Gender Reveal -- It's a...

Wahoo!!  We had our gender reveal on Friday in Vegas, and somehow it worked out that all of my family were able to come despite coming from three states.

We took our envelope with the gender in it, to a baker in Phoenix, who quickly made up a cake to take with us.  It was slightly majorly torturous to not cut it until Saturday, so we moved it up to Friday night.  After 10 days since my anatomy scan, we couldn't wait any freaking more!

My cute sister in-law made the poster below.

Everyone wrote their guess down and grabbed a coordinating colored crown to wear.

Ben and I both guessed boy, we already had a boy name picked while we've still been working on the girl name.


My family is like the paparazzi (which is awesome).  We all were screaming and cheering that our sweet little B3 was absolutely terrified.

Give B3 a slice of cake and a sucker (like the fourth one), and all is well in the world of lack-of-sleeping-in-VeGaS.

Ben and I both thought we were having another boy, although we weren't as certain as the first time around.  I would have been shocked if it was pink!  I think Bentz will love having a baby best friend brother.

(Randomly, we cut the cake right after going to the race expo, just like we did three years ago with B3's cake.  Different races though.  Even different states.  But same Hales clan!)

Baby boy B cubed, aka B2, coming September 6th!

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