Great Wall Training Weeks 4 & 5

Life and work have been so busy that week 4 feels like it was so long ago!  I was one lil mile short for that week.  We had visitors and my 4 mile run was done immediately after dinner at Olive Garden...which was fun.  :P  I cut that crap short, yo.

Spring has sprung and the temperatures around here jumped 25 degrees in a week.  My evening 7 miler was hot, but overall it was pretty good and my longest run post-partum!  Happy day.  

Ben and B$ surprised me with water to help cool me down.  Ben had two more epidurals that really didn't help much, so he's still out.  I feel really bad for him.

Sometimes there are a dozen hot air balloons out at once.  I love them.

This week, week 5, was great.  I did a 5 miler with the stroller, which that. is. tough.  The slightest inclines killed me, but the weather was stormy awesome.

I ran a 4-mile race yesterday and did 3 miles beforehand to get 7 out of the day.  That was a fun, fun day.  My siblings and I placed in our age groups and the course was along the canal in Old Town Scottsdale.

This upcoming week is week 6 already!  I'm kind of excited that weeks are flying by, but I sure don't want to leave my baby behind.  OMG I'm dreading that part so much.  Meanwhile, this week I'll be stepping back.

Have a wonderful week!  I hope I'm a better blogger.  Last week was a bit of a struggle.


  1. Congrats on placing!!!! That's exciting, what a comeback!!

  2. That's SO impressive!!! Oh and I love the hot air balloons too! xoxo


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