September Stuff

On Labor Day we all got up and went to breakfast at Butterfield's, kind of a last hoorah before the baby craziness.  Um, we love Butterfield's if you didn't know.  I have never ordered anything other than the Oreo Smores Pancakes because they are so amazing, but everybody else seems to love it there too.  Oh, and the freshly squeezed OJ is the best too.

Then the night before we welcomed Mister Dash to the world, we went on one final outing as a family of DQ, one of Bentz's favorite places.  Worth documenting for sure.

It's nice having 2/3rds of my siblings living here in the valley, so they were able to come right over to the hospital to meet baby Dash.

Bentz brought a dinosaur car to give to the baby.  :)

I already posted this of our boys, but it melts my heart.

Week #1 home from the hospital was really good and baby slept like a champ, which both surprised me and ever so delighted me.  I got one of them babies!!  Woot woot.  Well I totally jinxed myself and that 180d like the next day and I no longer sleep at all.  The sleep deprivation is real, but at least baby doesn't have colic and plus he's freaking cute.  So now I go to bed at 6:30pm and I get up with the baby when Ben goes to sleep, so I at least get a few hours.

I have spent hours upon hours on this couch watching seasons and seasons of... Property Brothers!  ha  I feel like I have formed a personal friendship with Drew and Jonathon and watched Dancing with the Stars for like the first time because Drew (and Lindsay Stirling!) are on it.  :P

Over the weekend, my mom, Emily and I ventured out to do some shopping for my mom's birthday!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  It was so nice to get out after a week of newborn haze, but after a few minutes I realized I was not quite ready for it all and I went and sat down on a bench, but it was fun company.

I found this glittery piece of artwork and I hmmmd and hawed over it for a bit because I usually don't buy artwork without Ben's opinion.  I loved it (glitter!) so I ended up buying it.  But Ben really doesn't like it.  I like it a lot though, so it stays!

Ben is a project guy so during the weeks off of work he did some projects around the house, like making mirrors for the dining room.  We were originally going to do white frames but we love color and went more daring with colored wood stains.

It took forever to get our pendant lights in, but he installed those too.  I love them and leave them dimmed at night for my all-nighter Property Brothers parties on the couch.

And a hoorah for our weather!!  Fall has arrived, my house smells fall-esque, the night time lows are getting chilly and by time I can run in 3.71 weeks, the weather will be so nice.  Summer felt extra long this year, so it's going to be an awesome fall!

Summer used to be my favorite, but now that we have kids, I think that that has changed to fall.  Happy fall!!
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Happy 3rd Birthday!!

We had a little party for the Bentz's 3rd birthday last week!  He and Mister Dash are three years apart, minus a week, so it was kind of crazy to come home from the hospital and then have a party planned a couple of days later, so my sister in-law put it together which was a huge lifesaver, and let's face it, wayyyy cuter than I could do.  She's crafty and creative.  I'm not.

He's super into dinosaurs and Dinotrux, so the theme was dinosaurs!  It was super cute and he was so excited.  Definitely the first event where he understood presents and was excited for them.  It was also good timing to help him ease into being a brother:  throw him a party and put all the attention back on him.  :)  Gosh he's cute.

There were dinosaur scales on the hats which was cute, and the plates had cut outs that looked like they had been bit.

Take selfies with my phone, end up on my blog.

The morning of his birthday I let him choose anything he wanted for breakfast:  cookies, ice cream, etc.  He chose tomatoes.  lol  He loves tomatoes but I usually don't let him have them until lunch, so "matoes" it was.

His party was after his birthday, but on his actual birthday he got to open a couple presents from grandma.  She has been a lifesaver these days of adjusting to two kids, and Bentz is so happy she's here.

And happy birthday my little love, here's a doctor's appointment and shot.  :(

But you're a champ and didn't even cry.

Love you baby boy -- happy birthday!!
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Dash Update & 1st Photoshoot

Time is already going so fast and Dash is nine days old.  Sometimes I mourn the time before it even passes because I know I'll blink and he'll be three!

So far he has been a pretty dang good baby!  He would probably sleep all night long if I didn't wake him up to eat, which is a majorly foreign experience for us.  Where is my extreme sleep deprivation????  (Probably still to come when Ben goes back to work and my mom goes back home.  :P )  He eats like a pro, isn't too gassy, and doesn't cry much.  I sure hope this all sticks around because I am a new woman, thus a more patient one.

He had his first doctor's appointment and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and is a healthy boy.  Nursing is going well for the most part, he eats like a champ and alllll the time, but I am at the point where it's freaking painful and I'm hoping soon it'll get better.

Recovery for me has been slower this time around and I think it's because I am doing a lot more.  I am still at the point where I can't wear anything because it's irritating on my stomach and incision, so I pretty much wear, oh, nothing much + a robe.  My swelling has disappeared and I will never take my skinny ankles for granted again, :) but I still have some pain in my fingers that I'm hoping will go away soon.  All in all, recovery hasn't been too bad.

Here are a few images from his first official photoshoot at two days old.  I feel like he looks a lot different already, since he is less swollen, but we adore the photos (which we weren't actually planning on being in, my hair was wet):

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A family of 4.

Despite my secret hopes for an earlier delivery, we made it to my c-section date and arrived at 7:30am to meet this baby!!  It was a crazy experience actually driving to the hospital knowing that things were about to change again bigtime, like they once did three years ago when becoming parents literally rocked our world!  So exciting, nerve racking, exciting, nerve rackkking.

This is most likely going to be ridiculously long, just an FYI you may need some caffeine.

Swollen, so so ready.  I'm not sure why this was so different than my first pregnancy other than pregnancies do their own thing.

The IV in the wrist is the part I dread the most. :P

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