Groom Creek 1/2 Marathon

This is not the recap that I was planning on writing, boo.

This was a really hard course!!  Holy crap -- HA.  My little brother (in the middle above) was asking about the course and I told him that it was "challenging," basically you may die.

"So I'm probably not going to get a PR?"

"Prolllly not."

My cousin (on the left above) had never run a 1/2 race, so we broke him in with an awesome nightmare.  ;)

So the story is that my IT band ended up being a real problem.  It hadn't ever been an actual problem before so I assumed it just needed to warm up.

By mile two it was a little more noticeable, but I figured it just needed a good 5-6 miles and it'd stop being such a pain (pun...).

Miles 2-6 were like jumping off a cliff STEEP.  I put on the brakes and focused on short, soft strides.  Coming back up was terribly hard (OMG) and the incline must have been a big factor because my knee really hurt.

I was on track to my target finish time until about mile 10 when after some run/walking I was in so much pain that I realized that I may be doing more harm to my marathon training by continuing on and running my knee into a longer recovery.  So instead of my first DNF, I walked.

So that really freaking sucked.  All I thought about was that it was time to pick a new marathon because I couldn't nail my long runs and time is ticking.  Ben called me (who knew you could have 4g in the mountains!!) and then he and B3 walked up and met me for the final 1/2 mile which helped cheer me up a little.  I ended up jogging the last 10 meters so I could beat 2:40 (and because everybody was looking at me lol).  My goal target time was 2:20 since this was supposed to be a training run, but at this point I didn't shiv a git.

It's okay mom.  I love you.

I was worried what my coach would say, but he gave me some hope and said not to throw in the towel yet.  This is why we chose a coach who is also a physical therapist.

The race itself was small, and well put on.  It was fun being up in the mountains where it was a little cooler and quite different than the desert around us.  The crazy thing is this race was just over an hour from our house!!  And the elevation was 5000 feet higher than where we live.

Technically this marks off one of my 31 things while 31 because this was my first time to Prescott.  But I do plan to go back and see more.  My poor brother pulled an all nighter because he works graveyards.  haha!  He kind of needed a nap.

Congrats to my brother who finished 3rd in his age group, and my cousin who finished 4th in his.  They both finished somewhere around 2:00 (which is totally nuts).  Ben was going to run with the stroller while waiting for us but ended up running that evening instead.

Well my knee was on fire the rest of the day but today it is feeling so much better, so I'm going to be optimistic.  :D


Half Marathon Weekend

We have a half marathon coming up this weekend!  This is my first 1/2 race since the Great Wall in May.  Since my focus is on getting to the start of a marathon in just over a month, I will be running this one at training paces.

Then adding some extra mileage on to it to get 2:40:00 for the run.  Plus an additional 40:00 run the night before.  It's getting serious over here.  :P

Soooo only the first 100 1/2 marathon finishers get a medal.  I'm afraid this will be a distraction to sticking to my Zone 2 paces, but the race is small, so there is some hope I can still make it out with some extra bling for my buck.

The tough thing will be this elevation:

Miles 8-12 are going to kill me, even in my zone 2.  Or zone 1.  Even walking.  HA  

I live at 1200 elevation.

Hopefully the weather is cooler up there though.  It's a balmy 104 degrees here right now.  (Happy 2nd day of fall!!?)

Mostly, I hope my IT band cooperates.  I felt it a little after track on Tuesday, where we actually did hill repeats, but Monday and yesterday I didn't feel anything on my runs.  I'm working on it and I am still optimistic.

Goal A:  2:20 (about where I should be if I stick to my plan)

Goal B:  Finish without trouble.

September Situations

B3 got a lot of awesome gifts for his birthday.  He's pretty spoiled but he's pretty cute too, sooooo.

The most expensive gift he got for his birthday was this:

If you want to be flabbergasted then get a quote for a pool fence.  I have decided to change my career field to pool fencing and become a millionaire after the first job.  But's worth it.

Next I want one more fence to fence off the patio too.  You can't be too careful.

Then a pool camera.

Plus a lifeguard.

Maybe one of those up and down pool floors like you see in Cirque shows, left in the up position.

Marathon Training - Weeks 10 & 11

Still plugging away week by week on my training!  It's been up and down, mostly up though!  I'm only 20 miles from my year mileage goal of 500 and I still have over three months left in the year, so you could say that I should be pleased with my post partum comeback.  I really am, too, because I have felt stretched thin lately and lacked in the sleep department (which is the reason for my lack of consistent blogging).

A 1st Birthday!

Back in 2014 we announced our pregnancy with the image below so we wanted to update it with the image up top.

I cannot believe he is ONE. He is just adorable!  We love him more than we knew we could or even would.  It all sounds so cliche, but it couldn't be more true!  This little boy makes us so happy, and he even sported his birthday crown for us.  ha

B3 didn't really want much to do with his cake.  In fact, he hated having his hands covered in frosting.  lol  But man, WE sure had a ball with it all.

^^I spy a hungry dog.

We spent a week up in Utah and he got sick for the first time.  :(  It was sad!!  And little did I know that he also was popping out another tooth until a few days after his birthday when I saw it.  Needless to say, birthday week turned out to be a little rough.  

Luckily we have mostly recovered, he just has a little runny nose, but at least he's sleeping better.

My sister and Spencer came out to celebrate with us.  Only days before, they unexpectedly lost their dog, Savvy, to unknown causes, so Comet was happy to have Rykar to play with.  We all miss Savvy!

I don't think you can ever really be well prepared for your first child.  We thought we were, but man we just had no idea!!  What a trip this last year has been, a learning time, an exhaustively amazing experience, and as much as I'm grateful to not have to worry about SIDS anymore, I do miss some of those newborn days (and the days when I could sit him on the blanket and he could't move LOL).

And I cannot believe that he ever fit in my belly.

We love you mister Bentley!!

Marathon Training - Weeks 8 & 9

Well I'm over half way into my training!!  It's already getting tough for me, a bit earlier than expected.  I had a great week 8 and a rougher week 9.  

During week 8 I took a threshold test which has allowed me to slightly increase my paces for my zones!  YAY.  I woke up at a ridiculous hour to run in 100% humidity + upper 80s as fast as I could.  It was awesome.

My 11+ miler was great (even though it was 111!!!).  Ben and B$ were my aid stations and I had to keep slowing myself down to stay in my zone 2.  It was awesome.  #confidence

So I've finished the base portion of training and am adding more speed/hills at this point.  Towards the end of week 9 I just wasn't feeling it, I dropped the ball on my nutrition, and my legs were tight from my cross training (SO SORE) so my coach cut my long run and I still struggled through every minute of it.  It was so terrible, I had to stop mid way and get a pep talk from Ben.  I could barely hit my paces and they felt miserably hard yet they were SO SLOW.  HOW WILL I DO THIS FOR 26.2 MIIIILES??  $#%*$#

Well the sunset was lovely.

^^Freaking love this time of year.

When I decide to do something, I give it 110% and I have a history of refusing to give up (STUBBORNNESS).  This past week was the first time that I actually thought that maybe I should drop down to the 1/2, but then my husband was like, "absolutely not!  This is a bad run."   Love him.

^^Don't mind the sweaty/sexy hair.  I certainly don't.

It's hard finding time for everything in life, but we shall find a way [in this sleep deprived life]...

This week will be a challenge considering B3 and I are headed up to Utah so I can work from my office.  My mom is pretty excited about it since she gets to babysit!!  Then she flies back with me for somebody's 1st birthday party!!

Hopefully that extra hour of light at night will allow me to fit my runs in without hunting down the PG rec center...

Have a wonderful week and holiday!  There are only a couple of hours left to enter my giveaway found here.