T: Twenty Miles

Today was my peak run for the marathon in a couple of weeks and it went great.  I had 3x5 @ marathon goal pace (9:00-9:05 which is sub 4:00) with 1/2 mile slow jogs in between, plus the warm up/cool down.  

Since we're well into the 90s these days (we hit 97!), we got up at 4:44 to try to beat the heat!  Early morning + 20 miles = I am posting from my phone, in bed.  I'm freaking tired!

My paces felt comfortable to the end so I am feeling confident in my ability to nail a PR (sub 4:11), especially since the course is faster than what I train on and the temps will be cooler too.  I wish I had more confidence in attempting to BQ this year or sooner than later, but probably not yet!  I'm too wussy and the marathon can be a beast!!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I've actually been doing my long runs on Monday after work and last week was the first week I really suffered in the heat. Of course, a long run for a half isn't the same as for a full! Good job!


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