Half Marathon Weekend

We have a half marathon coming up this weekend!  This is my first 1/2 race since the Great Wall in May.  Since my focus is on getting to the start of a marathon in just over a month, I will be running this one at training paces.

Then adding some extra mileage on to it to get 2:40:00 for the run.  Plus an additional 40:00 run the night before.  It's getting serious over here.  :P

Soooo only the first 100 1/2 marathon finishers get a medal.  I'm afraid this will be a distraction to sticking to my Zone 2 paces, but the race is small, so there is some hope I can still make it out with some extra bling for my buck.

The tough thing will be this elevation:

Miles 8-12 are going to kill me, even in my zone 2.  Or zone 1.  Even walking.  HA  

I live at 1200 elevation.

Hopefully the weather is cooler up there though.  It's a balmy 104 degrees here right now.  (Happy 2nd day of fall!!?)

Mostly, I hope my IT band cooperates.  I felt it a little after track on Tuesday, where we actually did hill repeats, but Monday and yesterday I didn't feel anything on my runs.  I'm working on it and I am still optimistic.

Goal A:  2:20 (about where I should be if I stick to my plan)

Goal B:  Finish without trouble.


  1. Good luck on your half marathon! That is some crazy elevation but looks like some good practice for Canyon City.

  2. Hilly! 8-12 looks... uninviting! Good luck!


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