Final Review of 2016's Resolutions

I'm a little behind, but it's never too late to review goals!!  So here we go, 2016, which seems so long ago now...

  • ✓  Run 1000 miles - I finished with 1036.

May-64 (injury came on at the end)
Aug-77 (back at it)
Dec-60 (lacking motivation!!)

  • ✓  Run 8 races - 3 full + 5 half and I'm the most proud of these races this year.  They showed perseverance through the ups and downs.  I have learned that running as a mom takes more dedication and I wish I would have taken the marathon more seriously back when I had all the time in the world!  But again, I would change NOTHING now because our little guy is our whole world!!

  • ✓ 2x PR the 1/2 marathon - I PRd Changs, Phoenix, and again at SLC.  None of them were the PR I wanted this year, but that's okay.

  • ✓ PR the marathon - 3:56 last spring right before my injury, thankfully!!

  • ✓ Read 8 books - I read 11, and finished #12 on New Year's Day, so I guess that goes towards 2017.

As you can see, I like non-fiction, psychology, and investigation. #shouldabeenadetective

    • Write 1 new song - BOO. I failed at this one. I at least started one, and bought a few new books to get playing more, which I have been lately!! 
    • ✓ Print 2 years of blog books - Done!

    • ✓ Do something with the front room/office area - It's the official playroom!

    • ✓ Make the guest bathroom more guest worthy - I had my ups and downs with the guest bathroom.  Rykar still spreads food allllll over while he eats (but he's pretty blind sooo), but I keep the sinks/faucets/towels and all that nice, so I'm going to just pat myself on the back because I'm feeling generous today.  Plus I sweep in there every freaking day.  That should count for something.

      • ✓ Keep the master bath cleaner - I am not sure I kept this up towards the busier end of the year.  (Thank you to my cleaning lady.)  I wouldn't chalk it up to complete failure though.  Maybe Ben would, but I am the one reviewing my goals.  :D

      • ✓ Keep blogging - I posted the most posts in 2016 out of each of the past 9 years.

      • ✓ Drink more water - I was pretty consistent [with dumping caffeine in it].  2017 is off to an even better water start.

      • ✓ Get back to meal planning - Thank you Blue Apron and Sunbasket.  You made me a huge success.

        • ✓ Whiten my teeth - Check.

        • Just be ME - A work in progress.

        • Be positive and trust everybody means well - I'm trying!

        • Just be a better person - Also a work in progress.

        I would say I completely failed only 1/17 of my goals, which I think is pretty good!!  Interestingly, in December when I crossed 1000 miles AND 8 races, my motivation completely fell apart.  I think that is a good indicator of what writing down my goals does for me, and maybe the same could be for you!

        Here's to 2017!


        1. Wow, what a fantastic year! Over 1000 miles even though you were injured 2 months. You are my hero, running, working and being a mom!

        2. Dang that is a lot of ✔ for one year lol. I would of been happy with a fraction of that.

        3. Wow, that's a big check list! But it sounds like 2016 was pretty successful for you! Congratulations!


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