And questions about running. My favorite subject.

In the spring we ran SLC and they had free pictures -- YAA!!  I was pretty excited and saw a bunch of cameras on the course, or at least like 3-4 of them.  #pose

After searching forever, I was in one picture.  lol  Can you spot me?? 


Anywho, Bentz woke up at 5:30 today so he is on nap #2 and my brain is officially to the point where it is done thinking about work, so how about some fun, right-now-all-I-want-to-think-about-is-running, questions...

Together now:  YAYYYY!  

Running Questionnaire

1. What's your favorite type of running shoe?
Right now I love the Saucony Triumph ISOs, on my 3rd pair.

2: Do you run to music?
Yes - It pumps me up!  This morning B3 and I blasted Christmas music (PENTATONIX!) and a lady walking her dog was like "Christmas??"

3: Do you run in a gym or outdoors?
Right now mostly treadmill during the week and long run outside.

4: Do you bring a sports drink or water out with you when you run?
Usually just water.  And GU.

5: How many miles can you run without breaking?
Breaking = stopping?  I'm not sure.

6: Do you prefer long, mid or short distance running?
I like anything over the 1/2 marathon distance the most.

7: How long have you been running?
Junior high

8: What do you think about when you run?
Usually race day and my goals, and how well I think I could hit them if race day was now.

9: Do you run when you’re emotional?

10: Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started running?
More fit, more confident, more able to down Halloween candy by the bulk, more sane haha

11: Do you stretch?

12: Do you plan your day around your run or your run around your day?

13: Do you run with someone else?
Usually solo, I like focusing on my workout.

14: What motivates you to run?
PRs, enjoying the weather, racing, being able to eat whatev

15: Are you surprised with how well you run?
I wish.  lol  I missed out on that gene.

16: Do you run marathons/races/both?
The last year and a half I have been most excited about the marathon but I need to focus on the 1/2 sometime because I know I have PRs there awaiting.

17: What’s your best mile time?
I'm am not sure I even have timed a mile.  I've always missed track night where they did the mile!  I should try this fall.

18: Do you run to keep fit or keep fit to run?

19: Do you prefer to run in heat or in cold?
This one is weird.  I prefer to run in cooler temperatures, but I sure don't like the cold.  The warm up is one of misery.

20: Is it hard for you to get out of the house to run?
Not really.  Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed to get on the treadmill tho...

21: Do you ever regret not running?

22: Do you keep a record of your running times?
Yes, Garmin Connect, Daily Mile, Training Peaks

23: Do you have a running idol?
Lots of them:  Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher, Meb Keflexzighi

24: Does anyone else in your family run?
Everybody but my mom who I'm still working on.  I have this feeling that she'd be fast!

25: Are you currently trying to become a better runner?
Yes, I hope for many more PRs.

26: Do you run when you have nothing else to do?
No because I have a little boy.  :)

27: How often do you run?
4x unless I'm into marathon training then 5x week

28: What is your biggest running-related dream?
1-  BQ
2-  BQ and get in to Boston and RUN Boston.  I am going to try when my BQ time drops to 3:40, so after two more years and maybe another baby.
3-  win a race (maybe Joe Shmo's farm 5k or something unheard of by everyone ...but me)

29: Will you run for the rest of your life or just until you become what you want?

30: What are your favorite exercises to team with running?
CrossFit, or just strength training on my own because I can do that in the garage.  Also anything dance-y.  I wish I liked cycling more because I love the music part, perhaps I need to give it a better shot.

Okay, your turn.  


  1. Race photos are classic lol.

    Running questions are always fun. Get your taper on!!

  2. That is a very flattering shot of your legs :O). I would be so bummed!

    Love the Instagram photo of you with the little one in the jogging stroller - adorable.

  3. What a fun survey! I love running, but sadly have to take a semi-permanent break until some surgeries. I still love reading about it with my runner-heart!


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