Today's Playlist (My Top Five Songs)

In no particular order (or in order that fit best with the graphic I created for the lists challenge), my top five songs of the moment!  Which is hard.  I'm still not 100% I'd say #4 and #5 are a top five favorite cuz there are so many ties, but #1-3 for sure are, but really, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING.

#1 Begin Again by Knife Party - I have spent many hours running to this one on repeat.  It has an 80s feel to it which might be why I love it so, plus much of my running playlist is Knife Party cuz they are the ultimate running or workout type music.

#2 Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson - My all time favorite song since the day it came out.  It is amazing and so is she.  The end.

#3 If Not Now, When? by Incubus - Not an incredible Incubus fan but this one rocks.  It's a little more mellow and has a catchy melody, especially the more you listen to it.

#4 - Wasted Time by Keith Urban - Can't go wrong with the lightheartedness of KEITH.

#5 - Daft Punk by Pentatonix - I even run to this one because Pentatonix is amazing, including their entire Christmas album!!, and this is probably my favorite by them, plus I heard them live in Phoenix, with KELLY, and that was an epic memory (thanks Lands).



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