Our Story

Ben and I met on Facebook.  Two weeks later I booked my flight to Vegas to meet him.  We had never even talked on the phone.  :P
We met and began rotating the weekends flying back and forth.
Ten months later he proposed, and a month+ after that he moved up to Utah to help plan a wedding.

We were married November 12, 2010, in the Salt Lake City, LDS temple.
Ben was in a cast and drugged on our wedding day after a spelunking accident from six days prior.  He got out of the hospital a day before the wedding, and we were ready to be married and went ahead with it all.

We've been in Arizona since 2011 and we are enjoying our time together.  We also had our first little baby boy join us in September 2014.  He is SO cute.

See what I mean??  :)

Now we're expecting baby #2 on baby #1's 3rd birthday.

And he's here!

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