Q: Questions

This was on Carrots 'N' Cake last year and I started doing it and never finished, so Q was perfect.

Household chore I actually enjoy:  Organizing.

Biggest house disaster:  Wherever our child goes, which is everywhere.

30 minutes post cleaning lady

Before company arrives I hide:  The dishes, by doing them.  I try to hide the toys but they quickly reemerge. 

Most recent music download:  I found an acoustic version of our wedding song.  It's called Only One In Color by Trapt, it's not really well known but it is fantastic.

The last thing I bought online:  Jessica Simpson Jasmint heels in bright pink.  I have them in nude and love love them so considering the cheap price + comfort of walking in them while holding a toddler, I had to! 

I hate to shop for:  I wouldn't say hate, but Ben is definitely the toughest to shop for, but only because he is picky and doesn't like "stuff."  

Favorite family ritual:  It used to be Friday night Costco trips, but we've kind of cut back on those in a huge way so I'd say Sunday afternoons are my favorite, but before the Sunday night gloom. 

I sleep in:  Pajamas.

I have style crush on:  It used to be Victoria Beckham but not as much anymore.  I do adore Rachel Purcell's style but her budget is out of my world.  Lately I have loved the boutiques that are all over Instagram and like to buy from their sites.

I'm currently reading:  Kingpin...

What's up with the _____ trend?  The extremely pointed toe lace up flats.  I should never say never, but I don't get how somebody saw them and thought, "hey these are so cute!," instead of "hey these give me huge duck feet!" and now they are everywhere!  I did also initially loathe the pointy toed stiletto look when it came back around 10-15 years ago, fast forward and I found myself buying them (except Ben still loathes them)!  Some of the slightly pointy-ish flats have grown on me the past few months, but the ones below I just still can't.

How did I ever live without... Google Music and Chromecast.  The combination is life changing.



  1. I love lace-up flats. Is that weird? They feel ballerina-ish. I wore some on New Years Eve back in 2006 and all my friends laughed at me. But halfway through the night, their feet were killing them and I was still going strong! I'm not a fan of the pointy toes, though.

    1. I'm with you on the lace up flats, I have a few pairs myself (but all rounded toe)!

  2. Thankfully, I rarely have to wear heels! If I wore those, I'd break my ankle! Lol They're certainly cute, though!


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