A moment of gushing.

Do you ever have days, or parts of days that are just the best??  I had one yesterday afternoon with our little B3 and it was probably one I'll remember forever, especially considering we're counting down the days until our family grows.

We had a doctor's appointment for me, and he was adorably good and so friendly to everyone around, it just made my heart burst as he walked around with his Lightning McQueen lunchbox full of dinosaurs, showing everyone who would look.  He gets a sucker when I check out and he sat quietly in a chair and ate it while I paid.  Then we had to run a few errands, and he continued to be sweet the whole time, never throwing any tantrums or attitude.  He was so patient with me looking at baby clothes when he just wanted to get to the toys at Babies R Us (I had totttally forgotten they had toys there doh).  We sang the song BINGO at least 30 times while perusing the aisles of Wal-Mart and waiting in their freaking awful line.  He was just so sweet and made my heart melt and I want to remember it forever.

He has this idea that the sun is too bright when he doesn't have his sunglasses on, so he wants us to carry him so he can bury his eyes into our neck and avoid the brightness.  It almost feels like carrying a sleeping child, and I love it, despite being hugely pregnant and pushing a cart in 100 degrees.

Such a sweet boy!  I know he will be a great big brother despite lately saying, "no baby brother!"  Just you wait little man, you will love Mr. Dash too.
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House Update - Lots to do but it's FUN.

We have a huge project list that we've been tackling, which has been fun!!  We need to always have a project list because Ben loves them and he is always working on something, or wanting to be, so luckily our list has been long as we tweak the style of our home.

Some projects already attacked:

  • Remake medal hanger - We have a lot of medals and plan on only getting more, so Ben made a 7' hanger for my office wall.

  • First layer of paint on dining curtains - painted with Grizzle Gray, the color from our master.  If we can get it streak free, it'll be a success!

  • Seal house from scorpions - bug guys only found four possible minor entry locations, so we really should be golden.  Pray.
  • New baseboards - done prior to paint


Some of the remaining projects, to name a few:

  • DIY horizontal mirrors X 3
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  • Master bedroom barn door - from master to the master bath, it doesn't have any sort of door which is strange

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  • Paint kitchen cabinets - this could be hired out or a huge project for not right now, but we want to go white, with a dark island, and light granite w/mitered side panels
  • Paint railings - until we replace them with a more modern white style
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  • Nursery accent shiplap wall - green stain
  • B3's accent shiplap wall - blue stain
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  • Refinish our bedroom dressers - they are really old and have been through a lot, so it could be a fun experiment to try a color out on them.  I'm really into blues/purples lately.
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  • Do a family canvas painting - splatter?  finger?  We have big walls now, lots of room.
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  • Dye large curtains - which hasn't gone so well yet, not sure it will.  Once upon a time I dyed my wedding gloves and crinoline hot pink, but unlike the curtains, that material soaked up the dye.

  • Paint front of C's desk - the desk is now rotated so that the front part is the part that used to be flush to the wall, thus it only has KILLZ on it (bought from somebody who smoked so Ben KILLZed it like crazy, which worked!).  It needs a fresh black finish.
  • Refinish the hutch - inherited from my grandparents who have passed, and I go back and forth between wanting to leave it as is for that sake, or keep updating it with the times.  I think it'd be fun to refinish it and take it with us wherever we go!
  • Paint curtains - this is a thing, we found out, might as well try it before replacing them.
  • Paint curtain rods

Plus there are about 5 million other little projects that have happened, including trying to put rooms together (NURSERY!!!) and replacing some fixtures/etc.

Old versus new fans:

There was also a fan over the dining area (still taped up from painting), so we put a Sputnik chandelier there.  "Bright enough to do brain surgery under."

Some fun new artwork that will go up in the master today.  This one is Las Vegas, where we met:

Hopefully the house will come together the next few weeks and I can show a finished-ish look.  It has been a lot of fun though, I have never gone out and bought new furniture before, so yeah, SO MUCH FUN.  And Ben told me yesterday that his favorite part of the whole house thus far, is the master bedroom focal wall (where the art above is going).

These are all a bunch of random phone pics, but hopefully soon I'll post some finished ones.  Because I know you're all dying to see.

My poor family is dying for me to stop showing them.  :P
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35.5 Weeks - Braxton Hicks

I had literally just woken up from a nap here.

My age: 32

How far along: 35+5

How big is baby:  Watermelon!

What have you been up to:  Friday I had a possible sign of labor that I had previously with Bentley just 48 hours before he was born, so needless to say I was stressed out because it's too soon!!  (Babies born at 35 weeks have an 85% chance of being born healthy, 15% chance of going to the NICU.)  Then I had so many contractions Friday into Friday night and got mediocre sleep at best, but by Saturday they had slowed down.  This weekend I did a whole lot of sitting in the recliner while reading, and that must've helped.

Exercise/Activity Level:  How low can you go.

Maternity clothes:  Some are becoming belly shirts!  I am a record big I think.

Stretch marks:  None yet.

Belly Button:  Stretched.

Sleep:  I am flipping over probably 1-2 times every hour so it is getting harder.  Sometimes when I flip over and think how tired I am, I think about how in a few weeks I won't be flipping over, I'll be getting right up for a feeding!

Best Moment of the Week:  This boy.  He has been so happy since we moved to the "house with stairs."  He's been really into dadda's shoes lately.

Then in March when we moved out of the house into the apartment, I set aside some capris that I had worn during my first pregnancy, so that I wouldn't lose them and could wear them all spring.  Well somehow they disappeared anyways and Ben dug through the storage unit a few times looking for them over the springtime and we never found them.  Well two weeks after we moved into this house, they showed up!!  I have a few more pairs of leggings for the next few weeks, so that makes me happy.  It's the simple things?

Worst Moment of the Week:
 Friday/Friday night stressing

Food cravings:  I don't know if this is pregnancy related, but I was randomly dying for dinner rolls so we bought some and they were amazing.  Turns out you can make them rise faster by putting them in a warm oven with a pan filled with hot water below them.  :D

Food aversions:  None, I haven't thrown up since we moved into the new house either, so that is great!

Symptoms:  I'm having a lot of Braxton Hicks!  When I get up, sit down, have to pee, after I pee, roll over, just sit there doing nothing.  All the time!  lol  I am pretty uncomfortable at this point and my body is ready to be done.

I have still been wearing compression socks almost every single day which helps a lot.  I thought it was interesting that my CEP socks keep the swelling down really well, but my Pro socks only keep it down a little bit and I mostly swell right up anyways in them.

Movement:  Yup!

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting this guy for the first time!  That whole surreal experience that is closer than ever.  And it'll be so fun to have my mom here for awhile!  Plus September is major birthday month with my 33rd, my mom's 34th, Bentz's 3rd, B2 being born, sister in law Emily turning 2...3 I think?

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  All goes well.  And I'm nervous about breastfeeding again.

What I miss:  Moving without making heaving noises.  Running!

Next appointment: 36 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, and then baby day!
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Why do I even have a blog? (Part II)

I started blogging in 2008 when my best friend convinced me I should start documenting my dating life, etc., so I started one over at ChristyHales.blogspot.com.  I was a single, 23 year old senior in college, living it up a day at a time.

This is my first post from February 19th, 2008 (one year and one day before I met Ben, so I have all of our dating documented which is super fun):

Why do I even have a blog??

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"When are YOU going to create a blog??"
-Brooke :)

I most certainly didn't think that two days later I'd be writing that on my very own blog. I don't yet have my own adorable little family to talk about and post pictures of, most of my immediate family is nearby (aka downstairs or 5 minutes away if not a myspace page away [sad ha]), and I don't have my near future planned out enough to even keep you interested with "what Christy's planning to do with her life over the next short while." To be frankly honest... I HAVE NO IDEA!

Everyone's married, or so it seems. I'm not and I really don't think I'll be joining the ranks anytime soon. For awhile there I was like you and was preparing to get married too. That didn't happen but I learned a lot about myself and what I'm actually really looking for in a guy. Maybe I'm too picky on what I want. Maybe the gent out there really doesn't exist, but I tell you what, if he doesn't...then I'm not getting married. I really crave having children and my Patriarchal Blessing gives me plenty of hope so I'm really not all that concerned at this point. I'm only 23, and I'm enjoying being the career woman.

So here I am just months away from graduating with a BS in the engineering program up at WSU and debating on the next page of my life. Do I move away and get my masters in Architecture right away? Do I get myself a good career here in SL and start my own life?

Such are the questions of life,... as for now.

Soooo fast forward many years later and I'm still consistently blogging despite nearly alllll the people who used to blog along with me no longer doing it. Bloggers are kind of a dying breed with newer platforms like Instagram, but I still am truckin' along with my posts, and for the most part my blog traffic has stayed pretty consistent, ebbing/flowing with the seasons.

But WHY do I still even have a blog??

Here are a few reasons I can think of:

1- I am a journal-er.  Writing in a personal diary was something I always did as a kid and I have them scattered around in storage boxes who knows where, but they are so fun to whip out and read.  I love, love having memories to look back on and remember events that for sure I would not remember otherwise!  Like all the weekend things Ben and I did while dating long distance, and all the fun pictures we will get to share with our little family.  I print the blog at BLOG2PRINT.COM and Ben and I periodically whip it out and get lost in memories.  The only downside to this is the world wide web is very world wide, so I cannot post every detail I would like to about my family, but I have chosen to continue to post some things.

2- Motivation.  I read other runner's/mom/fitness/beauty/etc. blogs and I find them inspiring.  I also love to track my own fitness journeys as I document my way to a marathon, etc., and knowing my runs will be documented somehow motivates me to get up some mornings when I just feel like sleeping in.  Now that I'm pregnant I'll go back and reminisce when I was in shape and remember the feelings I had during training, and it motivates me for this fall more than ever.

3-  Meeting others.  I have met friends through blogging, some which I have been in contact for years and not yet met in person (hi Christine!) because of the distance, which has been such a fun part of blogging.  A lot of this has moved to Instagram/Facebook, but I do still make connections through here.

4- A hobby!  Blogging is the perfect hobby to have when you're already sitting at your desk but you need a break from working.  I am not a crafty person, I would prefer to use my creativity on the computer (Photoshop, HTML, etc.) and being able to make cute graphics for a post, or share some pictures I've taken, is a fun, fun hobby.

5- Keep the family in the loop.  I talk to them daily, but my blog posts have lots of pictures and sometimes go on and on and on and on and on and on.  :)  Which is one way to share life details from here in AZ.

Hmmm why else???  I'm sure there are other reasons, but I still love blogging and hope to keep it up!!
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34.5 Weeks - Swelllling

Since I'm all scheduled out for my doctor's appointments, the end is nearing and I figured I'd start weekly updates.  YAAY! 

I'm not sure why my pictures are glowingly blurry, my phone camera might have been dirty or something, they'll have to do.

B3 didn't look up at the camera because of the sun, but he insisted on being some of the shots.

My age:  32

How far along: 34+5

How big is baby:  Still a cantaloupe!  My ultra sound this week said 5-1/2 pounds (62%) with a big chubby belly (85ish%) and a regular sized head (Bentley had a big noggin' :).

What have you been up to:  Less than a month until baby day!  Surreal.  We've been in the house one week and are slowllly getting settled, but it's been so fun and exciting. 

We've also had sooo many storms, like every day in July, and Bentz and I even got stranded in one on Thursday coming back from my doctor's appointment which was freaky. 

Storm's coming...

A 30 minute drive took just under 2:00.  I was afraid that the car was going to float away!  It was nuts and I kept pulling over because of my precious cargo.  Pull over and then IG video my family.  :)

Exercise/Activity Level:  Taking it easy.

Maternity clothes:  Yup!  Lots.

Stretch marks:  None, but my belly is about to see new amounts of stretching very soon.

Belly Button:  A record stretch.

Sleep:  Not too bad, same old thing.

Best Moment of the Week:  It has been fun adjusting to the new house and getting back into some sort of routine as a family.

The doctor's appointment was also a good one and made us more excited to meet the little one.  The ultrasound tech seemed to think this one had some hair, but IDK, I think it's peach fuzz.  I don't think I'm capable of having a baby with any hair, even as married to a Buhr who all have amazing hair.

Worst Moment of the Week:
  I have had some major feet/ankle swelling on days I walk a lot.  More swelling that I have ever ever seen!  Think Kim Kardashian.  I hate it.  My feet feel like they're on fire and I have noticed a little bit of Plantar Fasciitis, so I busted out the foot massager and got some tips from my running coach/physical therapist.  I have worn my compression socks which really help (and are so fashionable), but I get contractions putting them on so I have to take a break in between putting each one on.  lol

Food cravings:  Nothing really.  I was trying to omit junk in our grocery trip, but then I was like... uh hello, one more month.  Eat what you want now when you can.  Then I bought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from the bakery.

Food aversions:  Nothing really, doing good.

Symptoms:  My ultra sound showed that my fluid levels are higher this time than with B3 so my doctor said that could contribute to me being bigger, even though baby only measures a little bit bigger than B3 did.  My fingers are still swollen and hurt but they haven't gotten worse.  I've had some newer pelvic pain but also found out baby is head down now and I'm grateful to make it this far without that pain.

Also I thought I should post this in case somebody takes on Google and unnecessarily freaks them self out over it (stay away from Google!!), maybe this will ease the mind a little bit.  With both pregnancies I have had what are called choroid plexus cysts, which are little cysts on the baby's brain.  My understanding is it's the part of the brain that produces spinal fluid, so it kind of makes sense in a way to temporarily have fluid gather in that part of the brain while baby is growing.  However, they resolved with Bentz and they resolved with this pregnancy and they are not worth stressing over!  My doctor said in 17 years she's never seen them not resolve, and it also doesn't put you at risk for any complications/abnormalities.

The first time I was really stressed about the cysts because the nurse called me after my anatomy scan and she didn't really explain them well (I don't think she knew how to), and I called my MD dad in a HUGE PANIC, but all went well and this time when we had them I didn't think about it much at all.

  Lots!  Found out his feet are what are kicking me in the right side hip area.

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting more and more prepared and then seeing what this guy looks like.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well.

What I miss:  I miss my body more than I ever have.  I looked in the mirror the other day and was amazed at the foreign creature staring back at me, and the giant belly!  It's insane how it just grows and grows so gradually, but suddenly is ginormous.
Next appointment:  Only three more:  36 weeks, 37, 38, and then it's baby day!
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Settling In!

I should have taken some more "before" pictures, but it's been a whirlwind of a process getting the house painted and ready for moving in!  Like I said, it was beautiful before, but we have modern tastes and the colors just didn't fit the bill.

The painting was to take 4-5 days which would give us an extra day to get it cleaned and then move in the following day, Saturday!
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33.5 Weeks - Just over a month to go.

My age: 32 (and 11 months if you were really wondering)

How far along: 33+6

How big is baby: Essentially a cantaloupe!  Although I feel like he's a watermelon.

What have you been up to:
  We moved!!  It was so much work (still is, omg you totally forget) but it was the most fun move of the year considering it was into our new house!  And as of now we are 5 weeks 1 day from baby's scheduled C section.  My doc said even though Bentz came two weeks early, I still have a high chance of making it to my C section date.

Exercise/Activity Level:  Taking it easy.

Maternity clothes: Yup! 95% of them.  I'm actually not wearing maternity anything right now (those oversized race shirts do come in handy!), but I do have to add my belly band in because my shirts are getting short.

Stretch marks: Negative, at least that I can see.  But I did sport some chocolate on the bottom of my shirt for a few hours once and I had no idea.

Belly Button:  A record stretch.

Sleep:  I can still zonk out pretty well with Unisom.  My hands have been waking me up the last few nights more than my hips have, but luckily I've been able to still re-position and fall back asleep.

Best Moment of the Week:
 Moving!  The kids rooms we haven't even attempted to put together yet, but it'll come soon and I need to get my hospital bag packed too, JIC, because we've hit August!  Also, moving day was Ben's birthday!  He ran around for like 17 hours that day and we didn't do as much celebrating as usual, but he was pretty excited about the move that I think that made his birthday good.

Worst Moment of the Week:  On moving day I had really painful round ligament pain (I think that's what it was at least) and I couldn't stand up for like 30 minutes, plus I was having Braxton Hicks and shooting crotch pains at the same time and was kind of a massive mess (pun... haha).  But I laid down for awhile with some water and Bentz brought me a blanket for my tummy hurt, :) and all is well, I just chilled out after that.  I don't even think it was from lifting boxes but rather bending over a million times while packing the kitchen up, or maybe it was the combo.  Either way that was the end of that for me.

Food cravings:  Nothing really.

Food aversions:  Nothing really, doing good.

Symptoms:  I have started swelling noticeably more, but I also think the move and being out in the heat contributes (love moving in July! ;).  I wore compression socks on moving day, but my fingers swelled up a bunch and for the past few days they have been bothering me and waking me up throbbing at night.  Carpal Tunnel is extremely common for pregnancy so it sounds like that's what it could be because it's not getting any better.  Kinda ironic since I just got my piano back.

Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

If you have tingling, numb and painful hands during pregnancy, it's likely to be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). 

CTS is common in pregnancy. It happens when there is a build-up of fluid (oedema) in the tissues in your wrist. This swelling squeezes a nerve, called the median nerve, that runs down to your hand and fingers, causing tingling and numbness. You may also find your grip is weaker and it's harder to move your fingers. 

CTS usually happens in your second trimester or third trimester. If you have CTS in one pregnancy, you are likely to have it in later pregnancies. CTS can also continue, or develop, in the days after the birth of your baby. 

CTS will be worse in your dominant hand and in the first and middle fingers, though it may affect your whole hand. It may be particularly painful when you wake up in the morning, because your hands have been curled up at night. 

You're more likely to develop CTS if your family has a history of it, and if you've had any problems with your back, neck or shoulders. The median nerve passes the top of your ribcage before travelling down your arm. So a previous problem in this area, such as a broken collar bone or whiplash injury, increases your likelihood of having CTS.

If you gain too much weight in pregnancy you're more likely to develop CTS. This may happen if:

This all puts extra strain on your shoulders, ribs and arms. 

CTS is uncomfortable, but it's not usually a serious condition. You'll probably find that it eases off within three months of your baby's birth. By then, your hormone and body fluid levels will return to normal.
Movement: Lots!

Gender:  Baby boy B2!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the nursery going and feeling prepared.  I feel so not ready for a baby, but I know that we're closer than ever to changing that.

What I’m nervous about/praying for:  That all goes well.

What I miss:  I'm really missing running!  I was so excited to see that REVEL released the date for their new Mt. Lemmon race (Tucson)!!  It is on our wedding anniversary this year (Nov) and I will only be back running for a month so I can't do it, but I am trying to convince Ben and my brother to do it and then to make it a fun close getaway.  I love racing, but spectating is so fun too!  I want to do the full next year instead of Canyon City.  All these crazy running plans already.

Next appointment: 34+1 weeks, Thursday!
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