My Embarrassing Secret/Chair

I have needed a new chair for a little while.  Embarrassing.  My mom even once yelled from across the house "Christy!!"  "What!??"  "OMG YOU NEED A NEW CHAIR!!"

I don't like to spend money when I can justify that something still will do its my chair!!  It looks horrendous, it peels black stuff all over the freaking place, there is a giant protruberence (Michael Scott) poking out of the bottom side that I have worried would spear my child while he's playing nearby, but other than that it works almost perfectly.  Minus the up down lever thing.  I haven't up downed in years, but that's fine too.  It's comfy it WORKS FINE.

I always sit on my right leg and after some PT on my knee I learned that's a no no.  Then with my hamstring tendon connection issue I learned that posture can contribute, so it's time to face the fact that I'm not 18 anymore.  I can still wear my pajamas, but I cannot drape myself all over my work chair based solely on the fact that nobody will see my high level of professionalism.

But first let's rewind to day one of my first "sattelite office" wood chair that hadn't yet been upgraded, somewhere five years ago in Safford, AZ:

The chair made its first appearance in Thatcher, 2011:

It came along when we moved to the valley, still pristine:

Finally joining us in our first home, 2013:

^^Coincidence I also replaced those flip flops the same day as the chair.

Upgraded the desk while convincing Ben the chair still will do, 2014:

Add a child which means add a whole house full of child stuff which detracts from the fact that the chair is quite worn at this point:

This weekend we went off to find a new chair!!  There were a lot to choose from and really nice ones Ben tried to talk me into, but I had found this pink one:

The only times I used my arm rests were to disrupt my posture in some way shape or form, so I went with the no arm rest option.  A better picture:


I thought about trying to sell the old one but Ben took it apart and threw it out before I had the chance.  


  1. lol! I love this post so much hahahahaha!!!

    1. lol!! I'm so happy you enjoyed my whole post on my chair.

  2. Hahaha!! I'm with James -- this sorry is awesome! I actually felt sorrow when I saw the chair in the trash, like it had a personality.

  3. Hahaha this post was awesome. I'm the exact same way, I hold onto things FOREVER.

    I love than Ben took it a part and threw it out. He knew it would haunt him forever if he didn't get rid of it lol

  4. "I haven't up downed in years" hahahahaha

  5. I love that you have a pink chair! ;)