From Rehabbing to Running

I'm back running and it is the best thing ever!  I have been out in 105+ temps, and incorporating walking breaks while I try to carefully rebuild some of what I've lost, but just being out there makes me remember how much I love to run!  I am pretty paranoid about everything that I'm feeling while running right now, and my butt/hip are awfully tight from all the PT so there's that to work on too, but I am optimistic that my recovery will continue to move forward!

SoOOO my grand plan all along was to get a massively enormously big huge PR  at the Revel Big Cottonwood because I've never run a downhill half marathon!

The problem is downhill + rehabbing hammy = risky.

^^Who wouldn't love running this??

September Utah's Revel Big Cottonwood 1/2 --> October Phoenix YMCA 1/2  (Sorry mom!!! )

My solution was to scratch the 1/2 distance and take aim at building for the marathon, but Charlie coaxed me into picking a 1/2 to substitute, so I found one at South Mountain!  The YMCA 1/2 in 11 weeks.

Meanwhile I have decided to track my training to my next 26.2s how I always do, weekly or bi-weekly!  The difference is this time I'm building from time off, so I'm not sure where that'll get me in 17 weeks.  We shall see!!

This upcoming week I have 15:00 stretches of running without stopping and I believe if all goes well then I'll be able to cut out walking the following week.  Hope so!!!

^^Good morning Saturday!!!

Happy Pioneer Day!!  We just got back from celebrating in Thatcher and oh my gosh it's 8 and I think we're going to go to BED.    As soon as we finish this episode of The Office, of course.


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