Mesa-Phoenix Half Marathon (with the fam)

The race turned out to be a lot of fun, but they always are, really!  This was my third year running the Phoenix Marathon (half) and Ben's fifth!  It was also the fourth year my family has come out and joined us so I think it's pretty safe to say it's tradition, possibly having replaced SLC Marathon.

I was pretty excited for this one because it was my first postpartum half marathon, and since I didn't run during my pregnancy, it has been over a year since I've run one!

Jolie came out Friday evening and she was nice enough to go to the Expo and pick up almost all of our packets for us.  Revel asked me to help man their booth this Expo and I was so sad to have to say no, but logistics of things are a little tougher right now, with the youngens.  None-the-less it's nice that somebody else can pick up your packet because we are a bit of a drive from Mesa.
We have had the HOTTEST winter, but that changed a week+ ago and it was really cold for the race this year!  Mid 30s at the start, still 30s at the finish, possibly my coldest race ever, and it was in Phoenix!  Crazy.  However, I loved the temps for running!  Would have been dreamy weather for a nice 26.2.  Also the race started at 6am, because of spring training just down the street the city had requested an earlier start this year, and I liked the super early start!  Made it nice when we were leaving sleeping babies at home with grandma!

There's a half hour gap between arriving as one of the first cars to park, and getting stuck on the off-ramp for an hour or more, so we leave early to avoid the disaster that 2016 was for us. That meant a 2:30am wake up and 45 minutes of hanging out in the warm car (and pumping) before jumping on a bus for the start.

Being an early start and freezing temps, my dad shopped and brought us all fashionable throw-away attire.  The race also had loads of heaters at the start which were lifesaving too.

My goal for this race was very loose and just to try to come in under 2:10, or 9:xx average pace.  My longest training run was a 9 miler (done 3x) and I haven't done any speed work yet, so I didn't know if my legs would feel super fatigued by the end or not, and it's been awhile since I've dealt with the pain of running, so I did kind of sand bag a little at first.  I stuck around 10:00 miles for the first half, let myself speed up a little bit, then the last few miles I picked it up and finished strong.  It was soooo fun and I got lost in the miles and music.  Running is THE BEST.

:47 (7:08)
Total:  2:05:25

Ben ran a 1:33!  His goal was loosely 1:35 and per usual, he nailed it.  (Now he needs to double that exact time for his BQ which I KNOW he can do.)

^I fueled with gummy bears (hanging out of my back pocket) and Gatorade.  lol  I haven't had to use fueling in my training yet and I'm kind of leery with what I eat while nursing, so I have to figure that out in the next two months.

Dallin got first in his age group in the 10k!  His medal was MASSIVE.
I fiiinally got to meet Corine who I have been following on social media for awhile!
We have toyed with trying to BQ here next year because it's fun to have so many people we know who are also running, including our coach (below, who ran a 1:28 nbd), but then again, maybe we'll try Mt. Charleston first.  Ben needs a 3:11ish and I need a 3:36ish, a far cry from what I am able to do right now, but I will put in the work and see what happens.
The course is far from scenic, it's actually quite the opposite, but the finish line is amazing.
The boys were so cute when we got back home.  Little Dash ate and promptly went to sleep in my arms, his two favorite things in the whole wide world!
Texas Roadhouse for lunch after the race and had to post this cute pic.

I think I ate my weight in Texas Roadhouse rolls.  :P  But they are so freaking good.

I love race weekends and I love them even more when I can run them with my family AND when I can run them with Ben.  We used to run them all together but now we alternate as baby sitter.  :)

Next up is Revel Mt. Charleston 26.2 in <9 weeks.  We both have a LOT to do before then, and much mileage to tack on, and that all starts today.  No rest for my sore legs, because they are pretty dang sore!  Thank goodness I am finally getting some sleep at night, thanks to co-sleeping and basically nursing baby boy the entire night.  lol  Whatever works I don't even care.  I will let him sleep in the swing until he's 5 if he'll at least sleep.  :P  Good thing he's sooo freaking cute.

Have a great week!

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