

2-What is the last movie you saw in a theater?
A: Guardians of the Galaxy.  At iPic.  

Haha.  Nerd meet nerd.

3-Can you name five makeup brands?
A:  Yes.  And if I couldn’t, I could just make up something like ‘burning love’ or ‘purple pleasure’ and chances are it’s a lipstick brand.  Or an STD.  Best not to google that.

4-What are your biggest pet peeves?
A:  Getting old and decrepit.  It’s bothersome. 

5-What are your biggest goals in life right now?
A:  Get this in my garage.  Sorry Baby Boy, no college fund for you, daddy is unrealistically distracted by shiny red cars.

Ben's a great cook.  MUCH better than me.  He did almost burn the house down.  It was right after we moved in.  Well, it was actually kind of a team effort, I'll admit.  We didn't grill for a very long time after that episode.  haha

Friday Favorites

Friday favorites, in all their random glory...

These pancakes are from Butterfield's Pancake House.  They are Oreo cookie smores cakes, and wildberry cakes (and a side of bacon to make it healthy...).  They are dangerously good.  OMG shoot me now.

I met a couple of fellow bloggers for lunch last week, who blog at Travel the Unbeaten Path, and Easy Baby Meals.  Our babies are almost the same age, to the day!  I would love to get together again soon!

Our weather has been so nice!  Hopefully it sticks around for awhile before it gets roasty toasty.  I know there is a heat wave rolling through this weekend, just in time for my dad to visit.  haha

Average is 80 this time of year.  Crazy.

B is our favorite everyday.  If I didn't hold back, there'd be dozens of baby pictures on this post, just like on my phone!

My youngest brother moved in with us a week ago!  Arizona is now 2 for 3 for my siblings.  It is awesome!

He is also a CrossFitter so that's fun for us.

I've been eating Paleo on weekdays and sometimes get in a rut eating the same ole things.  I was excited to find Paleo bread/wraps!!   We haven't tried the wraps yet, but the bread is meh.  Ben thinks it's plain gross.  I am willing to give it a try as a sandwich, or something on top.  It was kind of $$$, so....

These beautiful Jessica Simpsons should join my closet.  That would make my day.  Just in time for spring (aka 90 degrees!).  They are so pretty!

They just broke ground on the new aquarium in Scottsdale and season passes are already on sale.  I'm excited as ever.  The OdySea Aquarium!  From their website:

Slated to open July 2016 in Scottsdale, OdySea Aquarium will be the largest aquarium in the Southwest.

Spanning 200,000 square feet, the two-level aquarium will hold more than 2 million gallons of water and accommodate up to 15,000 visitors daily.

So awesome.

Happy Friday!!

Shamrock 4-Mile Race

My youngest brother moved here over the weekend so we all decided to run a 4 Peaks race, the Shamrock 4-miler!  4 Peaks Racing puts on fun, organized, lower costing events, and we love to run them whenever we get the chance.

The course was around the canal in Old Town Scottsdale.  It was an evening race (5:30pm) so it was about 85 degrees at the start, but I feel like the canal made it a little bit cooler.  At least mentally...?

It was perfect spectating weather!!

Since it was a bit warmer out, I relaxed my time goal a little bit:
1-sub 36:00 official time
2-run negative splits
3-place in my age group

Running negative splits is the only way to keep from killing myself off at the beginning.

James came in 1st/14 in his age group, and 9th overall which was also 9th/97 for gender.  He ran an official 27:44 (6:56 average pace).

Dallin came in 2nd/14 in his age group (behind James) and 17th overall which was also 17th/97 for gender.  He ran an official 29:38 (7:24 average pace).

A bonus that comes with being the last sibling finisher is that I get extra pictures/videos.  I love this one below.

I hit all of my goals!  Get this, though.  My official time was 35:59.9.  HA.  I booked it at the end because I knew it was going to be close since it was just a hair longer than 4 miles for me.

I spy Ben and B3...

2nd/45 in age group, 15th/152 gender, and 53rd overall.

Splits:  9:07, 9:02, 8:55, 8:37

^^Average cadence 181 :D

Running short distances has me aching to get some speed this fall.  After China, I have to decide if it'll be a fall/winter marathon or short, speedy races.  Such different choices, but both appealing in ways.  If only I had superman legs and could do both without getting injured!  Right!?

Have a nice humpday!  Only two days until Friday!  Yay.

Great Wall Training Weeks 4 & 5

Life and work have been so busy that week 4 feels like it was so long ago!  I was one lil mile short for that week.  We had visitors and my 4 mile run was done immediately after dinner at Olive Garden...which was fun.  :P  I cut that crap short, yo.

Spring has sprung and the temperatures around here jumped 25 degrees in a week.  My evening 7 miler was hot, but overall it was pretty good and my longest run post-partum!  Happy day.  

Ben and B$ surprised me with water to help cool me down.  Ben had two more epidurals that really didn't help much, so he's still out.  I feel really bad for him.

Sometimes there are a dozen hot air balloons out at once.  I love them.

This week, week 5, was great.  I did a 5 miler with the stroller, which that. is. tough.  The slightest inclines killed me, but the weather was stormy awesome.

I ran a 4-mile race yesterday and did 3 miles beforehand to get 7 out of the day.  That was a fun, fun day.  My siblings and I placed in our age groups and the course was along the canal in Old Town Scottsdale.

This upcoming week is week 6 already!  I'm kind of excited that weeks are flying by, but I sure don't want to leave my baby behind.  OMG I'm dreading that part so much.  Meanwhile, this week I'll be stepping back.

Have a wonderful week!  I hope I'm a better blogger.  Last week was a bit of a struggle.

Six Months!

Well we've hit half of a year with our little guy!  These have been the fastest, most exhausting, busiest, most fun months.  We are so proud of our B3 and love watching him learn and grow.  Every stage is so much fun!!  We definitely have new parent syndrome, because everything he does is freaking cute and deserves three dozen pictures.  Or more.  And a video.

We weighed B in at 15 pounds, 11 ounces and 26-1/4".  I'm not sure where that puts him percentiles-wise, but we'll find out this week at his appointment and I'll update this post (plus they always measure him longer at the doctor's).  I'm guessing about the same as last month.  <25% weight, >50% height.

[UPDATED:  So I need to go back to math class because he weighed in 1/2 a pound lighter, a week later.  Typically my weight measurement and the doctor's office is about the same.  At home we hold him and step on the scale, then subtract our own weight.  His current weight is 15 lbs 5 oz (12%) and height is 26.5" (50%).  He has slowed down in his growth, but the doctor wasn't concerned and said it's normal for this age.  And here I thought he was getting so chubby!]

He wears size 1-2 diapers, and is starting to get too tall for some of his clothes.  He mostly wears 3-6, 6 months, and some of his 0-3 month onesies still are fine.

This last month he went on his first hike (in the form of sleeping).

He got a new toy, a walker!  At first (he couldn't even touch the ground) he could only scoot backwards but has since learned to go forwards and maneuver around the kitchen.

He does get stuck from time to time.

He has become fascinated with his hands and is often just looking at them and flipping them from front to back.  Who needs toys, right?  Hands are cool.

He has started to sit up like a big boy.

He enjoys his stroller and at one point we took a loop around the hospital he was born at.  Can't believe that was 6 months ago.

He did his first pull-up.  Assisted.

We're thinking he's more serious about teething, poor guy.  He has outdone himself in the slobber department and has even been getting a rash in his neck rolls.  He's been biting and getting frustrated.  It's really sad!  Our poor little slobatron.

^^We still don't know what his eyes are going to be.  They are like every color right now depending on the light.  Blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, etc...

We have been Google Hanging Out with my mom.  I'm not sure what he thinks about it, but he seems to be quite interested in the computer screen.

He has been sleeping in his crib for a majority of the nights now.  It's bittersweet, really.  I miss him.  I have this rule where if he wakes up and it's after 4am then he comes to snuggle.  :)  [Or if I wake up and it's after 4am then he comes to snuggle.  Or if we have visitors.  Or any other reason I can think of.]

The transition to the crib was simple.  I think we had braced ourselves for weeks of horrific sleep training, but none of that ever happened.  He's been off acid reflux meds for a couple of months now.  I think he's grown out of his tummy troubles which has contributed to the smooth transition.  His longest stretch was 7 hours, but we usually get about 5 hour stretches.

^^This morning.  Ben snapped it.

He watched his first episode of Barney and seemed to like it.  Yeah, Barney.  What do kids watch these days?   I only know what my brothers watched.  Plus I still have them all memorized.

(Barney can be your friend too if you just make believe him.)

We love our little boy and are unbelievably happy that he is forever ours!!
*large heart emoticon*