Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!

So Bentley turned two and we had a minions party!  He loves anything minions and when he says MINION we die of cuteness.  SO CUTE.

He went down for a nap and we all got down to minions decorating business.  It was fun having my mom and step-dad in town for the par-tay, especially cuz we suddenly picked the date.

He slept for way over three hours and we were all getting anxious because we wanted him to see the fab décor, so I decided to wake him up.  He's much happier waking up on his own so it was a gamble, but he warmed up.

He loved his cake this year!  And his hat too.  Hoorah.

Last year he wasn't thrilled about having it all over his hands (plus he was cutting teeth).

Presents are a lot more fun when kids actually get what is going on.  Bentz loves anything in multiples that he can "organize," so we bought him a couple good presents, then went to the dollar store and bought lots of organizables for cheap, wrapped them up, and walah.

My mom drew minions on a bunch of balloons and B3 loved them.  The balloons are very much still alive today, and still a hit.

Not a fan of the blowers.  lol

I tried to upload these in order but for some reason Blogger decided to rearrange them for me, but my family gets a little crazy singing happy birthday and towards the end of the song B3's lip went down and he started crying.  It was so sad!

We got him a cheap harmonica because I thought he'd really like learning how to play it.  Well it was a dollar.  And you get what you pay for.  It was soooo bad, I had to blow into it to nearly passing out just to get it to make some sort of "music."  And I put music in quotes for a reason, this was a musical instrument strictly by name and appearance only.  But B3 loved when one of us made it squeak so we'd take turns nearly passing out to get a big smile.

He loved it so much I felt like a horrible person and got on Amazon and Primed myself a much better working harmonica.  Fast forward two days later and my harmonica was "delivered," and by delivered I mean it wasn't.  I sit five feet from my front door and have motherhood ears of a cat especially for any person thinking of ringing the loud doorbell, yet somehow a giant truck delivered it to my porch and it disappeared and I never got it.  It was only $6, but still!  So this one is TBD.

An organizers DREAM:

The pool has cooled down a bit so we have to get our little guy out as much as possible.  He loves the water!  Especially when he can organize leaves or rocks in it.

It was a great day and we were all exhausted.  I found my boys in bed like so:

He has to have like eight stuffed animals, a coupla pillows, NO covers on him, and his book in order to go to bed.  It's pretty cute!  Per usual, instead of moving him out, I snuck into the five inches on the left.  It was probably closer to two inches, but I don't care, life with them in my bed is a dream.


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