4th of July + ARR 4 Mile Race

The Summer Series are races put on by the Arizona Road Racers.  They not only bring out a fair amount of people for such small races, but they're fast with a lot of talented runners!

This weekend we ran the 4-miler for the 4th of July.  Our cousin just moved here so he also joined.  Turns out he's pretty fast!

I was going to turn this finish line video clip into a GIF, but I haven't.  Thanks to my brother, James, for this one!

The race started at 6:30am which for this time of year we're already in the 90s by that time.  I had a couple of goals but was planning on just taking it mile by mile due to the heat.  No negative splits like I usually shoot for!  Just have fuuun and live to tell about it.

1.  Top 15 in my age group (based on previous years' results)
2.  Sub 35:59 (beat the only 4 mile race I've run which was at 6 months pp)

The heat wasn't bad until the last 1/3, then it was a slap in the face.  I have no idea how somebody can run a 5:30 pace, period, let alone in that heat, but the winners came in at 20:xx!!  Pretty incredible.

^^Net time was 35:37.  I delay started with the 9 min/mile group which is the clock discrepancy you see.

I got both of my goals.  The race was a little shorter on runners this year so it wasn't as competitive as years past, so I slaughtered my first goal.

Due to the competitive nature of these races, we didn't bother checking official results in person.  Turned out that James got 1st in his age group!

Official times:
James:  27:21 (6:50 pace)
Dallin:  28:28 (7:07 pace)
Brian:  29:32 (7:23 pace)
Christy:  35:37 (8:54 pace)

^^That last one is 1.00m average stride length.

Ben was a trooper.  He came along with B3 as early race morning spectators.  He didn't run (he's still not supposed to lift B3) but will be back out with us soon.

^^I really had no idea.
The devilish oreo smores pancakes made their July debut into my belly.  4th of July post race breakfast was at Butterfields.  It is the best.  If you visit Scottsdale you shall visit.

Followed by a 4 hour nap (thanks Ben!!) and a BBQ at the pool.  We are trying to start new 4th of July traditions since we had such strong ones growing up in Layton.  

It's much hotter here for the holiday, but there are still so many things we can do!  Having more and more family move here has been the BEST EVER.  Arizona is full of good memories.  Arizona is home.

I hope you had a fabulous 4th and have a fantastic week ahead!


  1. That pancake looks delish! You guys always have the yummiest foods!

  2. It wasn't a Layton City parade without your mom and all of you in it!

  3. I love your 4th of July race shirt! And your swim suit looks way cute. AND this's pancakes always look tooooo delicious!!

  4. Congratulations! Oh, and I need those pancakes in my life!!

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  5. I love all of your pictures and that pancake looks heavenly! That pool is absolutely beautiful too and looks so refreshing!

    Your race sounded so fun, except I can't believe how HOT is was so early!!! Wow. You guys are all speedy!

  6. Congrats on surpassing both of your goals! What a speedy family. I like that you incorporate videos into your posts. I am hoping to get some video shots during the marathon. Those pancakes look sooo GOOD! Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run