Weeks 12 & 13: Too Much Treadmill

Another couple of weeks come and GONE.  Chicago will be here before we know it.

We had a couple of hot weeks and I found myself on the treadmill most of the time.  Not all my pictures show treadmill, but many of the runs were.  Then I'd drag my #Instagramhusband outside to take a picture!  (He's actually very willing.)

Newport Beachiness

The best part of vacation is relaxing.  (Or the idea of relaxing. lol!)  I LOVE the ocean!  I love to watch, listen, and think about how amazing and eerily massive it is.  

I don't particularly like to get in it.  I have always been terrified of jellyfish and finally got in years ago telling myself my fear was unfounded and stupid, and ended up with a jellyfish on my arm not even five minutes later, BUT the ocean is still magical to me.  

But beachside.

The Ocean Breeze 5k!

I touched briefly on this race in one of my weekly training recaps, but we ran a 5k race in Long Beach, the Ocean Breeze 5k!

In costume.
We drew names, went to the local thrift store, bought outlandish outfits for said person, and that was what we all had to wear.  

We went parasailing!

Summmmmmer!!  Is over if you are a student in Arizona.  But it's not over if you plain LIVE in Arizona, because hey, hey, 100 degrees (which is a lie, it's only 97 and about to s t o r m yet again!).

But back to summer, we went parasailing in Newport Beach!  Emily PhotoShopped some of these fun pictures below.

Weeks 10 & 11 - Lots of Treadmill!

8+ weeks until CHICAGO!  

8+ weeks until I need to have baby Dash WEANED and SLEEPING!  hahaha  That does cross my mind as much as only have 8+ weeks of training left to get a sub 4:00 race time when I'm not quite there yet.  So much to DO.  So little TIME.

Have we talked race goals?  They aren't set in stone yet, but the original goal was/is 3:xx.  I am training through this summer heat which makes it hard to know my true fitness levels, but so far I have been hitting all my workout paces.

And now... a Jazzy July update

July was a pretty good month!  I just posted about the 4th and 24th and those celebrations which are always fun, we've had some big monsoon storms roll through (another one last night!), celebrated Ben hitting the big 4-0 and went on a hot air balloon ride, had to say goodbye to my sweet puppy pup Rykar, Bentz started preschool, Ben and I both started ramping up our mileage for Chicago (9 weeks out!), and we watched my dad's house start to really come together!  They close next month which rocks.

On to August where the average temperatures technically have dropped, but you never know if that will mean anything or not because our hottest days have been the past couple.  :P

Jubilant July (and a 4 mile race!)

4th of July!

Bentz learned about the America Flag in his primary class.  I love hearing about the things he learns in his classes, like lately he has been talking about how "mommy, daddy, baby Bennett and Bentwee are all a pamily!" after he learned about families.  <3

I am full of tangents these days.  That's what happens when you are royally behind on your blog posting.