Fall is Coming

Pajama PANTS, not shorts (or none, let's be honest):

Pumpkin smell-goods.  Gotta switch it out...for the second time today.  #decisions :

MY WINDOW OPEN WHILE I WORK (!!)  It was like 85 when I took this (lol), but still, cloudy!:

Beautiful weather!  It's about time we got some of that round these roasty parts:

Race season has showed up on my schedule.  See the purpley/pink blob?  First race of the season:

Listening to this throughout the house:
Perhaps pre-mature if you ask Ben,

but fall is coming.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes -- John Williams is the BEST! :P

  2. I'm so excited for the cooler temps. I was freezing last Sat morning. May need to start putting the cut offs away and pull out the long sleeves lol


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