C: Currently

Eating:  Nothing.  Had some oatmeal for breakfast and a granola bar snack.  Time for lunch.  Or maybe gummy bears.

Wearing:  Black dance pants, V neck tee, my typical sweater thumb hoodie that really should have been retired years ago...

Feeling:  A little stressed.  2 year old molars are great birth control!!  Wow.  My kid went from zero tv to zero naps and non-stop Minions and Despicable Me.  Meanwhile I went from very slow March of work to a loaded plate at about the same time.  That's kinda how it always goes though, right?

The work of one tiny human:

Weather:  Today will be almost 90 and sunny! ☀  It's only 80 thus far.

Wanting:  a Monster.

Needing:  two of me.

Thinking:  I might want to try working some nights until I can get this RC Willey job done.  This is my 3rd RC Willey, I'm getting a little RC Willey'd out, I feel like I should get a sweet new tv as part of the deal.

Saving for:  A new Surface Pro.

Learning:  Some new pieces on the piano, actually re-learning:  Debussy's Claire de Lune, which reminds me of my mom and our childhood home, Alberto Ginastera's Suite de Danzas Criollas, Op. 15: V., which I have mostly memorized even though it's been like 10 years since I originally learned it with plans to enter the Miss Layton pageant, and George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, all 31 pages worth.  Hooray for spending time on the piano!  I HAVE MISSED YOU MY LOVE.

Enjoying:  Springtime, family walks, drives and park time, long runs, caffeine, Amazon.com

Reading:  Kingpin by Kevin Poulsen 

Planning for:  the next couple of years.  I guess that's obvious.

Watching:  Grey's Anatomy on Netflix - I watched this yeaaars ago when it aired but only got through a couple seasons.  Now I'm on season 5.

Loving:   Saturday morning long runs.  Not a huge fan of the waking part, but always happy once I get out there.  They are getting earlier these days too, 5:15ish.  That's one nice thing about winter, sleeping in!

Listening:  Remix Radio on Google Music, specifically Vindicate by Datsik & Excision

Anticipating:  SLC 1/2 marathon and Mt. Charleston marathon all in the next two months.  Also completing my RC Willey drawings.  邏

Thankful for: My family, hardworking hub, sunshine, running, the piano, my job, life, and Minions/Despicable Me



  1. 1. Did you end up entering Miss Layton or not?
    2. I was obsessed with the first few seasons of Grey's when it first came on and then got sick of it. Is it worth revisiting now that it's on netflix?

    1. I didn't. I can't remember why either?

      So season 4 slowed way down and I haven't watched an episode in a couple of weeks because it's still kinda boring. I think there are 10ish seasons so I imagine it'll pick back up. TBC.

  2. What a great post! I think you Captured C very well. Thank you for the comment on my poem. I really appreciate your thoughts. I try to be the voice for those who may not have one, for whatever reason.
    McGuffy Ann Morris from
    McGuffy's Reader


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