Revel Canyon City Marathon!

I wrote a "marathon goals" post last week, but I never finished it nor posted it because it was kind of a crazy week, but the benefit of that is you all don't know what my goals were for the race!  lol  Now that the race is over I should just go back and change them.  ;)

It wasn't a stellar race day for either Ben or I, but I managed to come in at my goal C, and Ben managed his goal E (which he was and still isn't happy about and has temporarily declared his retirement from running :P  ). 

This race I wasn't too stressed about, I was more stressed about logistics of it all and getting to the start line healthy, with ALL my gear, and not stressing about both of us being away from B3.  The most stressful part of the experience is the drive to Cali with a toddler and LA traffic though, but all went well.

 Race Morning
Race morning we opted for morning packet pick-up so we were up by 2:15 and out the door 30 minutes later!  Packet pickup is at the finish line and so convenient, not crowded, and you get to be the first to use the fresh portapotties at the finish.  :D  It does cost extra but then you can skip the Expo so it's worth it for us out-of-towners.

We were once again the second bus to the top.  This year I had the best heavy coat EVER to keep me warm at the start, but it turned out to be a lot warmer outside than last year.  It was still cold enough at the top though, so we all gathered around the fireplace to chat for a couple of hours while nibbling on my bagel and prepping everything.  Ben's buddy also was running his first full so we all just hung out and talked about goals and such.  It's the best ever to be hanging around a camp fire with a bunch of marathoners.  We all get each other.  We are all crazy together.

Before the race my coach was thinking a 3:59 goal would be a good one for me right now, but I talked about me taking a little bit of a risk and running the first half faster than I have trained, going for a 1:52-53 (downhill) + 2:02 second half (hills), to try and PR.  My last few long runs my legs have liked to settle in around 8:45 so I was thinking I would most likely be fine.

SO my new goal was to stay around the 3:45 pacer for the first half (8:35 pace) and if I was feeling good/comfortable then I'd go for a PR of 3:55, but if I wasn't feeling good I'd pull back and try to squeeze in just under 4.  Well I never saw the 3:45 or 3:50 pacers!  Ever!  In fact, the 4:00 pacer was way ahead of me and I averaged an 8:20 pace for the first 7 miles...

 The wheels on the bus ...fell off 
Original plan was an 8:47-8:50 pace, revised plan was closer to an 8:35, but I ran an 8:20 average for those first 7 miles.  :P  I pulled back because I felt it already, but even so, mile 11 was the beginning of a very long battle.  I remember thinking, "oh my gosh, how is this happening, why did I do that...?"

Somewhere 20-23 miles.  The fake smile that is not so convincing lol:

Also I was thinking about this quote:
"If you feel bad at 10 miles, you're in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you're normal. If you don't feel bad at 26.2 miles, you're abnormal." ~ Rob de Castella


But my outfit was cute.

The best part of the whole thing was finishing and hearing the announcer say, "Christy and her husband, Ben, are both running the marathon to celebrate their wedding anniversary!  Happy six years!!"  And I saw Ben right there at the finish line.  I LOVE HIM.

Final 400 meters:

Finish:  4:02:51  (1:53 + 2:09)

Ben was having a good race until mile 22 when it fell apart, which makes me sad because I wanted his first marathon experience to be good.  It sounds like he just bonked really hard and he said it was the first time he has ever walked in a race.  He ran a 7:xx pace throughout, until his final 5k which was just under 36 minutes and shows he literally had nothing left in the tank, but he managed to still get himself across the finish line in 3:36 which I'm PROUD of!!  He said it was the most miserable thing he's experienced, and this is coming from my ALWAYS optimistic husband.

Per Ben,

The marathon is more miserable than:

1.  Lying in a cave half-dead waiting for search and rescue.
2.  A two week trip from Seattle to Alaska, on a boat, being seasick the entire time.
3.  Lying on the ground curled up with appendicitis.

He's vowed he's done, but I still think he'll come around cuz he can't live life knowing he nailed his goal E.  lol  It took me 2-1/2 years to give it try #2, hopefully it won't take him as long.  :)

 My Seester Jolie
At least one of us ran the race of our life; my sis got her BQ!!  I really had no doubt that she'd get it based on her training, but it's still stressful until it's OFFICIAL, and she totally rocked it!!  Boston 2018, baby!!

 What's NEXT?
Seattle Marathon!  Only days away and despite never being this sore in my LIFE, I am really looking forward to it, running easy, and becoming a Maniac.  Also logging 1000 miles for the year!

Despite it not being Ben's or my day, it was still a fun family time with some of the best cheerleaders!

I don't think this is my last time on this course, and I am not sure if we'll be back next year, but you never know!  Revel races ARE pretty epic and I would recommend them for sure.  Arizona really needs to get one.


  1. No sorrows here, you guys battled and finished. I'm sure you can go around and around finding the flaws but not worth it. Great job and now it's time for Seattle. Great recap!

    1. Thanks Richard! I am trying not to dwell on the fact that my biggest (and dumbest) flaw was not following my plan, but meh, you're right, onto Seattle.

  2. I know it wasn't the time or race you wanted, but you should still be very proud! I'm proud of you! :) Great job to both of you! And I'm totally with Ben, after training for 5 marathons I finally decided I was done and really just enjoyed half marathons instead.

    1. Thanks Corine. I am hoping Ben gives it another go before completely retiring the distance, but he sure enjoys the 1/2 too.

  3. Congrats! I'm sorry you guys didn't quite have the races you wanted, but you still did an amazing thing!