Our 90 Degree Thanksgiving!

Yes 90.  So crazy.  Thank goodness it's like 60s and cloudy now.

So just like three years ago, since we have a little baby this year, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving, and that ended up being us hosting it!  We had 20+ people and it was a madhouse, but Thanksgiving was fun and Bentz was in HEAVEN.  It is nice to be in our new house too, because it's better for hosting.

Below:   "Smile with your teeth."  So he did.  lol  Awwh.  I do find it ironic that my eyes are the smallest in this picture, for that is an incorrect family-eye portrayal.

Sometimes I feel bad because Bentz gets to hang out with just me for most of his life, so having all his cousins here made for lots of "play chase," running around shooting dinosaurs, "soot t-rex soooooot him!!," waking up when it was still dark asking if he could wake up Greysen, sharing and not sharing (I heard WAY too much "no share" this week...oh kids), and overall having the week of a lifetime!!

The morning started with a Turkey Trot for a few of us, then a massive feast primarily concocted by Ben himself because he LOVES to host.

Dash and I would periodically escape to our bedroom so he could have a snack.  One thing about newborns that I had forgotten, is you really have to be available to them non-stop!  But I welcome it, he's sure sweet.

Baby cuddles are the BEST.  Heck, cuddles from any of your kids are THE BEST.  Love our boys.

This was the first time all of Ben's siblings had been together since I met Ben, I believe, so they had a lot of fun and did a present exchange and we played some games.

The kids did a present exchange too, and Bentz was stoked about his Legos.  I should do a whole entire post about that.


I like this candid moment that shows me being a mom to our boys.  Usually if I am not taking pictures, there are no pictures (unless I'm with my family who also has the picture-taking gene).

We haven't officially decked the halls, but the tree went up before the Thanksgiving festivities and it's amazing.  It looked smaller in Costco.  lol

I'm grateful for my little family!!! 

I'm also grateful that it's officially Christmas season!  We're hosting Christmas here this year too, and my whole entire family is coming, including both parents and spouses.  I am the master scheduling juggler and it's going to all work perfectly.

Weeks 4 & 5: Turkey Trot & Chicago

Another week, actually twooo.  Running is going pretty well and both Ben and I are finding time to both train and life, although most days I'm considering a caffeine drip and sometimes my attitude could use a bit of an adjustment, but a day at a time things are getting closer to normal.

We had a conference call with our coach and set some goals for the next few months: 
1-Build my base the next couple of months
2-Turkey Trot 5k (NOV)
3-Run Rudolph 4-miler (DEC)
4-Rock 'n' Roll 5 or 10k (JAN)
5-Phoenix 1/2 (FEB)
6-Revel Mt. Charleston 26.2 (APR)
7-Keep up on my cross training to make it to Revel 26.2 injury free
8-BQ training thereafter for a spring 2019 goal marathon (Phoenix?  Mt. Charleston?)

The hair has got to go.

I need to cut my hair.  It's long, super fine, and most of all it's in the way.  Little Dash grabs it if it's down, and its fine strands just tear.  I have been planning to cut it soon and have been gathering pictures of what I want for awhile, I just need to find the right stylist because the perks of long hair have been that my styling has come from one stylin' Ben salon

Where I'm going with this:

1-Short a-line bob - shorter than a ponytail cuz it'll grow fast.  My favorite haircut I've ever had was done by a stylist who disappeared the next time I called for a trim and they wouldn't give me his last name.  I was sad!

I've also had it cut like this which I liked:

2-Purple - a dark, dark purple with some light purple underneath highlights.  In the top picture above you can see I have subtle turquoise underneath highlights.

3-Faster to blow dry - only so many days you can put it off and load up on the dry shampoo, especially when I sweat a lot while running.

4-I never had postpartum hair loss with Bentz, but I might not get so lucky this time around, so why not be proactive?

5-I always thought cutting it was a mom thing, but let's face it, even if that's true, it's officially time to embrace the mom-do.

And 6-I think Ben likes it short because he often talks about it when it was short, or points it out in pictures from the past.

It looks better with my face shape too.  I just hope I can find the right stylist nearby!  


7 Years

We hit our seven year wedding anniversary this past weekend and Ben put together a little half-day getaway, sans babies.  We are less than 90 minutes from Sedona but have never been for some crazy reason, so we went up there to go on a Pink Jeep Tour in the red rocks and to eat.  The whole time I was like, "why on earth don't we come up here more often than never??!"

We left at 8 am and my brother and Emily were nice enough to take on a toddler and an infant for a bit.  I'm not sure they knew what they were in for, but they were very nice to be willing.  They have watched B3 numerous times, but leaving a two month old is extremely stressful, so they sent lots of pictures/videos, and it was nice to not worry.

My first thought pulling into town was, "I want to run here."  It is hilly!  Could be good for some Revel training.  Sedona is a good 3000 feet higher than our area of Phoenix, thus it's also cooler, but since we've been stuck in this never ending heat wave, it was perfect up there!

Week 3: I'm slightly sucking.

Sooo I'm not really rocking my running comeback.  I missed a run this week because I had to spend some extra time on my work, but luckily the project I turn in tomorrow.

I have been pretty good at my cross training, however, because the thing I am still feeling the most while running is my abs (or something in there I hope is just my abs haha).

I did get a longer morning run in this week with my favorite hot air balloons overhead!!  I was surprised how hard running felt because it was freaking TOUGH.  But enjoyably so.

Stretching with the little guy.

This is the first time I have ever allowed B3 to be around the treadmill while I'm running on it, which is fun.  It would be more fun had I gotten his cute face to be clear.

And my other view from the treadmill.

We're going to set some goals this week with our coach, so TBD what's on the radar, but definitely less slacking.  ;)

Halloween Two Thousand Seventeen

The dinosaur phase is still going strong at the Buhrs so of course Bentz wanted to be one for Halloween!  He actually understood the whole Halloween thing this year and was super excited for it, plus he's been into scary stuff:  skeletons, pumpkins, witches, ghosts, etc.

We ordered the dinosaur a few weeks earlier and he didn't want to try it on until randomly one day.  Then he did didn't know what he thought of this whole dressing up thing.

Go look in the mirror!

Pause.  Pause.  Pause.

And smile.  :D

I would like to add more traditions to our family, including carving pumpkins like I used to do every Halloween.  Traditions are the best and the memories last forever!  This year was a little winged, but Bentz wanted a jackolatern with big scary dinosaur teeth so that's exactly what he got.

What, you don't let your kid play with big knives?

Earlier on Halloween day, I caught him playing trick or treat with himself and the candy bowl.  He wouldn't eat the candy, just put it in his own bucket, back and forth. 

He was a pretty cute dinosaur.  He told people, "thank you so much" in this cute high voice.

In Arizona, everybody sits out on their porches/driveways on Halloween night and mingle with the neighbors and such.  Halloween was how we met a bunch of people in our new neighborhood.

We got home from trick or treating and Bentz wanted tomatoes.  :P  He's been organizing his candy and even took a nap with the whole bucket.

My mom always gets into holidays and sent us these pictures of her and Jeff which I have to include.

I didn't dress up, but I did get dressed.  :D  I also immediately got puked and peed on, but still the best Halloween yet!!

Hope you had a happy Halloween!