Seattle Marathon!

"Oooo is your skirt a part of your fanny pack??"

"It's like you have a snackbar on your waist!" 

I heard both of these in the hotel lobby.  haha

The Seattle Marathon was amazing!  We flew out on Thursday (Thanksgiving!  hoorah for Subway being open for sandwiches!) and Ben's race was Saturday morning while mine was Sunday, so we had a little bit of play time.  More on that lata.

Friday night we were in bed and I was thinking about how the Seattle Marathon wasn't all that great about communicating because I didn't think I got one email from them about race day.  Then I was surfing Facebook and saw they had posted a link to sign up for tracking, so I tried to, but my name wasn't found.  I started to panic and I searched all over my emails and yup, never signed up for it!!  My heart seriously dropped.  The whole Seattle vacation was planned around the races and I signed Ben up for his but forgot to sign my own friggin' self up.  Gah.  Luckily their website said they had Expo registration, but I was pretty stressed until I got to it and they took my money.  Note to self, when you sign up for multiple races at once, make sure you double check you got them ALL.

Anywho, going into this race I was concerned about what to wear because the temperatures were nice for racing (low/mid 40s and cloudy) but the chance for rain was always so high and that could take a perfect temperature to FREEZING in just a few miles.  I get hot while running, in AZ I run in a tank all year round even when we dip below freezing (we're always sunny though), so I did not want to overdress, but I didn't want to end up cold and miserable either.  I went for a tank with arm sleeves and gloves, plus my tights I never get to wear (double hoorah) and I planned to wear a trash bag if it was raining.  :D  I also opted out of my wireless headphone JIC.

We are Marathon Maniacs!

It happened!  Yay!!

Ben and I both ran another marathon within 16 days and became Marathon Maniacs!  We had a great time in Seattle and I will have more on it all as soon as I can catch up on all things reality.  I love running and all the places it has taken us, both in training and racing, now Seattle Marathon is my favorite race.

Time to get registered and my MM#.  And I want a pink MM tank top.

OdySea Aquarium

Earlier this month my dad came into town and one day we went to the new Aquarium (✓32 while 32)!  It opened two and a half months ago so we were waiting for crowds to die down and all the exhibits to be filled before we ventured through it, and it wasn't crowded this day so the plan worked out fabulously.  It's always fun having my dad in town and Bentz sure adores him!

They have a big petting area and Bentz was pretty intrigued.  This is a really fun age to take him on new adventures; you can just see the wheels spinning in his head non-stop.

We walked by the penguin exhibit/show and our little sensitive guy looked up and saw the big penguin statues on the sides, and immediately got scared of them.  lol  It was sweet, he was hugging me sooooooo tightly and I couldn't get him to look up at the cute little penguins being fed so we'll try again another day.

These fish weren't even swimming, just chillin' there.  Grumpy fish.

The escalator went through a tunnel of fish which was pretty awesome.  I was wondering why it was such a slow escalator, but ..makes sense.

If I was a fish...

This was B3's favorite exhibit I would say.  He loved finding Nemo over and over and over and over again.  :)

This was a pretty cool exhibit (below).  It was a regular theater you sat in that would rotate like a carousel!  You would rotate to view different parts of this fish tank:  sharks, sea lions, turtles, etc., while learning about them.  For instance, they have two really big turtles that were both rescued!  One is missing two flippers and the other has a condition called "bubble butt" where he has too much air in his shell at the butt, and it causes him to have his butt float upwards as he swims.  :) 

The carousel was nice because you would rotate and stop for only about 3-4 minutes, then rotate again, and that was the perfect time for a toddler's attention span.

My dad always buys the pictures for memories sake, even if they did Photoshop my leg to be skinnier without my permission.  ;)

We will be back, probably when B3's a hair older so we can spend more time at each exhibit, but it was a fun day!

Weeks 17 & 18: Race & Recovery

Not finished with this training cycle quite yet.  I know.  Still chuggin' along, so I wanted to post my weekly totals for the past two weeks:  race week, recovery week 1 of 2!

Revel added some more pictures including ones from the finish line:

Usually I take a whole week off before jumping back in to it, but this time I didn't have a week to take and started back on Wednesday.  My legs were sorrrre!  But they are doing much better now except I shortened my long run from 6 to 3.5 because I ran with Ben/B3 and we were tired plus I had a toe issue.  :P

So I made a couple of dumb mistakes at Revel which resulted in me jamming my toe on the steep downhill part, which hurt and got worse as days went on, to the point that I could hardly walk!!  Holy crap, toe pain is HORRIBLE.  It woke me up one night throbbing and it was all angry looking.  I couldn't sleep and had visions of when I was in elementary school and a tiny cut on my elbow got infected, and by the time I showed my parents, I had red stripes going up my arm and had to have an IV put in asap.  So with that, I sent a quick picture to my dad who called me right up and said I had an infection and needed to start antibiotics immediately.  Apparently infection from jamming your toe is really common because bacteria can easily get in under the nail, who knew.  Sooooo after taking them for a couple of days I am already doing SO much better, thus this week running should feel more comfortable and I shouldn't die either, so that's a bonus.  :)

This is the last week of my entire fall training cycle and I am starting to get a little sad already.  That was one nice thing about finishing Revel, there were no post race blues because it was immediately time to focus on the next one.  2016 has been an awesome year for running and despite my injury, I should still hit about all of my goals.  2016 has been a memorable one for sure!  Hopefully I can top it in the next few years!

Have a wonderful week!!  Can you believe it's Thanksgiving??

A Visit to Disneyland!

Some of my fondest childhood memories come from our Disneyland vacations!  I remember them vividly, even the hotel we would stay at, the waiter who would serve us at the same restaurant year after year, seeing Farley the Fiddler and having him do Turkey in the Straw (ha ha ha), and don't forget our matching UTAH tee shirts and fanny packs.  MEMORIES!!

Revel Canyon City Marathon!

I wrote a "marathon goals" post last week, but I never finished it nor posted it because it was kind of a crazy week, but the benefit of that is you all don't know what my goals were for the race!  lol  Now that the race is over I should just go back and change them.  ;)

It wasn't a stellar race day for either Ben or I, but I managed to come in at my goal C, and Ben managed his goal E (which he was and still isn't happy about and has temporarily declared his retirement from running :P  ). 

This race I wasn't too stressed about, I was more stressed about logistics of it all and getting to the start line healthy, with ALL my gear, and not stressing about both of us being away from B3.  The most stressful part of the experience is the drive to Cali with a toddler and LA traffic though, but all went well.

Week 16: It's the Final Countdown.

Week 16 was a pretty good week and the weather was b-e-a-utiful!!  It sounds like everyone on the west coast had a warm October, but we're now hovering around average temps thus the mornings are crisp and perfect for running.

We've been doing hill decline repeats once a week and we are supposed to do these ones outdoors so we can get our legs used to the impact of the road, and that's been a little tough for me to fit in right now because the days are so short.  (Our treadmill declines so I usually stick to it for elevation runs.)  One night I didn't get them in until almost 9pm!  I have had the boys come sit on the corner of the hill, and I get my repeats in while they keep me safe :) then they follow me home in the dark with the car flashers on.  :)

Man, nighttime running is sooo fun/cool/quiet, I wish that the world didn't have any creepers so I could do all my runs in the dark.

Bentz joined me a coupla times.  He insisted on bringing his ball with us.  He so cute!

I was doing my warm up on the treadmill around 5:30 and all of a sudden I see this little head peaking around the corner.  Awwwwh.  B3 doesn't yet understand the dangers of the treadmill so I usually can't run on it unless he's asleep or with Ben, but this time he let me get a couple miles in until it got light out, then we finished outside!  He watched "MININS."

I always carry mace yet never thought about using it, until this weekend!!!  Oh man.  I passed a guy who was clear across a very wide street from me going in the same direction, and he was just staring at me nonstop.  It was fairly early out and the sun hadn't peaked up plus I had just split from Ben, but there were already a bunch of cars here and there so I usually feel safe enough at that time of morning.  Still I was half expecting this guy to come runnnning at me, that's how creeped out it felt.  He looked so out of place and my alarm bells were going OFF.

So I rounded the corner and just kept my eye on him and eventually he was gone-zo.  Peace out.

45 minutes later I'm on my cool down and suddenly coming straight at me on the sidewalk, this guy!!  I ran a really random route so I have no idea how we met back up.  By then it was sunny and this was on a really busy corner so I kept going forward, trying to not be rude, and I told my paranoid self to stop judging creepy mccreeperson as ...creepy.  So I get up to him and kinda push myself in the bushes to the side as I pass, and said, "GOOD MORNING."  The guy stopped, took his hat off, turned as I passed while looking me up and down doing the eyebrow raising thing, and continued staring and I kept going.  He literally stood there and stared as I ran away.  It was so weird.  So I stared behind me for the next half mile.

The joys of being a female runner.

^^Moments before "THE ENCOUNTER"
So this is epic, though.  My dad has been here visiting and he went on a little run while we went on a walk.  It's not every day you see you dad running down the street!!  I miss the days when that was a case while growing up.  My dad is awesome.  :)

Only days to go.  Getting excited but also that nervous feeling where I kinda don't want to run this race anymore.  Does that happen to you??  I obviously DO want to run it and am stoked, but it gets overwhelming sometimes, at least the duration of time from now until about mile 5.  haha

Have a wonderful week!

Are you a MANIAC?

If you're a runner you're probably aware of the group Marathon Maniacs because there are always a bunch of them at races in their psychedelic colored Marathon Maniacs gear!  They are a crazy, insane, but fascinatingly inspiring breed, and I got to chatting with one for a few miles during Mt. Charleston, where she said to me, "it's all in here," while pointing to her head.  THAT was the first time I actually considered that perhaps my newer found love for the marathon distance could mean I am sipping the water already, and maybe I want MORE of it.

Can I BQ?
Rewind to after Mt. Charleston where I was eager to set fall goals, like, should I consider going for a BQ?  I'm getting faster, if I keep this up I could possibly BQ?

^^Mt. Charleston

Canyon City is fast, but I would need to run a 3:32ish to get in, and THAT sounds freaking impossible.  But my coach said he thinks I can do it, so do I try now or wait two years until I only need a 3:37??  WHAT DO I DO??  Or do I put this all on hold and try for a baby brother??

18-343hrs 05min 00sec3hrs 35min 00sec
35-393hrs 10min 00sec3hrs 40min 00sec

Thennnn I got injured and my progression turned to the opposite and I found myself sidelined for a bit and my idea of getting faster and BQing this year basically disappeared, which was fine, there's always next year, or the next year, or the next year, or the next bazillion years.  If nothing else, eventually my age will catch up.

I thought I should add that when I started training with my coach a year ago, he said that he typically sees his clients get faster for 4-6 years after they start pushing themselves.  That's why it's common to see somebody run a 4:30 marathon and a few years later somehow whip out a 3:15, or a much, much faster time!  I thought this was an interesting and motivating thought.

Fall Goals
Anyways, back to setting fall goals.  I knew a BQ wasn't going to be on the fall radar but my coach was confident that I would be up and running for the fall and for Canyon City in November, so we signed up.  (I should add this will Ben's first FULL 26.2!)  I love Canyon City, it's really pretty!  The weather in Cali is pretty stable and the course is fast and near my sister's house, so it just is a no-brainer race to do.  Plus I LOVE Revel because you get all the perks:  FREE pictures, FREE video, food galore, huge medals, etc.

But running a fall marathon wasn't enough.  Especially if I might not be able to PR.  I needed something MORE.  That's when I started thinking about Marathon Maniacs and wondered if I could channel Canyon City into a qualification level of sorts, so I talked to Ben about the idea and not only did he like the idea, he wanted in, TOO.

Finding the RACE
The easiest way to qualify for MM is running two marathons in two weeks.  This was unofficially the official plan, and I got online to research marathons that were within two weeks of Canyon City, preferably AFTER since I would be coming off injury.  The complicated part of this is we have a little toddler, so we obviously can't both run a race in another random state at the same time!  Since Canyon City is by my sister, my mom comes out and she and my bro-in-law hang with the B3 while we all run; it's essentially a family affair.

Anyway, I had to find two marathons in the same city, a couple days apart MAX, all within two weeks after Canyon City.  I was up for the challenge, I'm the race finding master.

I first came up with Dallas where they have a few small marathons in a row.  They are pretty small races and you do a bunch of loops, but it was an option!

Then I came across SEATTLE.  Never been there, except to connect to run the Great Wall of CHINA.  Then I discovered the Seattle GHOST marathon, essentially the same location, but one day prior.  OMG, cue. the. angels, FOUND IT.


Long story short (bahaha), maybe you've noticed on my weekly training recaps that there is a picture of SEATTLE on one side and Canyon City on the other, but we're now tapering for two marathons.  Barring anything disastrous happening, in a few weeks we will be Maniacs too!

As you can see, this one is a little hilly, but I'm sure it'll be cold so I'll be fine.  Time goal or not, it's still TBD.  One at a time, one at a time.  I'm not quite of maniac mentality.  


A Creative Life

There are so many moments each day where I look at our little boy and see what he is up to and I bust out laughing.  The life of a toddler is one of adventure and it's pretty hilarious.

Like right now B3 is putting things in the tiny grommet hole of my desk and saying "BYYYYE."  The funny part is the grommet actually leads into my desk, but behind a drawer bank, so it's literally...BYE.

Things currently being stuffed in said grommet:  plastic book bindings from my binding machine, Hotwheels, alphabet magnets, figurines, goldfish (crap), pens (mine), foam blocks that can fit, socks, little wooden shapes, and he tried sticking books in there but did not prevail.

This morning he insisted on putting Ben's running shoe in the tub and turning the water on.  Over and over he did this while I sternly said not to, and he ended up in time out.  We just started doing some time outs but he doesn't seem to mind them.  lol  He gave me the cheesiest grin ever while I was carrying him over to the time out corner, where he sat and kicked his little legs and had a full on conversation, then looked at me and smiled.  I still have no idea what I'm doing as a mom, but man, I LOVE it.