I got that 5k PR this time! The Jingle Bell Run!

The day before my mom and I road tripped north with the little beys, my family ran a 5k, the Jingle Bell Run!  I love, love these family races.  They are just fun and it's extra fun that Matt joins, and that even Emily has, like this day!  I think marrying into a family that runs 5ks for holiday fun hasn't been her favorite part.  lol

Ben and I actually ran this exact race (and course) in 2011, and I ran it at an 8:13 pace for a 25:29.   I knew going into it that the course was dirt, windy and such, but I still hoped that my increase in fitness in the past month, and a more accurate course distance would yield me an official PR of 23:xx.

Merry Christmas 2018!!

Merry Christmas!!! (And Happy New Year since that happens in a couple of hours too!)   
I have like 1000 pictures and I don't want to miss posting the goodness asap.  Back in the day I would Photoshop and make my pictures pretty, but at least phone quality is amazing because it'll have to do otherwise they'll never make it on here.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k PR

James came and ran a Turkey Trot with me!  He did last year too.  I love having a brother who is down to go run fun races all the time.  I'm going to be depressed when he moves to Texas.  :*(  


Anywho.  We ran the Arizona Road Racers 5k on Thanksgiving morning!  The weather was perfect.  Cloudy and low 50s.  Literally perfect for a 5k.

Who says you need speed work to PR??!

It is no secret that I sandbag often, that I prefer a comfortable race finish to dying.  BUT THIS ISN'T GOING TO GET ME TO BOSTON.

My mental strength is poo.  When it starts to hurt, I pull back a bit on my efforts so that it feels better, then I prance across the finish line with glee.  (Disclaimer:  NOT ALWAYS, but just sayin'.)

Once again, not going to get me to Boston.  It'll get me to the finish (BUT SLOWER).

I'm working on my mental strength.  I went to a class (by my coach) on mental strength just days before this 1/2 marathon and I went into this race saying, "I AM going to get a PR."

Let me preface this by saying the past year I have run 95% of my runs at an "easy pace." 

1-because post partum you're higher risk for injury (loose tendons and let's face it, loose everything)
2-I was completely out of shape and starting over
3-you build a base before you introduce faster running (avoid injury)

I started a little bit of speed work in August, only to have a foot issue, so after a couple workouts it was back to all easy running to be able to still run ChIcAgO.

Long story short, you do get faster by running slower.  This race was proof.

I hadn't met these lovely ladies in person, yet they let me tag along with them so that my boys could sleep in a little bit and just show up for the end.  Instagram friends are the best!

I also had another friend I hadn't met, pick up my bib for me so I didn't have to go so out of my way to get it.  She ran the 10k which started later, so I didn't get to see her except for during the race on an out and back when we crossed paths.  I met a few other friends too, who I follow their training and have for months.

I thought I'd give myself grace during that first mile, then I wanted to get close to an 8:30 pace.  

There were a few times I had GPS issues just while downtown and my Garmin showed 9:30s and such, but for the most part I was on point.

We merged with the 10 and 5kers with a couple miles to go, and it was actually kind of nice to have them pull me along.  My lungs were pretty good, but my legs were slowly toasting.  

I actually drafted off some guy for awhile and was a little nervous I was driving him bonkers, but he turned and said, "if I keep this up, I'll get a PR."  "ME TOO."

My legs were really complaining by mile 11-12 and I'd typically pull back, but this time I was like NOPE, sorry legs, not happenin' today.  And I logged my fastest miles!  Auto pilot is an amazing thing.

This was my first time running the 3TV Phoenix 1/2 and it was a great race, I will run it again in the future for sure.  The course is flat and I enjoyed the shade of the tall buildings, despite occasion GPS interference.

And now I'm excited to see what adding speed work will do!

Tomorrow is my first set.  400m repeats.

23 weeks until Revel Mt. Charleston!

October Octivities

October was a great month!  And it was RAINY as ever.  Seriously it was the wettest October on record, I believe.  So much rain, and we loved it!  

We went from summer to fall temps in October, Ben and I ran the ChIcAgO Marathon and experienced that amazing city, my mom visited early in the month which is always a highlight, I started moving my office to the kitchen counter each morning now that little Dash is mobile, he also popped a couple molars (and is working on #11 & #12 as we speak), the boys took cookies to the firemen and policemen and got to have tours of their stations, we got to hang out at my dad's new house, and we had Halloween festivities like woah.

Birthdays!! 1, 4, 34 & more

We decided to have a big birthday party for the boys over the Labor Day weekend!  It also happened to be my actual birthday, so my family also made me feel special too.

But the crazy thing is my toddler is pretty much a kid, and my baby is pretty much a toddler.

For the second year in a row, Bentz wanted a dinosaur party!  He's still so very into them, it's pretty crazy that this phase is lasting so long.

[EPIC] Chicago Marathon Trip

Maybe my longest post ever.

Ben and I put in for the Chicago lottery last fall, and we both got drawn!  So that was awesome, so we knew we were going to make it an epic get-away, probably sans kids.

My mom came down and watched the boys for four days and we escaped.  Bless my mom's heart, little Dash was still popping molars so there were some sleepless nights involved.

Anywho, off we went to Chicago!

So Long September

September was a great month!  Minus the sickness that plagued us like whoa.  #backtoschool  Alas, we all survived bronchitis, ear infections, pink eye, and hacking our lungs up.  We had FUN celebrating all our birthdays (the boys 1st and 4th, my 34th, my mom's 29th, and Emily's ...24th?).  My dad and Laura closed on their Phoenix house and we're excited to have them closer when they're here!

August is Long Over

I can't even really remember August, all the days and months kind of blend and I know milestones for the boys are reached somewhere in there!  Like little Dash took his first steps.  <3

I will do a boys recap with the September collages which I'll post next, but they are both getting so big and they are sooooo much fun.  

As I post this, Dash is walking around the kitchen table with a crinkle books in each hand, and Bentz is setting up like 30 dinosaurs on the window sill, all facing the same way, while describing to his "pretend friends" all about the dinosaurs and how to pronounce their names.  

Hey there hey!

Wah what has happened to my blog??!  Nothing!  LITERALLY.

So much to talk about, so little time is my problem.  Like, Chicago Marathon was three days ago and it was totally epic. 

Things I need to talk about on the ole bloggerty:
-Bentz turned 4, mister Dash turned 1

-Milestones that go along with those (Dash started walking a couple months ago and it's the CUTEST)

-Bentz started school

-Ben and I went to Chicago sans kids and we ran the Chicago Marathon and had the most epic time ever in the face of the land

-My dad and Laura closed on their house 15 minutes from ours!

-I am an ambassador for a couple new brands:  Pineapple Clothing and Stiletto Running!!

-Fall finally arrived in Phoenix, it's b e a u t i f u l out.

-Bentz got stung by a freaking stupid scorpion.

-I weaned little Dash AND got him out of our bed all by like two days before Ben and I left for Chicago.  That's big news.

-We were sick for a whole month and I pulled a muscle in my rib by coughing and I got to run the Chicago Marathon with that rib pain which was the opposite of glorious, but the RACE was epic none-the-less.

-We went to Top Golf with the fam

-Along with everything else.  Good news is I still do a collage everyday so I at least am caught up on something.  Work has kept me busy and running takes my spare moments.  Life is good.  Busy, but good.

Up next?  Collagey lages.

Trouble in Paradise - Week 14, 15, 16, 17

Well I opened this blog post almost two weeks ago and I even wrote some stuff down a week ago, but for some reason it wasn't saved.  Wah.  It was interesting stuff too, and now I'm going to re-write it in a much more rushed and boring way.

But before that, I am excited to join Utah Valley Marathon as an ambassador for next year's race, June 1st!!  It's a fast course down Provo Canyon, a Boston qualifier, and the weather will be perfect!  If you use code CHRISTY15 you will save 15% off the 10k, half, or full distance!!  Come run with me!!
Good things go to those who Instagram.  I should have started my account awhile ago, it has been a lot of fun!  You can find me at @boston4bc

First Dentist Visit

Bentz went to the dentist and his dentist's office was so cute inside!  It felt like we were headed on to Space Mountain at Disneyland.  

Weeks 12 & 13: Too Much Treadmill

Another couple of weeks come and GONE.  Chicago will be here before we know it.

We had a couple of hot weeks and I found myself on the treadmill most of the time.  Not all my pictures show treadmill, but many of the runs were.  Then I'd drag my #Instagramhusband outside to take a picture!  (He's actually very willing.)

Newport Beachiness

The best part of vacation is relaxing.  (Or the idea of relaxing. lol!)  I LOVE the ocean!  I love to watch, listen, and think about how amazing and eerily massive it is.  

I don't particularly like to get in it.  I have always been terrified of jellyfish and finally got in years ago telling myself my fear was unfounded and stupid, and ended up with a jellyfish on my arm not even five minutes later, BUT the ocean is still magical to me.  

But beachside.

The Ocean Breeze 5k!

I touched briefly on this race in one of my weekly training recaps, but we ran a 5k race in Long Beach, the Ocean Breeze 5k!

In costume.
We drew names, went to the local thrift store, bought outlandish outfits for said person, and that was what we all had to wear.  

We went parasailing!

Summmmmmer!!  Is over if you are a student in Arizona.  But it's not over if you plain LIVE in Arizona, because hey, hey, 100 degrees (which is a lie, it's only 97 and about to s t o r m yet again!).

But back to summer, we went parasailing in Newport Beach!  Emily PhotoShopped some of these fun pictures below.

Weeks 10 & 11 - Lots of Treadmill!

8+ weeks until CHICAGO!  

8+ weeks until I need to have baby Dash WEANED and SLEEPING!  hahaha  That does cross my mind as much as only have 8+ weeks of training left to get a sub 4:00 race time when I'm not quite there yet.  So much to DO.  So little TIME.

Have we talked race goals?  They aren't set in stone yet, but the original goal was/is 3:xx.  I am training through this summer heat which makes it hard to know my true fitness levels, but so far I have been hitting all my workout paces.

And now... a Jazzy July update

July was a pretty good month!  I just posted about the 4th and 24th and those celebrations which are always fun, we've had some big monsoon storms roll through (another one last night!), celebrated Ben hitting the big 4-0 and went on a hot air balloon ride, had to say goodbye to my sweet puppy pup Rykar, Bentz started preschool, Ben and I both started ramping up our mileage for Chicago (9 weeks out!), and we watched my dad's house start to really come together!  They close next month which rocks.

On to August where the average temperatures technically have dropped, but you never know if that will mean anything or not because our hottest days have been the past couple.  :P

Jubilant July (and a 4 mile race!)

4th of July!

Bentz learned about the America Flag in his primary class.  I love hearing about the things he learns in his classes, like lately he has been talking about how "mommy, daddy, baby Bennett and Bentwee are all a pamily!" after he learned about families.  <3

I am full of tangents these days.  That's what happens when you are royally behind on your blog posting.

Old Ben - V4.0!

Yay for a blog post!  I "Photoshopped" these pictures all on my phone, it has become my current go-to technique as of lately when I am unable to bust out my personal lap top since I am on my work comp often.  I can edit this way while IN BED at night holding my slumbering baby.  That hour+ of time at night is my time to do what I want guilt free (surf Insta, "Photoshop" Insta pics or blog photos, create my daily collage, etc.).

Some tips for those who have no time to Photoshop or just don't have it:

1-Snapseed -
I edit on this almost primarily.  For Insta I also use Toolwhiz.

2-Google Photos/ Albums for organizing -
I created a 40th bday album and create albums all the time when I have intentions of creating a blog post for them!  I have lots of albums from Newport Beach beckoning my time to appear on the blog.

3-Bulkresizephotos.com -
I shrink my picture filesizes because I pay for storage and also to shorten loading time on my blog.

Anywho, that was a giant tangent.  BEN TURNED 40!!  So old.  ;)  I tell him technically he was over the hill two years ago since the men's expectancy went down to 76, so 40 isn't that big of a deal.  But for reals though, 40 is the new 30, 40 ain't old!

I remember when my mom turned 40.  It doesn't feel like THAT long ago, but I remember thinking it was really old.  Perspective.  :P

Weeks 8 & 9: MoNsOoNs

Two more weeks in the bank.  ✓✓  We had some stormy, crazy weather (!!) and then just temperatures around 100 for the most part, so it's been pretty easy to get my runs in outside.  

This upcoming week, however, 117.  YIKES.

Week eight was step back.  I did four on the treadmill and then we all ventured for an evening at Wet N Wild waterpark!  I find it humorous that the ONE day I put together a water park get together and have people schedule work off, it storms like crazy and our 119 day drought comes to an end in grand fashion.  hahaha!!

Tribute to my puppy -- Rykar!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the little gipper (in random order):

Feelin' hot hot hot. Weeks 6-7.

We are 13 weeks from Chicago now and so far so good with training for the most part.  Ben felt his knee a little this past week so there is some stress involved with that, but hopefully it's just his legs adjusting to a little bit higher mileage and not a sign of the knee issue coming back.

Juney McJunerson

Oh June, you went fast.  Bentz started summer camp preschool, we enjoyed the community pool a lot, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week.  I am so sad that Newport Beach is over, it was so fun that I had to mention it three times.  I'm seriously d e p r e s s e d it is over.  Will someone buy me a house on the beach?

But June was good to us and the weather wasn't even that bad (unless I was running in it, then it was a little warm).  ;)  

Onto July, the month we start seeing monsoons!

Mesa-Phoenix Marathon Ambassador! + Week 5

Yay!  I am really excited to be chosen as a Phoenix Marathon Ambassador for this upcoming 2018-2019 year!  This race is so well put on and my family comes into town to run it each year.  It's flat/fast and a lot of BQs are made!!

You can use my code CHRISTYRUNS10 for $10 off the half or full distance (sorry, not the 10k).  The date next year is a hair earlier, Saturday, FEB 9th, 2019.

Sauna to chilly: Weeks 3 & 4

It is officially summer around here!!  I'd say when we are over 100 to 105 is when I'm like, "yup, no more denial, it is now warm."  Whatya do.  You just keep runnin'!
I had hill repeats on the treadmill during week 3.  I had 2:00 at 4% every mile and I left the pace alone the whole time.  The treadmill is harder for me and I thought it'd be extra rough since I hadn't been on it for a few weeks, but it ended up being pretty comfortable!  I think it's because of the heat training.
I ran to the store and met my family one evening.  We had to pick up a few groceries and snacks for our vacation and it was the only time I could really fit the run in, but it worked perfectly.

Marathon V7.0 Training Week 2/20

I just finished up week two and I had a bit of a cranky knee, but it seemed to have loosened up over the week.  I've been diligently stretching it 2x a day and I think that has helped, so that makes me happy.  

May was low on miles but even so, I'm on track to hit 1000 for the year.  It's not really a goal for this year considering being eight months postpartum, but it would be a great achievement!
I still need to post all the awesome pictures from my photoshoot with @emhalesphoto.  I go from wanting to post them ALL AT ONCE!! to also wanting to let them trickle out.  :P
Between doing my strides outside in the heat, and the cranky knee, I only did four of them during my "speed workout" of the week.  The goal was 7:30-8 pace.

I did my long run on Friday night since I had a hike Saturday morning planned.  It was hot, but really, if I run easy it's not bad!
It was also National Donut Day, so we took a trip to Dunkin' Donuts.  Funny story, our neighborhood Facebook page tends to mock the local Dunkin' Donuts saying they always run out of ...donuts.  :P  We headed down around 8:30 that morning and, well, they weren't out of donuts, but they had one glazed donut left...which is what we went for.  And it was smashed so I don't want to know where it was hiding.  lol  So boo, but the chocolate ones were good enough.
I had three donuts so hoorah for running 6 miles.  ;)
Saturday morning I got together with some running friends, for a hike.  I have followed a couple of them for a long time on Instagram/blogs, but only met Corine (far right) one time, so it was a great time meeting them and then going to get breakfast with hilarious convo.  lol
I finished the week at 20 miles.
And we're kissing the 90s goodbye, onto the real heat training.  I think this week my speed work will have to be on the treadmill.