Almost Summer Olympic Time!!

Last week there was National Running Day which is also Global Running Day, and I got 4 miles in!!  It was so glorious!!  (There was also a National Donut Day and I did my duty that day too.  #bosadonuts)

The best way to get a jumping picture is to take burst shots and pick the best one out of them.  Plus you get a lovely GIF for bonus.

I felt like Nastia!

The summer Olympics start in 59 days and if you've followed me for awhile you know I'm an Olympic watching junky!!  We even buy tv for the month of the Olympics.  They are August 5th through the 21st.  I love any form of Olympics (or even CrossFit Games) but summertime are my favorite ones.

You can go to the main website and take a look at the schedule and everything:

Also, since the Olympics are so close, the Olympic TRIALS are even closer!  This past weekend I watched the Secret U.S. Classic (gymnastics) and Aly Raisman won it, which she was on the team four years ago who won GOLD.  It's rare to make two Olympic Team USA Gymnastics teams, but she and Gabby Douglas may do it.  Also it is fun to watch Simone Biles who may be predicted to win the all around gold this year.  WE'LL SEE.  CAN'T WAIT.

Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials are July 8th.

Men's are June 23rd.  

Track and Field Olympic trials start Friday July 1st and go to the 10th.  The marathon trials were earlier this year and were my favorite, but no doubt track and field will be addicting too.

And on a side note, the Zika Virus has been a concern for these games but according to this article, maybe it won't be as bad as original thought:


  1. Love the jump photo tips. I always take video then screen shot the best part.

    I love the Olympics too, I even watch all the obscure events lol

  2. I love that jump pic because it looks like you're going to land in the water!