Climb Every Mountain

Now that the holidays are all over it's back to working on some of my 31 while 31 activities, so we started out with a family hike!  Last weekend we met some neighbors at the park and they have a little boy two weeks older than B3, so we got together for a hike.

Right now our weather is amazing!!  Perfect for some wandering with a baby on the back, sans melting.  Maybe 60s out and have I mentioned so glorious.

B3 the master hiker zZzZzZz

When I first moved to Arizona I thought this place was mostly a mixed bag of ugly dirt and weeds.  Now when I visit my home town I feel a jolt of claustrophobia with the tall, bushy trees along my childhood streets.  It's interesting how it changes because almost five years later I view the desert as ridiculously pretty and I love me some cacti.  (Just not in my yard.  I do have a toddler.)

We've kept busy and done a lot of fun things this month which is nice because the post Christmas let-down is massive in my heart, then the post race blues have hit, oh so many posts.  Woe is me.

But look how cute:

Love this little family of mine.  We make a pretty good team!!

1 comment:

  1. Agreed, the weather has been perfect. I'm az born and raised so I love the desert, and if I want some tall trees flag and payson are a short drive away lol.


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